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The Story of Joseph is a fascinating dramatic emotional story! It is a story about all of us. It’s a story about Gods gracious patience in the epic battle between our own desires and finding the heart of our God. Joseph was prideful and arrogant, but it was in his jail, cell chained to the floor, after being sold into slavery and blackmailed where God permeated his heart. From that moment on his sole purpose for living was to bestow Gods love on others. He found contentment in prison. He walked away from the fabricated worth in his title and high positions, and found his worth in God.

MS pt. 20 - Negative Emotions pt. 5 (Joseph pt. 1)


Pastor John Fichtner

  1. How a healthy Christian soul relates to God and others
  2. I am a being made by God who is able to choose how I react to every situation
  3. Free will is a responsibility
  4. I am 100% responsible for my attitude, but I am not responsible for the attitudes of others
  5. I am not responsible if you forgive me, but I still have to give an account for my own attitude & actions.
  6. Not being responsible for others actions doesn't outlaw sowing and reaping from my actions and attitude
  7. The 'extra' sons (from the slave women) were working the field
  8. Joseph was aware of how much his brothers hated him
  9. When Joseph told his brothers about his dream they hated him more
  10. We know of 6 times where Joseph's brothers expressed their hatred toward him
  11. Adding to scripture is dangerous
  12. There is no account in the bible of their father and his wives bowing down to joseph
  13. Joseph had no positive motives in telling his brothers his second dream
  14. If you do an act of unkindness you cannot require that people do the same or less to you in return.
  15. 'that's not fair' is a requirement that no one can be meaner to you than you are to them.
  16. When you say ' that's not fair/ I didn't deserve' you have lost all hope.
  17. The only way to get out is to let go of the questions
  18. To end all strife ask the question 'God is my heart right?'
  19. The word of God did not penetrate Joseph heart until he was in chains
  20. We all have 2 billion sins of attitude and motive, and it just takes one to no longer be perfect
  21. Who owns my heart?

MS pt. 21 - Negative Emotions pt. 6 (Joseph pt. 2)


Pastor John Fichtner

  1. Genesis 39
  2. Why would anyone trust the Word of God- John 7:17
  3. The favor of God takes a heart progressing toward the King
  4. The Lord blessed the household of the Egyptians because of Joseph
  5. It's better to overdo the favor of God
  6. If you're going to brag, brag on God
  7. Psalm 105- Joseph was in prison for 13 years
  8. When he was in jail, the word of God purified his heart
  9. He laid there until he was done blaming
  10. Psalm 40:1- Joseph had found his worth in his superiority and his wealth
  11. And in emptiness he cried out 'Set me free and give me life'
  12. Joseph cared about the prisoners, whereas before he had not cared about anyone
  13. Joseph found contentment and life in prison.
  14. After hearing Pharaoh's dream, he gives him a better idea about food storage
  15. As Pharaoh meets with his officials about the plans, Joseph is sent back to prison
  16. Joseph has found his worth by extending God's love moment by moment, and he was finished promoting himself.
  17. We can't blame anyone else for our heart attitude,
  18. Never again will I blame anyone for anything inside of me
  19. Quit trying to fix others and try to be as patience with them as God is with me.

MS pt. 22 - Negative Emotions pt. 7 (Joseph pt. 3)


Pastor John Fichtner

  1. Genesis 42
  2. Jacob sends his sons to do whatever it takes to feed their families
  3. Jacob is living in the world of "If only..."
  4. "If onlys" make you so afraid that you try to control everyone and everything, Joseph is broken before God and is tested 5 major times in scripture to see if he could trust them.
  5. What will you believe about trust, will guide every human relationship you ever have.
  6. Proverbs 12:26
  7. Joseph was looking for his brothers every day during the famine, while he was giving out grain.
  8. Chapter 45, one year later he reveals himself to his brother letting them now that he is not angry with them.
  9. When Joseph asked them about their family they brought up his death because he was always on their mind
  10. Joseph threw all his brothers in jail for 3 days
  11. He sends all of his brothers except Simeon
  12. Joseph listens to his brothers as they have a conversation in a different language, and sees hears that they believe they are being punished for selling and killing (so they thought) their brother Joseph
  13. Joseph realizes that they have had the incident on their hearts for the past 21 years

MS pt. 23 - Negative Emotions pt. 8 (Joseph pt. 4)


Pastor John Fichtner

  1. If you really want to trust people you have to give them a chance to fail
  2. Love gives people chances to fail.
  3. When God heals your heart you can weep joyfully at his presence and goodness
  4. Demanding to be treated fair
  5. You can't fake having fun with people
  6. Gen 44:1
  7. After the cup is found in Ben's sack Joseph orders the rest of the brothers to go back home.
  8. Jesus was sent to earth because the father's heart ached for his children
  9. Judah pleaded for Ben's freedom because of his father's love for him
  10. Judah was willing to take Ben's place as Joseph's slave
  11. Mirror's the account of Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane.
  12. Someone you can trust is someone who takes responsibility for their own heart
  14. The people to trust are the invisible people.
  15. Joseph explains that God sent him ahead of his brothers to preserve them.