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Career Coaching Class

What is the Career Coaching Course?

This seven week course has amazing resources and teachings. Skimming through this manual will quickly energize you and stir great hope in you. You can download a pdf of the 7 week curriculum here.

When the video teachings are combined with the manual, they release many creative ideas and strategies in you. The videos are only made available to churches which are sponsoring the class. Both the curriculum and the videos are provided for free to churches whose leaders have completed the training.

People need more than great material. They need to be able to talk through their responses to these ideas with godly mentors who can help them apply these truths wisely to their lives. This is mentoring.

How does the Mentoring work?

Career decisions are so personal and unique! Each person’s situation has hundreds of factors from the past and many future path options. You need friends who listen carefully, care deeply and have great insight.

Each week, the entire group will come together to watch the 25 to 30 minute video teaching. This teaching will amplify and clarify the material in the manual.

After these teachings the entire group will split up into their groups of 3 for specific sharing assignments. These groups of 3 provide two very close friends who help you decide how to apply the material to your life, receive encouragement and give support

During that time, two coaches will float between the groups of 3 to help you process some of the harder questions.

After an hour, 4 groups of 3 plus two coaches (14 people) briefly share their summations.

Thus, for the first four weeks, you are mentored by:

  1. 1. The teachings
  2. 2. The manual
  3. 3. Your two teammates in the groups of 3
  4. 4. Your larger group of 14
  5. 5. The input of the various coaches

Week 5 – One on one meeting with a coach for three weeks in a row.

By the 5th week, you will begin to have much greater clarity on your career goals.

The final 3 weeks you will have an individual one on one meeting with a coach each week for three weeks. By having individual meetings, three weeks in a row with your coach, you get that personalized time to sort out and summarize all of the material and to build a fantastic, Holy Spirit led, wisdom strategy! The goal here is to give you some private attention from your coach as you finalize and clarify your conclusions forward.

These three meetings also open the door for possible future mentoring relationships after the class is completed.

Where can I find this course?

This course is available through any sponsoring church.

How does a church sponsor this class?

Walking with Wisdom provides this course for free to any church whose leaders go through the free leaders training.

How much does it cost for me to go through this course?

There is a $100 charge for any person to apply for this course. When joining this course, they make 4 commitments.

  • Application Received
  • Language Exam
  • Oral Exam
  • Grant