Old Testament Survey - Vol. 1

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Overview of the Old Testament


Pastor John Fichtner

Genesis 3 - Recognizing the Significance of Your Weakness


Pastor John Fichtner

Genesis part 1- Recognizing the Significance of Your Weakness by John Fichtner



  1. I am going to begin this series by giving you 10 connections between the first 3 chapters and the last 3 chapters of the Bible to help build a panorama view of the purposes of God with man.

    1. In Genesis paradise is closed; in Revelation paradise is reopened

    2. In Genesis a curse is imposed; in Revelation a curse removed

    3. In Genesis there is the beginning of sorrow and death; in Revelation there is the end of all sorrow and death

    4. In Genesis there is the first deception of the serpent; in Revelation is the final defeat of Satan

    5. In Genesis is the creation of a Garden; in Revelation is the creation of a new heaven, a new earth, a new Jerusalem

    6. In Genesis you have the first promise of the Messiah; In Revelation you have the final triumph of the Messiah

    7. In Genesis there is a river in the center of the Garden; in Revelation there is a river in the center of Jerusalem

    8. In Genesis God walked with man; in Revelation God will once again walk with man

    9. In Genesis is rebellion in a perfect world; in Revelation is rebellion in a perfect world

    10. In Genesis there were two trees (Tree of Life/Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil); in Revelation there were two trees

  2. You don’t want to dominate your wife you want to be a servant leader!

  3. The human soul was not meant to bear the sorrow you bear.

  4. You have to know and understand the river to understand the Spirit of God!

  5. You were meant to have a river that flows through you.

  6. We are meant to know God with all of our senses; to see Him and touch Him, hear Him, hold Him and know Him.

  7. I am meant to be a child of the King who walks with my God!!

  8. The Garden happened not once but twice.

  9. You do not have to experience evil to see it and understand it.

  10. The Bible is the foundation of revelation of who God is to man.

  11. Knowing the goodness of God is not enough!

  12. Eve knew all the goodness of God and it wasn’t enough.

  13. You will not walk in all the God has for you unless you fully know the goodness of God and unless you fully understand the horror of sin and evil.

  14. Here are three applications:

    1. Salvation- it is not enough to know that Jesus paying the price opened up a way for you to go to heaven. 98% of this country believes that. You must understand the other half that you deserve to go to hell.

    2. Sin habits- some of you are saved and battle sin habits. The reason that you are sinning is because you don’t see that there is not benefit in the sin that it’s all death.

    3. The Bible- If you have children, you have been given a little glimpse into the heart of God. We must show our kids not only the knowledge of good but to see and understand the horrors of evil. The horror of their sin.

  15. If you are not saved it is because you don’t believe that you deserve hell!

  16. You want to get saved? Ask God to show you who you are apart from Him.

  17. If you have sin habits, ask the Lord to show you the full horror of your sin.

  18. We have to teach our children that there are painful consequences for wrong actions.

  19. We need to soak in the presence of God. We cannot make it a good day by ourselves.

Genesis 1-11 - The Flood and The Tower of Babel


Pastor John Fichtner

Genesis part 2 - The Flood and the Tower of Babel by John Fichtner


  1. I am going to give you truths that will hopefully last you a lifetime from Genesis 1 & 2

  1. There is power in the spoken word – the further away you get from God the emptier and lifeless your words are. The closer you walk with God the more your words have creative power.

  2. God is good!

  3. Man is made in the image of God

  1. We must know our enemy!

  2. As Christians we are commanded to be aware of Satan’s schemes.

  3. Scripture reference: Isaiah 14 tells us that Satan is a created being.

  4. When you rebuke Satan you are probably rebuking one of his demons.

  5. Satan is a limited created being.

  6. Satan’s passion is to stop the seed!

  7. It is only fear of pain that causes man not to do evil.

  8. Christianity says that if man thinks that he can get away with it he will do it.

  9. Christianity says that the heart of every child is selfish and we are not to only teach them the goodness of God but also the pain of wrong so they can see that they need a Savior to give them a new heart.

Genesis 12-23 - Embracing God's Call


Pastor John Fichtner

Genesis part 3 – Embracing God's Call by John Fichtner


  1. The book of Genesis has two halves subject wise:

    1. 4 worldwide events: the Creation, the fall, the flood, tower of Babel

    2. 4 men: Abraham, Isaac, Jacob & Joseph.

  2. God desires to deal with you individually!

  3. In Genesis there are more lessons than any other book in the Bible about God’s involvement in your family.

  4. In the Book of Genesis you can find a story about every kind of function that you can find.

  5. There is nowhere else where you can find 39 chapters about the interaction with family.

  6. Most of your breakthroughs in your life will occur because of something that happened in your family.

  7. God uses family to stir us!

  8. The message of Genesis is so powerful!

  9. Abraham turned away/stumbled. The Bible shows us in 6 different verses where Abraham turned away from God and stumbled in his faith.

  10. The call of God on Abraham’s life was delayed for decades because of disobedience.

  11. The stumbling doesn’t come until after we’ve turned away.

  12. First we turn away, then we fall hurt and bruise while we’ve told the Lord that we can do a better job.

  13. The climax to Abraham’s life is this- The reason there are 21 stories in Genesis is because we are supposed to fall in love with this man.

  14. It is all a set up for us to know what it feels like in Genesis 22 where the Lord asked him to sacrifice his son Isaac.

