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This series helps people who Try TOO Hard to help and please others. It is a VERY EMOTIONAL series that most people listen to MULTIPLE times to heal their soul. It has tons of amazing scriptures and piercing questions such as:


  1. How much am I RESPONSIBLE for other people’s problems?
  2. Why is it more LOVING to give people FREEDOM to FAIL?
  3. WHY am I in such a HURRY to fix everything?

Co-dependency pt.1


Pastor John Fichtner

Co-dependency pt.2


Pastor John Fichtner

Co-dependency pt.3


Pastor John Fichtner

Co-Dependency Series 3- by Pastor John Fichtner


  1. Co-Dependency

  2. Being addicted to another person

  3. I can’t be happy unless you are happy

  4. I have to keep peace in the family

  5. If I just try harder…

  6. Rescue

  7. Who are you protecting them from

  8. Keep you from facing consequences of your own actions

  9. Responsible

  10. If you don’t deal with co-dependency you can crack up

  11. Co-dependency is dangerous

  12. I confused servant hood Christian with being addicted to a person

  13. Don’t give people freedom to fail

  14. 1 Corinthians 9:19

  15. Acts 18:6

  16. Do you calmly speak the truth to them in love?

  17. Romans 12:18

  18. Galatians 6:2-5

  19. When can I say no?

Co-dependency pt.4


Pastor John Fichtner

Co-Dependency Series 4- by Pastor John Fichtner


  1. Not everyone has a problem with Co-dependency

  2. Understand what the Word of God says about Co-dependency

  3. How much can you expect me to give to you

  4. Every co-dependent person is deeply insecure

  5. When you give of yourself to someone else it feels good

  6. Emptiness doesn’t feel so empty if they can do something nice for someone

  7. People around them begin to expect them to give

  8. Insecure people hate for anybody to be upset with them

  9. Galatians 6:1-2,5

  10. Have the attitude that you will carry your own burden

  11. Matthew 7:6

  12. Don’t give to people who don’t appreciate that you’re giving to them

  13. Most sacred thing you own on this earth is your time and energy

  14. Matthew 10:8-16

  15. Have nothing to do with them

  16. Don’t be so naïve…they’re sucking you dry

  17. Put conditions on his relationship before he would give to someone

  18. They quit asking and start demanding

  19. Each man should decide in his heart what to give

  20. Treat people just like God treats us

Co-dependency pt.5


Pastor John Fichtner

Co-Dependency Series 5- by Pastor John Fichtner


  1. Taking personal responsibility for other people’s problems

  2. Very sensitive people

  3. Co-dependency is wrong

  4. Leadership put in place to train people how to give

  5. Growing up means to understand responsibility

  6. Pray, work hard, and stay humble

  7. Things you are not responsible for

  8. Just as immature as the person who thinks everything is their responsibility

  9. Only doorway out of the nut house of co-dependency is speak the truth in love

  10. It’s truth and angry and bitterness

  11. Consistency

  12. Sit down and calmly, clearly, talk about it

  13. 1 John 4:18

  14. Loving relationships drive out fear

  15. Raised in homes that did not have mature love

  16. Ephesians 3:17

  17. The fear of feeling abandonment rises up in them

  18. No one walks through that door alone

  19. It’s going to take healthy relationships to get you out

Co-dependency pt.6 - Biblical Boundaries


Pastor John Fichtner

Co-Dependency Series 6- by Pastor John Fichtner


  1. How much am I responsible for to my

  2. Boundaries are how we define our responsibilities in our relationship

  3. Boundaries prevent resentment

  4. Everyone has boundaries

  5. Can’t guard something that’s not defined

  6. Resentment is first sign that you are not walking out biblical boundaries

  7. I don’t have to have a relationship with anyone but Jesus

  8. Functional relationship boundaries

  9. Friendship relationship boundaries

  10. Boundaries are the completion to the concept of speaking the truth in love

  11. Speak the truth in love through established boundaries

  12. Individual instances

  13. In every conflict you must deal with your own wrongs first

  14. I expect you not to involve me in your problems with other people

  15. God’s Boundaries

  16. What does the Bible say are Biblical boundaries for friendships?

  17. Being humble and giving with your mouth

  18. I expect my friends to give to me as much as I give to them

  19. Boundaries concerning spiritual overseers

  20. Most of your boundaries will be things you walk through and talk through

Co-dependency pt.7 - 1st Corinthians 13


Pastor John Fichtner

Co-Dependency Series 7- by Pastor John Fichtner


  1. 1 Corinthians 4:2

  2. If I love you I want to protect you

  3. Opinions will kill you

  4. Opinion is the opposite of truth

  5. Strong stance on partial knowledge

  6. Biblically, logical, and fruit bearing

  7. Opinions are the opposite of humility

  8. Loving people who are hard to trust

  9. Wearisome people in your life

  10. Does not mean to deny obvious negative traits

  11. It is not love to keep them from self-destructive habits

  12. It is not love to permit them to drain you, use you or abuse you

  13. That pain is meant to become a volcanic drill

  14. Your emotions are your soul

  15. Living God, “ whatever it takes”

  16. Grow more honest, grow more loving

  17. One day they will grow up and repent

  18. Love will never fail to heal and complete me

  19. I will thank him for the box

  20. I will quit telling God to hurry up