7 Researching Jesus Studies

Resources for Researching Jesus

The books and sermon series below are resources you can use as you investigate Jesus.



Logic of Christianity

5 Sermons

This five series teaching by Pastor John teaches how to thoroughly and methodically investigate the subject of Christianity. Jesus says in John 14:6, “I Am the Truth” and always had solid, clear, and logical answers for His people.

Proof of Christianity - 5 Absolute Proofs

2 Sermons

Proof of Christianity - 5 Absolute Proofs by Pastor John Fichtner- Series Overview

This series has two teachings.

The first teaching examines three proofs from a non-personal standpoint by covering tons of scientific and historical facts that validate Christianity. The second teaching takes a more personal stance to validate the last two proofs of Christianity by viewing other religious belief systems and providing a way to test one’s personal theology.

Hell - Logical Points

1 Sermons

Hell – The Logic Answers the question: “Why would a loving God create an eternal Hell?” Brings points such as:


  1. Three times God has or will have rebellion in a perfect world.
  2. Love requires free will. Free will requires choice. Three times that choice was wrong. Thus, the two things of knowing the goodness of God and knowing the evil and emptiness of selfishness, does a person have to understand both to walk with God?
  3. Isaiah say that God will always keep on expanding his kingdom and keep creating which means that there may be millions of more sentient species created.
  4. Revelation promises no more pain and rebellion. How does Hell guarantee this?


12 Sermons

The Story: The Cross by John Fichtner – Series Overview

This series addresses the last 24 hrs of Jesus’ life and the cost of what He suffered through the Cross..

Blood of Jesus

2 Sermons

The Blood of Jesus by Pastor John Fichtner- Series Overview

This series has 2 teachings.

The first teaching reviews significant Old Testament events that unravel the Scarlet Thread message of “an innocent life must die that you may live” and leads one to see how the daily participation of Blood is the key to confidence with God. The second teaching delivers more details about the power of the blood of Jesus, reveals nine legal inheritances we have, and provides examples of releasing the Blood of Jesus to have victory in these nine areas of our lives.