Blessing Verbally

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Blessing Verbally by John Fichtner – Series Overview

Introduction: In this mini-series with several sub-series, you will gain an understanding of the loving judgment of God and the difference between human judgment and godly discernment. Learn easy ways of greeting to bless everyone you come in contact with!

The Judgement of God - UD


Pastor John Fichtner

Blessings Verbally part 1 Pastor John Fichtner


  1. Preface & Preparation -

  2. Amos – “harsh” OT prophet

  3. Hard to understand certain concepts (evangelism, suffering, sin, salvation, forgiveness, justice, authority, morality, compassion, peace, mercy, grace, joy, faith, the love of God, holiness, love) unless you understand the judgment of God

  4. The most foundational truth of the Gospel

  5. Affect everything you do

  6. 1) The Cross - Ro 8:3

  7. 2) Why the innocent suffer – Authority- the whole world is under the control of the evil one. You are behind enemy lines until the King returns

  8. A true judge always judges fairly, honestly, completely, impartially, equitably

  9. We only want Him to judge what causes US pain

  10. When He comes, no more opportunity to repent

  11. The measure that you love God (righteousness) is measured by how much you hate Satan (wickedness)

  12. How can God allow____? God allows it now but when he comes He will deal with ALL sin. Are you ready for that?

  13. Who is innocent? (Nobody over 5 years old)

  14. Why all the pain? Is this an attack, free will of man or my Father correcting me?

  15. The only one that will count 10 billion years from now - all of our pain can be exchanged for in depth riches in the Kingdom of God

  16. 3) Man to Man – Judgment vs judgments - Fiercest retribution for those who do not show mercy. As I have judged another, everyone around me will judge me

  17. Forgiveness, fear of God, judgments, generational curses, mercy

  18. 4) The fears in our own hearts - A Judge CONDEMNS, A Father CORRECTS

  19. We have to deal with our father issues and embrace God’s loving correction!

The Difference Between Judging & Discerning - UD


Pastor John Fichtner

Blessing Verbally part 2 by John Fichtner


  1. Judging is:

  2. Discerning is:

  3. The Biblical command “do not judge” gets twisted by an amoral society

  4. When is it okay to discern? How is it different?

  5. Set culture apart into a purely Bible perspective

  6. 3 main traits of judging – 1) Arrogantly strong conclusions (VERDICT)

  7. Test of Time, WHY – when the Lord comes back is the time to judge

  8. The most judgmental group – teenagers

  9. We don’t know another person’s motives

  10. 2) Gets angry or easily offended/hurt – almost all anger is judgment

  11. 3) Slanders = Talks about others negatively. Only talk about a negative if asking for counsel of how to go talk to this person directly

  12. You can never speak negative about your mate to someone else and have your mate as your best friend

  13. Most arrogant line – You know what’s wrong with the Body of Christ today?

  14. SOP – serve, encourage and appreciate with an agenda - to bring you closer to Christ

  15. Judging people - you didn’t give enough to me

  16. Judgers are takers, Discerners are givers

  17. Discerners understand – they don’t have to give to everyone, they can’t keep the giving spirit and hang around slanderers

  18. If I speak negatively about person A to person B, who do I repent to? Person B!!!

  19. Discerning – privately and quietly withdraw serving, encouraging and appreciating that person

How to Stop Judging People - UD


Pastor John Fichtner

Blessing Verbally part 3 by John Fichtner


  1. Review: Judgers are takers, discerners are givers

  2. They are two rivers going opposite directions

  3. Think about every time you have judged any person, thing or group

  4. Unless you are seeking counsel you are judging them

  5. Any time you say they need to___, you are saying you don’t give enough to me

  6. Discerners live to give – How can I give to you more effectively?

  7. Tool – backing off on how much you give

  8. How do you stop? Step One – Reverse the river of your tongue

  9. Not blessings is the real root of cursing

  10. ABCs of blessing

  11. What you do in 3 seconds = 90% of what you believe about each other for the rest of your life

  12. The bulk of your identity comes in the neutral settings day to day

  13. Everyone would rather be hated than ignored

  14. Greet each other

  15. 1) Raise the volume of your voice 2) Smile largely!

  16. 3) Touch – never walk by without touching - Fathers have to lead this challenge

  17. 4) Extremely affectionate/affirming phrase – no unwholesome talk, build each other up according to THEIR needs!

  18. If you don’t feel it, FAITH it! It takes 2 weeks to a year to feel comfortable depending on your attitude –

  19. The rest of the world is against your kids, if you’re not for them, they have no hope!

  20. Everybody needs at least one person in this world who thinks that they are the most wonderful person on the planet – you’ve got to be that for your kids!

