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Wisdom for Abuse

Sexual Molestation

4 Sermons

Sexual Molestation by John Fichtner - Series Overview

There are four teachings in this series. The first one is the heaviest as it directly addresses the ugly reality of sexual molestation and explains how people are coerced into abusive situations. The remaining three teachings list and explain steps toward healing and recovery for victims of abuse, focusing especially on shame and overall spiritual/soul health in the third and fourth teachings.


6 Sermons

keys to Victory

Racial Reconciliation

6 Sermons

Racial Reconciliation Series by John Fichtner – Series Overview

This series has 6 teachings.

The first sermon gives a dramatic example of God overcoming powerful, racial tension in the life of Johnny Lee Clarey and lays out practical applications of overcoming racial tension in our own lives through deep friendships with people of other races.

In the second sermon, Pastor John uses some very painful and personal stories of oppression in his middle school years to help us understand what the Word of God says about oppression and how to respond to oppression by the Word of God.

In the third sermon, Pastor John wraps up the introduction to this series. Through many passages in scripture, he dispels some misconceptions about race. He also discusses the power that the cross of Jesus Christ has over racism.

In the fourth sermon, God said that it would go from 30-40% of the church who are nervously willing to 70-80% who are calmly ready. He titles this sermon “Honor in Friendship”.

In the fifth sermon, PJ talks about how deep friendships with people of other races and understanding the pain that racism has caused them will transform your view on racism.

In the sixth and final sermon, PJ encourages humble, white Christians to keep growing and learning about the issues of racism. He also gives a way to recognize hidden racism in your heart.

Forgiveness vs. Trust

1 Sermons

This single CD teaching by Pastor John is from our I Corinthians study and covers I Cor. 4:1-2. These verses have a powerful message that Forgiveness and Trust are two totally separate issues in the Bible.