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Isaiah 61:8 pt.1 - Addictions, Part 1 - UD


Pastor John Fichtner

  1. Everyone has addictive tendencies.
  2. Desire comes from God and met to be satisfied with good things
  3. Lust is craving for something you want but never can be satisfied.
  4. Isaiah 61
  5. We learn to hate addictions
  6. Heb 12:1
  7. Addictive attraction to alcohol - Originally the person was created to be drunk in the spirit.
  8. Addictive to profanity - Originally the person was created to speak in tongues.
  9. The word "stronghold" is mentioned 50 times in the bible and about half of them are for God.
  10. Satan has strongholds but you can have a stronghold for God as well
  11. There's a price tag for addictions but we have to find the lie which is the first step.
  12. Homosexuality is an addiction that's powerful
  13. Heroin addicts feels like they were created to take heroin
  14. 3 lies of anger-it makes you powerful, productive and you'll feel good.
  15. Different addictions have different damage
  16. 20 years of cussing vs. 20 years of being a crack addict
  17. Test 1-Can you live without an addiction for a month without craving it.
  18. Test 2- If you have a heart set free to love God and you are set free
  19. Lying is not an addiction, it's a symptom of something else
  20. Overeating is not a addiction because it doesn't keep people from praising God
  21. Cutting yourself is an addiction
  22. Internet gaming is an addiction
  23. Homosexuality is an addiction
  24. Substance Abuse is an addiction
  25. Addictive to movies is an addiction
  26. Are you crazy passionate, can your heart go without it

Isaiah 61:8 pt.2 - Addictions, Part 2 - UD


Pastor John Fichtner

  1. 19 Addictions covered
  2. 2 Tim 2:15
  3. Test 1- Can you live without the addiction for a month without craving it
  4. 90% of Isaiah 61:10 talks about addictions. We have to destroy and hate these addictions. Our highest purpose is to love God and you will know it if it's normal to tell Jesus you love Him 2-3 times a week.
  5. Lust and Desire comes from the same well
  6. Lust is a craving that's never satisfied-but you're still empty
  7. Desire- God satisfies your desire for good things
  8. Ex. Addiction to cussing-The original passion was power of the tongue to speak verbal blessings but Satan perverted their language by cussing instead.
  9. God hates addictions because they rob your life and you have to hate the things God hates.
  10. You can't just hate the addiction, you have to hate the lie
  11. All spiritual warfare is tied to character
  12. All spiritual warfare is a direct line of character
  13. Satan wants you to think that messing with him will bring attack. This is a lie because the more you go after satan the more butts you want to kick.
  14. You can not defeat someone else's demons
  15. You have to hate the root of your addictions
  16. Addiction is a quick selfish reward
  17. Reward is work-according to the bible
  18. 2 words that define character is faithful servant- you will be rewarded and can't be attacked.
  19. Lazy fantasizer who is 43 and hasn't had a good job because he's fantasizing about winning the lottery.
  20. Men won't give up addictions for their children but will for their wife
  21. Women won't give up their addictions for their husbands but will for their children
  22. Your addictions will show up in your children
  23. We were created to love God and have passion for Him

Isaiah 61:8 pt.3 - Addictions, Part 3 - UD


Pastor John Fichtner

  1. Inner Healing-Finding the lie and pulling out the arrow before there's healing
  2. Rebuilding Character- Suffering, perseverance, character and hope
  3. Picture of forest
  4. Character- I want to be a faithful servant VS Lust-Which is a whole bunch of I wants. All hope is lost
  5. You don't know someone's character until they are under stress
  6. Romans 3 states no one is good but God
  7. Don't trust your heart because it's wicked
  8. Addictions are all about self
  9. The greater the stress, the greater the opportunity
  10. Matthew 6 (The Lords Prayer)
  11. The person with lust starts strong, but the person with character know they are weak and need the Lord
  12. Stress = External stress is divided by internal strength

