Hell - The Logic

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Answers the question: “Why would a loving God create an eternal Hell?” Brings points such as:


  1. Three times God has or will have rebellion in a perfect world.
  2. Love requires free will. Free will requires choice. Three times that choice was wrong. Thus, the two things of knowing the goodness of God and knowing the evil and emptiness of selfishness, does a person have to understand both to walk with God?
  3. Isaiah say that God will always keep on expanding his kingdom and keep creating which means that there may be millions of more sentient species created.
  4. Revelation promises no more pain and rebellion. How does Hell guarantee this?

Hell - The Logic - UD


Pastor John Fichtner

Heaven and Hell part 2: HELL, by John Fichtner

Points of Biblical logic on emotional subject of Hell in a calm low key way.

  1. 2 Thess. 1:9 – …punished with everlasting destruction

  2. Critical thinking – you can’t defend your ideas/opinions, you have to be able to criticize and see the flaws in them

  3. To find truth – have to see both sides of an argument

  4. Double prejudiced/double biased- Why would a loving God send people to an eternal hell? 1) the only trait of God’s character is that he is loving but the other side is 2)His justice and authority to correct and punish all sin.

  5. The real question a little more truth based – “Why would a God who is fully righteous, pure and a just judge, yet fully loving, send people to an eternal hell?

  6. In a moral society (at least 60 - 150 years ago) they would never have immoral thoughts/actions. Aware of selfishness and a God who requires purity

  7. The prevalent mode of current society has a seared conscious

  8. As a Christian the subject of eternal Hell is a foundational doctrine

  9. For the rest of your life ask God that you will never again close your ears in public

  10. In every conversation around you, mankind’s self-centeredness and self-righteousness are evident

  11. Immoral society says “God is love”.

  12. Torment of Hell – eternal fire, worm does not die Mark 9- circuit breaker for pain removed

  13. Find the weaknesses in my own opinions. Do I want truth?

  14. I can’t believe a loving God would send people to Hell? The real question is, “Do I deserve Hell?

  15. Obey your conscience – live for others 100% of the time - Listen, affirm, encourage

  16. You can’t without God

  17. Two tests – most evil thing – the lie about what it takes to get to heaven – all you have to do is believe that Jesus died, rose again and receive the gift of eternal life.

  18. P.J.’s study on covenant of Salvation

  19. The demons also believe in Jesus!

  20. Salvation is a covenant – you must (Col 3:3, Ro. 6:6) die to the belief that anything about you is good.

  21. I live only for You!

  22. Lord=Slave Master – you never make another decision

  23. I live for you, you live through me.

  24. Apart from Jesus do you deserve eternity in Hell? Absolutely!

  25. Others call themselves Christians but suck-the-life out of you (either a baby Christian or they are fake)

  26. My King, my Lord, I live only for you this day

  27. Every year you are more loving, kind, gracious- do anything to bring others to Christ

  28. Heb. 6, Jude 1:7

  29. Why is there an eternal Hell?

  30. 3 times God has had rebellion in a perfect world

  31. Why did Satan rebel?

  32. You apart from God are a warped creature.

  33. You in Christ are given a whole new nature

  34. Which is the bigger of the two? (5x the verses)- 90% of walking with Christ is knowing who you are apart from Christ

  35. 1st time – Satan’s rebellion – thought he could run things better

  36. 2nd time Adam and Eve- knew all the goodness but didn’t know who they were apart from God

  37. 1,000 year reign of Christ

  38. In heaven the Bible will be the pre-k primer

  39. Why the 1,000 year reign? – Those who never had the chance to hear? Other species?

  40. Other rev 21:4 – after 3rd rebellion, never again will there be any pain, mourning, death, sorrow

  41. Who will teach them? We will! What will we teach them? How wretched they would be apart from God

  42. Guess - Hell is the inoculation against future rebellions

  43. I live only for You, You make Yourself known through me

  44. You can lose the ability to change

  45. Free will vs Predestination