Bosses - What every Boss wishes you understood

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Stunning insight on your job! Helps you learn favor, humility, communication and understanding. Talks through how good understanding wins favor, that work is a mission field, and how to be a powerhouse for God by touching on these points:


  1. God wants to use your career for Jesus while promoting you at your job.
  2. The door to success is between you and your boss.
  3. How to win heart of a difficult boss.

Isaiah 61:5 - Career pt. 3 - UD


Pastor John Fichtner

Isaiah 61:5 - Career pt. 3 by John Fichtner

  1. Because when teaching becomes dangerous is when people build big doctrines on secondary and third applications

  2. Marketwise, you know how much you’re worth? You’re worth exactly what you’re making now – exactly

  3. The reason why people are not promoted is because their skill sets are not worthy of a higher level of income

  4. CUT --- To make the team, or succeed

  5. The higher levels of management , the number 1 issue of skills is --- people skills

  6. Romans 13 Every authority in your life has been set over you by God

  7. The door to your success is intimately related with your relationship with your boss

  8. God intends for a certain boss to test and refine you

  9. All instances of temper and irritation on the planet is all egocentric self

  10. You go through your career without complaining or griping, you will shine like a star in the universe

  11. Boss’s as a group, are much more un-self-centered than workers

  12. CUT – Communication, Understanding

  13. The “U” in the acronym of how to win in the career field is understanding

  14. Communication is task-oriented. Understanding is purpose-oriented. Communication is WHAT to do; understanding is WHY.

  15. Understanding your boss is the difference between having the spirit of Christ in your job, and the spirit of anti-Christ

  16. Psalm 32:9 Do not be like the horse or the mule, which have no understanding but must be controlled by bit and bridle or they will not come to you.

  17. Jesus said over 30 times in the Gospel, there’s a difference between listening and understanding

  18. 4 Ps – 4 rivers in every human soul.

  19. Each of these four rivers, the boss’s heart is exposed and magnified. Because he’s the boss, every stupid thing that he does, gets 10 times the attention that a worker’s mistake does.

  20. How much more pressure does the boss have than the worker? 1,000 times as much

  21. Spirit of anti-Christ: I don’t care, forget you and your problems

  22. The essence of Christianity and the thrill of serving is to want to understand and hear someone else’s heart

  23. Do you know what it is when people tear themselves down “I’m so stupid” “I’m such an idiot” “I’m such a fool” – it’s pride. It’s a manipulative kind of pride, so it’s double dangerous.

  24. Humility is not self-abasement; Humility is self-forgetting.

  25. Good understanding wins favor

  26. You cannot stop the favor of God when you’re a person of understanding

  27. All instinct is selfish

  28. River #1 – your boss has a 1,000 times the pressure you do, and you can be a mule, brute beast, anti-Christian and refuse, or you can give everything you’ve got, everyday to understanding where your boss is coming from

  29. Priorities: a great tester of the heart

  30. Long term goals remain fairly stable, but short term goals are determined by each specific pressure.

  31. Constant effort – to understand will be an everyday “Show me what’s going on, in this boss’s heart” You have to apply your heart to understand

  32. You are commanded to be a witness for Christ in your job

  33. The single greatest skill set you’ll ever have is to want to understand your boss.

  34. Workers are instinctually against the boss because they come into this self-centered thing. They don’t have any perspective but their own because they’ve not been forced to by responsibilities, and because instinctually, all people are selfish.

  35. Your boss is for you, so if you want to win your boss’s heart, how directly will that affect your paycheck and your promotion rate? It will accelerate it times 10

  36. Hear the boss’s heart – you succeed, you don’t hear the boss’s heart, you don’t succeed. And it is an easy thing because the boss is FOR you.  

Isaiah 61:5-6 - Career pt. 4 - UD


Pastor John Fichtner

Isaiah 61:5-6 - Career pt. 4 by John Fichtner

  1. When a boss fails, no one blames the worker. When a worker fails, part of the blame always includes the boss.

  2. Bosses – forced, by external sociological pressures to be more unselfcentered

  3. The abrasiveness or adversarial-ness in the boss-worker situation, way more than half the time, is initiated by the worker

  4. Worker does not need the boss and may resent authority

  5. God says “I want to bring the anointing of God into your work, where even those would normally be against you are for you and they’re calling you a priest of our God” – the promise of the “AND”

  6. CUT

  7. C – communication. Always, always take responsibility for all communication. If your boss didn’t tell you what to do, go and find out what your boss wants you to do

  8. U- Understanding. If you want to be anointed in your job, understand your boss’s pressures and priorities, understand their passions

  9. You know what our definition of weird is? People that don’t have the same passions that we do

  10. Rich man & Lazarus parable – In the work environment, we are the rich men and about half of our coworkers are Lazarus

  11. We are some of the richest people that anyone has ever met, and when I mean reach – relationships

  12. We are rich just for that; we are rich in that we know the living God and we KNOW we know the living God.

  13. We are rich because when you have a true deep walk with Jesus, marriage and kids are connected to a word that the world doesn’t have – […] Hope

  14. The world has gone from little hope to no hope.

  15. If they are married, they also have, almost no hope or no hope of getting closer

  16. The world has zero hope of raising moral kids, just none.

  17. The world doesn’t even have a concept of having friends outside of work. The world can’t imagine coming to a church and a church being a family.

  18. Work is the GREATEST mission field in our day because work is the only place where a Kingdom of God, spirit filled, loving, joyful, understanding, caring people get to have, repeated ongoing conversations with other non-Christians

  19. Marriage is a holy trap – you will never, ever bear less than half the blame for anything that goes wrong in marriage

  20. In every situation of tension in a marriage, it’s two immature people blaming the other saying “you’ve got more blame than me”

  21. P – Pains

  22. In any environment on the planet, you’re allowed to tell anyone your personal convictions – “This is why I serve Jesus Christ”

  23. Yes you can tell people about Jesus, but if you want people to want to listen, you can go deep, you know, you can just want to understand

  24. Refuse for meetings to be surfacy

  25. Regularly PJ asks co-pastors “What’s the most painful thing that happened to you in the past year?” --- “Tell me something that happened in the first 10 years of your life, teenage years, 20s…?” “What’s the thing you’re most excited about in the next year?”

  26. You know what those words say? They say “I want to understand”

  27. You can go up to any coworker and say “Tell me something about your childhood, I’ll tell you something about mine” “Share with me the most painful thing in your life, I’ll share…” “I just want to get to know you, man, I just want to understand, I want to know your fears, your insecurities, your history, and in a world of distrust, you can be the only trustworthy person

  28. The highest expression of faith is thankfulness, there’s nothing greater.

  29. 1 Thes 5:18 – in everything, give thanks for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus…

  30. Think of someone you work with, on a 0-100 scale, you think they’re a 20. If you find 2 or 3 things to be thankful for and you tell them, in your mind, they’ll go up to a 70, just like that. The power of expressing thankfulness to someone – it changes instantly your perspective.

  31. “There’s something I so appreciate about you” – you say to them “you can trust me, in a world of distrust, you can trust me. You can trust me that when I look at you, I will not see the worst, but I will see the best. Still within truth, but I will see the best, and you can trust me that in my heart, my desire is to bless you” – and you will give a cup of water to the Lazarus that is begging, starving, and covered in sores that no one else has ever given.

  32. God wants to double and quadruple the sense of destiny in your life.