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Laughter – Pastor John Fichtner

How to understand Laughter from GOD

And know GOD’s laughter is different from man’s laughter

Funny Failures


Pastor David Monson

Abraham pt. 8 Gen. 17 - UD


Pastor John Fichtner

  1. Genesis 17

  2. 13 Years of silence. Season of dryness. Ishmael.

  3. 50 different names of GOD

  4. Favorite names of GOD are Jesus & Yahweh

  5. When weak, stressed, or confused declare El Shaddai

  6. El = He is God

  7. Sha = Who (meaning his very essence)

  8. Dai =Enough

  9. When you declare El Shaddai, you declare He’s been enough

  10. God is the God who redeems failure

  11. Speak over the weak person who you were

  12. Walk before Me and be blameless; comfort & correction

  13. Abram felt he had to make things happen (doesn’t work that way)

  14. Covenant is mentioned 14 times in one chapter

  15. Verse 4, Abram is renamed Abraham. Letter H is very powerful

  16. Keep My covenant by being circumcised

  17. David Monson rabbit trail (circumcision! = caesarean)

  18. Circumcision is meant to be embarrassing, gory, painful, & intimate

  19. Must wait 8 Days to circumcise; prothrombin & Vitamin K

  20. Lack of circumcision causes infection and cancer

  21. If you don’t keep the covenant, then you will be cut off from your people

  22. The heart is the most sensitive and private part for a man

  23. Uncle Bob Fichtner rabbit trail (Flap of flesh is a flap of death)

  24. The flap is the lie that self-rule will satisfy

  25. Regardless of strength, you will go through a season when you are trapped in a sin

  26. Peter said “ in your hearts set apart Christ as Lord”

  27. Cost of covenant to Reward of the covenant

  28. The covenant of Jesus Christ is 8 words

  29. I live for you (Forever died to the lie that self-rule will satisfy). You live through me

  30. Common phrase “followers of Christ” is dangerous

  31. It implies you can follow Christ; you have no ability to follow Christ

  32. “Should” is a demonic and deceptive word - it creates condemnation

  33. The lie is that you actually can

  34. Instead say, “I have to, but I can’t.” This creates thirst.

  35. Filthy word “should” in front of “pray”. It’s like breathing.

  36. Hudson Taylor led 18,000 people to Jesus

  37. From bondage to light-hearted man of freedom

  38. Have you added the “H” to your name?

  39. In the world, it’ not laughter it’s mocking

  40. John Fichtner rabbit trail

  41. Would you like to break fear off your life?

  42. You look at the days to come and trust for the best

  43. Look at the worst that could happen and claim El Shaddai

  44. If that happens, He is enough

  45. It’s not the thing that happens, it’s your belief that you would be devastated if it did

  46. I look at the worst that could happen and I laugh. Isaac means laughter.