Isaiah 61:8 pt.4 - Addictions, Part 4 - How to Build Character - UD


Pastor John Fichtner

  1. As a Christian Jesus is the only thing you want and desire, if you have other things you want your not a Christian.
  2. Cost Analysis Ability- How much it cost and what the reward would be
  3. Either God is Lord of all or He's not Lord at all
  4. What it takes to be victorious
  5. Combo time-extended prayer time
  6. False assurance of Heaven to an addict
  7. Full disclosure is information given up front
  8. Passions when safe compared to Passions when in crises
    1. You're Safe
    2. You Understand
    3. You have Peace
    4. You want People to be nice to you
    5. You're Productive
    6. You have truth
    7. You Help people
    8. You have Joy of the Lord
    9. You want order
  9. The addict must get rid of strife
  10. Media- Watch on weekends only
  11. Money- Tensions
  12. Soul Health- Over reactions

Isaiah 61:8 pt.5 - Addictions, Part 5 - Lust & Pornography - UD


Pastor John Fichtner

Isaiah 61:8 pt.6 - Addictions, Part 6 - Victory over Homosexuality - UD


Pastor John Fichtner

  1. In this war, both sides are wrong: You were not born that way and it’s not just a moral choice.
  2. Almost in every case, someone in homosexuality had started with rejection
  3. Every single human being …is born with a deep desire to find one person of the opposite sex to be a soul mate, lifetime best friend, lover, husband, wife, forever.
  4. What sexual immorality has done is degraded the soul
  5. The rejection is in the deepest part of your identity
  6. There are some people who are sent from God with tenderness in the depths of their souls, a love in the depths of their souls, a craving to accept and be accepted… and they are sent to a cruel, harsh, ugly, vicious world. 
  7. Overly sensitive people almost always overreact
  8. The tender, sensitive, I just want to love and be loved… I want to accept… begin to face rejection.
  9. It’s not how intense the attack is, it is how deeply the attack pierces
  10. Homosexuality, you are not born that way, it’s not simply a moral choice, it is an addiction.
  11. There are loving answers
  12. There are scientific, biblical, clear, gentle, kind, affirming, appreciative, life answers.
  13. The issue is not, “What do I do?”  
  14. The issue is, “Do I understand and do I love?”

Isaiah 61:8 pt.7 - Addictions, Part 7 - Victory over Alcohol - UD


Pastor John Fichtner

Isaiah 61:8 pt.8 - Addictions, Part 8 - Solutions to Drug Addiction - UD


Pastor John Fichtner

Isaiah 61:8 pt.9 - Addictions, Part 9 - Pleasure vs. Purpose - UD


Pastor John Fichtner

Isaiah 61:8 pt.10 - Addictions, Part 10 - Pride - UD


Pastor John Fichtner

Isaiah 61:8 pt.11 - Addictions, Part 11 - Co-dependent People Pleaser pt.1 - UD


Pastor John Fichtner

Co-Dependency Series 1- by Pastor John Fichtner

  1. Boundaries and sense of personal responsibility gets blown out of whack

  2. Responsibility and pain

  3. Double standards

  4. We take massive responsibility on ourselves

  5. Helpless, innocent, victim

  6. I have to help

  7. I have to rescue you

  8. Can’t live without being in pain

  9. I find my soul value in how much you need me

  10. We make a lot of noise about their circumstance

  11. Everybody has mixed motives

  12. The co-dependent people pleaser always makes the situation worse

  13. Short-term

  14. Fix the pain now

  15. Push them away from God

  16. Hero complex

  17. Easily manipulated

  18. Only you can save me from my pain

  19. Can’t say no

  20. Avoid the Bible

  21. Gift of leadership

  22. Proverbs 19:19

Isaiah 61:8 pt.12 - Addictions, Part 12 - Co-dependent People Pleaser pt.2 - UD


Pastor John Fichtner

Co-Dependency Series 2- by Pastor John Fichtner


  1. The fact that you want to help is from God

  2. Who to help

  3. How to say no

  4. Every gift has a weakness

  5. Love to help and are tender

  6. Born trying hard

  7. Have to require people to take responsibility for their own attitudes

  8. Humble

  9. Takers

  10. Created the crisis

  11. Gracious prompt response

  12. Homework

  13. Do you want to take this pain and dig into the Word of God?

  14. Verbal processing is always sloppy, always foolish

  15. Write it out

  16. I will tell you my problems but you can’t tell anyone else

  17. Have to find out up front

  18. I don’t have to explain every detail of my schedule

  19. Why don’t they try harder

  20. If you don’t know the reason “why”- can’t minister to anyone