Forgiveness vs. Trust

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This single CD teaching by Pastor John is from our I Corinthians study and covers I Cor. 4:1-2. These verses have a powerful message that Forgiveness and Trust are two totally separate issues in the Bible.

I Cor. 4:1 - 2
Trust vs. Forgiveness


Pastor John Fichtner

  1. Trust in the heart of God first and ask; am I trustworthy?
  2. Ministry goals should ultimately bring us into the deeper things of God.
  3. Trust is a gift earned and must be proven one step at a time.
  4. Desire the riches of God's heart above all the riches of this world; seek truth.
  5. Be faithful to pay any price to serve and bring people to Christ.
  6. Be true to the body of Christ; live for Jesus, not self, and make a solid commitment.
  7. Finding our true purpose for the Kingdom requires a local healthy church.
  8. Sharing the Gospel can bring attacks from the enemy, but God will use this for His glory!
  9. Tools: verses your "calling" will help to fulfill your purpose.
  10. Gain a servant's heart and a mutual relationship with your pastor by walking with integrity while being drenched in the Spirit.
  11. A mature servant draws ALL emotional support from our heavenly Father.
  12. Forgive, bless and release others from emotional bondage as God has done for you.
  13. Demonic hope is placing trust in the wrong source and premature trust can be harmful.
  14. Beloved parents, tremble at the privilege that God has entrusted and chosen you to bear good fruit. Instruct your children to trust and serve God first.
  15. Our greatest calling is to lead people to Jesus and to hear the Father say, "Well done."