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This series has 2 teachings.

The 1st teaching is from the Marriage series and the 2nd teaching is from Psalm 103.

In the first sermon you learn that you can CONTROL your emotions. You learn how the Word of God teaches you a whole new way of thinking and responding to emotions. You learn the Biblical definition of love.

In the second sermon you learn your mouth controls your emotions. You learn that you can command your emotions to praise God by remembering His benefits.

Controlling Your Emotions - UD


Pastor John Fichtner

  1. The word of God can actually transform the way you think and change your attitude, change your whole concept

  2. Many have begun to understand their mate

  3. Beginning to understand your roles in marriage

  4. Greatest desire is to see couples learn to enjoy each other more

  5. John 10:10

  6. Only in Jesus Christ is it possible for couples to stay married

  7. Hebrews 6

  8. If the problems in your marriage are so deep and so serious that this marriage series really hasn’t affected them, then your problems are not your marriage. The real issue is in your personal life; there are problems between you and God

  9. You can be dealing with real living entities called Demons – Intense Rage, Uncontrollable Sins, Blindness, Extreme Situations

  10. Great woundings in past– Sexual Abuse, Physical Abuse, Mental Abuse, Deviations, Witchcraft, Serious Drugs, Control of other people, Manipulation

  11. Deep sin opens door to demons

  12. Generational Curses – Strongholds – Lies or Deception

  13. An actual deception that most people have in their mind is that we can’t control what we feel

  14. By the word of God and the Spirit of God, it is a lie from the pit of hell to think you can’t control how you feel

  15. Romans 5:8

  16. Bible definition of love - a commitment to give of yourself freely and unconditionally

  17. 3 parts of soul – feeling part, thinking part, choosing part

  18. God demonstrates love even though we are sinners

  19. I John 3:16

  20. John 3:16

  21. I John 4:9

  22. Luke 6:35

  23. John 13:1

  24. John 15:13

  25. Anytime that you freely and unconditionally give of yourself to someone, the by-product will always be positive emotions

  26. Luke 12:34

  27. The greatest treasure you have is yourself

  28. Anything you give your heart to freely and unconditionally, you always feel love for

  29. Romans 12

Psalms Ch 103 pt 1


Pastor John Fichtner

  1. Psalm 103

  2. Your mouth controls your emotions

  3. Speaking positive without feeling them can create positive emotions

  4. Every time you say a negative, say 10 positives afterwards

  5. Soul is emotions and internal issues

  6. Theme of this Psalm 103 is the benefits package of walking with Jesus Christ

  7. Everyone dies sick except Moses

  8. When Jesus redeems your life from the pit, He makes you the king of love and compassion

  9. Wins = energy

  10. Biblically no one finds their primary callings in life until they are in their 50’s, 60’s, or 70’s – NO ONE!

  11. World says to you that if by 25 if you haven’t found God’s perfect calling for your life, then you are a failure

  12. Apostle Paul – wrote over half the New Testament in his 50’s

  13. Apostle John – wrote all of his books in his 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s

  14. King David – in his 50’s found his calling – said, “I want to be near the presence of God” - because of how he responded to Bathsheba and his wanting to end his days in the presence of God, he became known as the man after God’s own heart, and the Messiah became known as Son of David

  15. Moses

  16. Abraham

  17. Joshua – stud – kicking tail in his 80’s

  18. Daniel – in his 80’s wrote most of his book, interceded before God and was catalyst for God to end the exile because of his prayers

  19. Samuel – started to school the prophets in his 70’s and 80’s

  20. God has ordained it that in your 20’s, 30’s, 40’s you will serve God with all your heart and passion and He will give you wins but there are bigger wins coming

  21. I refuse to get old! Body may break down but inside will never grow old

  22. Galatians 6

  23. When you live to serve local church, God says He will let you understand His ways

  24. Price tag of serving – feel heart ripped out in pain, cling to cross, heartbroken for those not doing well

  25. Choose not to serve - spend whole life confused, never figure out God’s will, whole life struggling will know what God does but not why

  26. Stop remembering what God has forgotten!

  27. I can command my emotions to praise God by remembering His benefits