HEAVEN - what will we do there?

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Heaven and Hell by John Fichtner- Series Overview

This series has 2 sermons .

It is a preview of eternal, exciting possibilities of heaven and exposing some false assumptions we have believed.


I Cor 6:1 - 3
What We Will Do in Heaven - UD


Pastor John Fichtner

Heaven and Hell part 1: What Will We Do in Heaven?, By John Fichtner

  1. 1 Corinthians 6:1-3 we will judge the world and angels

  2. Preview to next message - A pastor’s worst nightmare : Christians forming business partnerships with other Christians

  3. Assumptions – #1) When a person is born again they automatically have godly character, #2) In ministering the love of Christ - commanded to hope for the best and believe the best. In business - commanded to expect the worst

  4. Isaiah 9:7- What we will be like in heaven? Phil 3:20-21 (we eagerly wait for Him)

  5. Rabbit trail - Col 3:1-2, Psalm 84:5 (the more you think about eternity the more productive you will be on the earth)

  6. dispel deception – if you think on heaven you are no earthly good

  7. 2 Cor 5:15-16- I live for him and regard no one from a worldly point of view (example: Publix lady)

  8. To get this perspective - Spend hours a day with God - Emotions follow thoughts

  9. Traveling from Canada to Georgia analogy – never get too focused on where you are, but where you are going – set on pilgrimage

  10. Our lowly bodies will be like His glorious body

  11. Resource: Heaven by Randy Alcorn – Rick Warren says most powerful book besides the Bible. Gives definite, probable examples of what will and will not happen in heaven

  12. Will I be able to fly? YES!

  13. Of the increase of His government (space and structure) and peace there will be no end

  14. Massive projects, able to fail (failure is not a sin!)

  15. Phil. 1, 2 Cor. 5- It’s hard to stay here! I want to go home!

  16. Good news/bad news – emotions follow thoughts

  17. Rev. 5979 - we will retain our unique heritage for eternity

  18. Our destination is not heaven, that’s our temporary hang out

  19. New heaven and new earth will be the Garden of Eden x a billion

  20. We have un-redeemed questions about heaven

  21. Every activity will have two senses to it – excitement or reward

  22. Everything will be fun, purposeful, joyful

  23. Possibilities – no sin, but abilities for mistakes and consequences

  24. old things are passed

  25. Animals in heaven? Romans 8:20-21… creation subject to frustration not by its own choice.

  26. Burn in hell? They CHOSE evil and chose to reject God

  27. Animals and plants did not choose evil but by Adam’s choice to bless and destroy

  28. Should consume you every second – Will I see my loved ones burning in hell?

  29. Question should be WHY?

  30. I want to see through God’s eyes

  31. 3 times God has created a perfect world with no sin. Because they did not see how empty life is apart from Him, they rebelled (Satan, Adam, millennium)

  32. Col 3:3 - For you died

  33. Let me show you my life

  34. You are God’s inoculation against future rebellion

  35. We are the only beings that God shed His blood for. You will train the others

  36. You will forever be the pinnacle of God’s love