Righteousness - God's Breastplate

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Righteousness of God by John Fichtner – Series Overview

This series is focused on discovering the truth behind what it means to walk in righteousness and how to see yourself the way Jesus does so you can be victorious in daily living 

Righteousness - Names God Calls Us - Righteousness


Pastor John Fichtner

Righteousness - I Cor. 6:12 - UD


Pastor John Fichtner

Righteousness part 1 by John Fichtner

  1. I Corinthians 6:12 was the seed that produced the book of Romans 2yrs later

  2. God’s righteousness is two massive concepts together: God’s Justice and God’s love

  3. Corinthian Church was the first Gentile Church.

  4. Corinthians weren’t raised in the same way as Jews who revered God/knew God’s justice and ended up saying “all things are permissible” as a result.

  5. Living for yourself never satisfies.

  6. Everyone is a slave to sin; righteousness is a free gift

  7. To sin is to think “If I had my way, it’d be good

  8. The righteousness of God: “I live for God/Jesus only and I receive his free gift and pleasure in Him.”

Breastplate of Righteousness, Part 1: Dealing with Failure - UD


Pastor John Fichtner

Righteousness part 2 by John Fichtner

  1. Ephesians 6: Breastplate was not necessary to use for Roman soldiers in battle if he was doing everything right – it was there in the event they failed.

  2. God’s righteousness is meant for dealing with failure

  3. Three Responses to failure – Defensiveness (root motive being self-righteousness), Depression (self-righteousness) and Dealing with it.

  4. The heart deals with emotions – the breastplate covers our breast, our emotions.

  5. English phrase “in place” is the Greek word “enduo”

  6. “en” means coming to a place of rest

  7. “duo” means “to sink inside”

  8. Primary purpose of the Breastplate of Righteousness is to deal with the Emotions of Failure.

Breastplate of Righteousness, Part 2: My Identity from God - UD


Pastor John Fichtner

Righteousness part 3by John Fichtner

  1. Romans 1:17 – Righteousness through faith

  2. Question: What’s the difference between the Breastplate of Righteousness by Faith and the Shield of Faith?

  3. Shield of Faith moves all over the place/out front and loud

  4. Breastplate of Righteousness is on identity – becoming secure in your identity

  5. Breastplate of Righteousness is placed on you

  6. The Breastplate goes on you – no human being can put on their own breastplate. It must be placed on them by another (armor bearer)

  7. You must daily ask Christ to place righteousness on you and receive it.

  8. Shield of Faith must be taken up – it’s about aggressiveness

  9. God likes for people who chase down his blessing.

  10. Breastplate of Righteousness is about a helpless state of receiving whereas the Shield of Faith is about aggressively seeking God.

Breastplate of Righteousness, Part 3: God Thinks You are Wonderful! - UD


Pastor John Fichtner

Righteousness part 4 by John Fichtner

  1. The opposite of accepting is to criticize

  2. In the same way God has given the gift of complete acceptance, we’re to accept others in the same way

  3. Three times scripturally where we point out wrongs of a brother: 1.) If they’ve sinned personally against you, 2.) if you are an authority over someone and 3.) when you asked to give council.

  4. Council – you wait until you are asked

  5. Criticism emphasizes what you did wrong

  6. If you ever allow a person to criticize you, you permit them to rip off your breastplate of righteousness.

  7. Deception of critical person is they think they see things no one else sees

  8. Don’t ever let someone close to you who doesn’t think you are wonderful

  9. Critical people hate to admit that maybe they don’t understand everything (Proverbs 18:2)

  10. “Help me understand” – phrase that’s the door to dialogue 

Breastplate of Righteousness, Part 4: How to Break Sin Habits - UD


Pastor John Fichtner

Righteousness part 5 by John Fichtner

  1. Connecting obedience to righteousness –it’s not about waiting until it feels right (as if it comes from a inward part) nor do you do what you’re supposed to do simply because it’s the right thing to do.

  2. Romans 6:16

  3. No one ever broke a sin habit off their life to they saw the sin habit producing death in them and saw God’s way producing life.

  4. Romans 8 – Holy Spirit mentioned 24 times in 39 verses. Chapter in the Bible that mentions the Holy Spirit the most

  5. Not enough to see the problem of sin habit; you must have power (Holy Spirit) to walk toward life

  6. The Spirit is how you have a new nature to do right

  7. Righteousness - Something you must see and something you must have

  8. If you obey because it’s the right thing to do, you’ll fail since the focus is on your own power to obey

  9. Obediance leads to righteousness

  10. Righteousness is seeing and having the inward nature of God to do right.

  11. Phrases to pray: “If I screw up today, I’m still a son – and I’m still invited back into your presence by the Blood of Jesus.”

  12. Ways to pray on righteousness: “Holy Spirit, please fill my emotional cup with the Father’s acceptance of me.”