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This booklet opens extensive opportunities for ministry.


Please read through the ten questions below to find the ones that will be most helpful for you.

1. Why do you make it free?


This booklet is simply too valuable to hold back distribution by charging for it.

2. Who are you trying to reach with this booklet?


In order of priority, we have three target groups. They are 1) Concerned Christians, 2) Confused Christians, and 3) Seekers of Truth.


Please consider reading through the sections below on ministry opportunities to examine ways in which you can reach your friends.

3. Can I forward the pdf of this booklet to friends?




The sections on ministry opportunities in the questions below may give you some ideas or tips on how to best connect friends to this booklet.

4. Do I have your permission to run copies of the pdf?


We have no problem with you printing off a personal copy.


However, for quality reasons, we sincerely ask that you do not distribute copied versions of this booklet. We do all that we can to make this product as close to free as we can.


When you give the higher quality, professionally bound with colored cover version to a friend, you will have a much more receptive response.


Please consider reading through the sections below on ministry opportunities to examine ways in which you can reach your friends.

5. How do I get the free pdf download of this booklet?


Just click on this Link.

6. How do I get more paper copies?


You have three wonderful options.


  1. 1. If you live in the Atlanta area, Liberty Church www.LibertyChurch.org is paying for free copies for anyone in the Atlanta area. All you have to do is drop by the church during office hours or service time hours.

  3. 2. If you live outside Atlanta and want to print copies we can send you the print information or get you in contact with our printer who gives us great bulk rates. Simply fill out the email information below and let us know how we can help you.

  5. 3. If you do not want to print copies we do sell bulk quantities at our cost. We only ship in set quantities of what is already in the box. Thus, we charge $150 for a box of 108 printed booklets and we will pay for the shipping if you live in the continental United States. Simply fill out the email information below and someone will contact you to get the number of boxes you are ordering, your shipping address, contact information and your payment.

7. Which of my friends would be most interested in this booklet?


In the Concerned Christians category the two top groups would be Parents and Youth Pastors. Those two groups are ravenously hungry for help in this area. In addition, if you have any friends who work in a Christian: School, Homeschoolers, College, Counselors, Abortion Alternative ministry, Drug Rehab or Homeless shelter ministry, they would also be extremely grateful for this resource. With Concerned Christians, this booklet does not need much explanation and you can reach more at a faster rate. Many will want copies for everyone in their ministry. Please pray about sponsoring the cost to supply their entire ministry with booklets.


In the second two groups of Confused Christians and Seekers of Truth please approach in a slower and more individual manner. Rarely would you simply email them a pdf. The coldness of an email with an attached pdf drastically drops your chances for success. You only have one chance to make a first impression in asking an important favor. There may be spiritual warfare involved in them reading this booklet. If you pray, are very kind and appealing in your request for them to read this booklet in a face to face time with an offer of a follow up discussion around a cup of coffee or lunch, you will be most effective. Everyone prefers to be handed a paper copy and then offered an electronic copy. This allows them to easily underline or mark sections of the booklet for further discussion. The booklet was written with the intention of opening deep avenues of ministry between caring friends. The best case is where they agree to meet with you multiple times to discuss different points in the booklet. The Lord may open doors for you to restore souls and bring people to Jesus through this booklet. If you made a prayer list of all possible people you want to reach through this booklet, you will find the Lord adding people to your prayer list almost daily.

8. How could a church use this booklet as an outreach and a draw for visitors?


We left the back cover blank intentionally. If a church wanted to become a distribution center for these booklets, they could place their own sticker on the back of the booklet advertising their church. They could then supply these booklets to the Christian: Schools, Homeschoolers, Colleges, Counselors, Abortion Alternative, Drug Rehab or Homeless ministries in their area. Those whose lives were dramatically changed by the booklet would be the most likely to visit the church with the sticker on the back.


Before reaching out to the community with this booklet, we recommend that a church take the time to tenderly help all of the parents and single adults in the church through the process of applying this booklet in their personal lives. This pdf provides lots of tips for training the church leaders on how to effectively minister to the parents and single adults. Link

9. Can I get this booklet as an ebook?




It is free and here are the links to Amazon’s Kindle and Barnes and Noble’s Nook.

10. How do I find a sponsor to buy booklets for my group?


Many times a leader within a Sunday school, youth ministry, children’s ministry, homeschool group, young adult group, Christian school etc. comes across this booklet and becomes passionate to provide a copy to everyone within their group.


James 4:2 says, “You do not have because you do not ask God.” Pray and ask the Lord Jesus to show you a few individuals to whom you might appeal to buy one box of 108 booklets for $150. You may even consider purchasing one box yourself and asking them to match your generosity. Sincere Christians yearn to impact lives deeply. After they have read the booklet, they will see how powerfully they can permanently change many lives with a very small investment into your group.


Beyond this small group opportunity, there may be some financially blessed individuals who want to sponsor copies of the booklet for a wider range of opportunities. They could purchase copies of the booklet for every youth pastor and senior pastor in their city or in their denomination. Sexual immorality is Satan’s strongest attack against culture and Christians in our generation. This booklet gives a person an opportunity to bear a massive amount of fruit in both restoring souls and bringing souls to Jesus.