  21. Scriptures = Thousands of verses revealing the heart of God on this subject

  22. How do you know when you have filled someone’s emotional cup? They live in a normal state of peace and contentment

Judgers are Takers, Discerners are Givers - UD


Pastor John Fichtner

Blessing Verbally part 4 by John Fichtner


  1. Judgers are blamers, (my anger is your fault)

  2. Discerners are blessers (There are so many things about you that I appreciate!)

  3. All release of blessing starts with the greeting – 90% of what you think about a person shows here

  4. Use your authority to require people to learn the discipline of constantly blessing

  5. Examples: 1) Correction – sibling strife 5 strong positives after a negative

  6. 2) Egg timer – every 15 min. bless others. Blessing is a discipline

  7. People need consistent clear structures to build a discipline

  8. 3) Welcome Interview – Mutual exchange of life stories to get to know each other

  9. Blessings Sessions – Life changing way to bless every person in Liberty Church

  10. It’s hard to judge someone once you know their pain

  11. 4) Cheerleaders – everyone expects more from a cheerleader

  12. Every negative statement is based on anger

  13. 5) My staff – P.J. demands everybody on staff to bless regardless

  14. 6) Home group – Structures to bless. Each week take 10 minutes to bless everyone

  15. 7) Dinner table – Go around table, tell about your day and then bless another by telling what you appreciate about them

  16. Use your authority! Are you willing to say, “I will seek the Lord about using every ounce of authority I have to demand that all those under my authority bless as a discipline and not judge or curse”?

Understand People Make Judgmental Statements - UD


Pastor John Fichtner

Blessing Verbally part 5 by John Fichtner


  1. Review - 90% of what you think about another is the way you greet them

  2. Use your authority to demand others to bless and not curse

  3. Understand why I make negative, judgmental statements

  4. WHY??? – Because my heart is not clean

  5. When you judge, complain, speak negatively, you are shifting responsibility for your sin onto someone else

  6. 80% of victory is gained in quoting the Word of God out loud, bringing calm humility

  7. The root of slander is a power grab - we want an audience where there is none to dispute our opinion so they have to agree with “the judge”

  8. Our hearts are unclean

  9. There is no one to dispute my perspective

  10. I need spirit-filled intercession

  11. Spiritual bulimia – you don’t process normally, just mental vomit

  12. Want to know if you have the gift of intercession? Things that are not right BUG you!

  13. The more things irritate you, the higher your call of intercession

  14. Wrestle it through with God not another person!

  15. Phil. 4:6-8, Pray until it becomes thanksgiving

  16. Solution to slander – faith-filled intercession

  17. Your tongue will be registered as a lethal weapon in Hell!

  18. You will gain dignity, destiny, worth, personal royalty

  19. Authority has to be given to you by the person beneath you (Example – Jesus)

  20. Real authority is when the person over you values you and believes in you

  21. When you bless, you garner respect and friendship from teens or others under you

  22. Bosses you would die for vs bosses you just wish would die

  23. As Christians, you are clean but not every part of you and need the power of God

Choose Your Friends Carefully - UD


Pastor John Fichtner

Blessing Verbally part 6 by John Fichtner


  1. Review

  2. Godly sense of power and authority – when I speak, demons fear

  3. You were created in the image of God and there is something in our being that words carry weight

  4. Every word of Jesus came with power and life

  5. Prayer of Jabez, Purpose Driven Life – a sense of destiny, purpose, value and authority, you won’t have time for pettiness

  6. Choose your friends carefully

  7. 1) The purpose of friendship is not: to relax and have some fun. (That is an escape and childish thinking) That doctrine will bring great damage (Hedonistic)

  8. Play or rest only 1/7 of the time

  9. 2) The purpose of friendship is: to strengthen each other in the purposes of God

  10. The godlier you are, the more transparent you are

  11. Our goal is not to protect our self but to crucify our self

  12. Is the joy of the Lord our goal in life? No! Joy = Grace and is the compass that guides us to the purposes of God and the strength that helps us do them

  13. My goal in life is to minster, bear fruit, expand the Kingdom

  14. The more fun we have WHILE doing the purposes of God the more strength

  15. 3) The Biblical reasons to end friendships are: You must not associate with anyone who calls themselves a brother but is:1) Sexually immoral 2) Greedy – don’t be close friends with non-tithers, they love money more than God 3) Idolater 4) Slanderer – drive out one person and it will end 5) Drunken 6) Glutton 7) Mocker

  16. Surround yourself with people who wince when you are negative

  17. 2 ?s –1) Name of person who you have offered friendships to that slander/are negative 2) Are you someone else’s name?

Pain Moves Us! - UD


Pastor John Fichtner

Blessing Verbally part 7 by John Fichtner

  1. Review – Reverse your tongue, speak blessings, use your authority, the root is that our hearts are unclean, the solution: my tongue is to be a weapon against Hell

  2. What if the slandering, complaining person is my mate, parent, boss, etc.? Hide in the Word and drink of the Spirit and Word every day, your cocoon of protection

  3. 90% of authority has nothing to do with position, you can grow into a place of true authority by serving others all the time

  4. How about giving me two positives for every negative?

  5. Adversity makes you bitter or better – your choice

  6. When things don’t go my way, the degree of my reaction has no connection to the degree of wrong against me

  7. “I’m angry because…” is a complete untruth

  8. The people who react the loudest are the ones who have suffered the LEAST

  9. The people who have really, truly suffered complain the least

  10. God wants to bring good out of every pain in our lives

  11. Stirring testimony of abuse and overcoming

  12. Prayer to be free from the distractions of pettiness