  15. This is the only time in the Bible where the Lord called for a human sacrifice.

  16. If the Lord ever asks you to do a hard thing, you better do it right away!

Genesis 25-35 - Jacob's Limp


Pastor John Fichtner

Genesis part 4 - Jacob's Limp by John Fichtner


  1. Jacob has 27 stories in the book of Genesis, which is one clear message to us.

  2. The plumb line (root of his life) on Jacob’s life has been said wrong many times. It is NOT that he is a deceiver. This is not said anywhere in the Bible.

  3. Jacob is the purest picture of the S- gifting.

  4. Jesus is the bridge between God and man! John 1:51

  5. God is active!

  6. The opposite of passivity is not abrasiveness; it is humility and openness when dealing with something.

  7. Do you walk with a limp?

  8. Are you still a Jacob or have you become and Israel?

Genesis 37-50 - The Sin of Passive Compliance


Pastor John Fichtner

Genesis part 5 – The Sin of Passive Compliance by John Fichtner


  1. First application that Joseph’s life teaches us:

    1. God is NOT concerned about immediately balancing the scales between you and other individuals.

    2. God is very concerned about fulfilling His purposes in our life.

  2. God does eventually balance all scales and justice is paid for every wrong.

  3. If he did immediately balance the scales that would mean that WE would be punished immediately for our wrongs.

  4. Thank God that he doesn’t bring immediate justice!

  5. God raised up Joseph at 30yrs old.

  6. The strife and conflict is the urgency that God uses to cause spiritual growth in our lives.

  7. Joseph was a tattle-tale. He was spoiled.

  8. There is NEVER an innocent party in a conflict.

  9. The last person that was innocent in a conflict died on the Cross 2000 years ago.

  10. There is ALWAYS something that God wants to do in you.

  11. When someone wrongs you. God punishes them by asking you to forgive them to release them bless them and go on with your life and you then set your heart free. He makes them watch you walk in peace and prosperity. That is how He punishes them.

  12. Forgiveness is automatic. Trust has to be re-earned!

Exodus 1-12 - Dealing with Rejection


Pastor John Fichtner

Exodus part 1- by John Fichtner

  1. More miracles than the rest of the entire O.T. combined

  2. Equation for Moses’ life – Call + Timing = Power

  3. Don’t be afraid to speak destiny over your kids

  4. Moses knew the call of God on his life

  5. First 3 miracles – Staff became a snake

  6. Rod = throw down authority (I’m no longer boss of my own life)

  7. If you want to be a man of authority, you will never have God’s authority

  8. People with godly authority uses the word responsibility

  9. Pick staff back up - You must conquer Satan aggressively

  10. Eph. 6:12 – we struggle not against flesh and blood

  11. The heart guides the hand- there is no excuse for a bad attitude!

  12. The filth on my hands came from my heart

  13. The transformation of the heart brings clean hands

  14. If they do not believe = able to handle rejection

  15. You’re in parenting and marriage to give the heart of God

  16. You can’t be in any ministry to get back, but to give as a secure child of the King

  17. Passover – new calendar, take care of/love lamb, slit throat of lamb

  18. Blood sacrifice is a message of the horror of our sin and Jesus, the least deserving to die fulfilled it

  19. I must apply the blood and be ready to leave this earth

  20. God hovers over and protects His people by the blood

Exodus 12-25 - I Should But I Can't


Pastor John Fichtner

Exodus part 2 –by John Fichtner

  1. The 10 commandments were spoken out loud by God to the people

  2. God drew the line of moral absolutes

  3. Purpose of the law - to expose guilt and make us aware of our sin

  4. You are a tri-une being – spirit, soul and flesh

  5. The law locks us up and leads us to Christ

  6. I should do this, but I can’t

  7. Self-righteousness says, “I should and I can.”

  8. If you rely on the law you are under a curse

  9. “I can’t and I shouldn’t have to.” = moral relativism

  10. Denies the right of God to be God

  11. I should but I can’t = sorrow that leads to repentance

  12. You can’t fully grasp freedom until you understand captivity

  13. You can’t fully grasp joy until you understand sorrow over sin

  14. Ask God to show you how horrifying your sin is

  15. The Law is GOOD

  16. Ceremonial law was fulfilled moral law is permanent

  17. I am not under the law, I live above the law – we don’t do good things in order to be accepted/ go to heaven, we are already accepted.

  18. Out of that spirit of son-ship we do good things

  19. Grace and truth are not in contrast to the law, they are the completion of it

  20. Law –What we do, Grace – How we do it, Truth – Why we do it

Exodus 26-40 - Weilding the Weapon of Praise


Pastor John Fichtner

Exodus part 3 - by John Fichtner

  1. One entrance – Jesus said, “I AM the GATE.”

  2. Judah on East – Covenant people

  3. Courtyard - Bronze altar and basin

  4. Holy Place – golden table, lampstand and altar of incense

  5. Curtain (was rent when Jesus breathed His last)

  6. Holy of Holies/Most Holy Place - Box with manna, Aaron’s rod, tablets

  7. Between two angels the Shekinah glory of God – “I will dwell with them.”

  8. Jn. 1:14 – The Word became flesh – the living embodiment of the Tabernacle

  9. For your power and prayer life – Heb. 10:19 – Since we have confidence to enter the most holy place by the blood of Jesus

  10. Judah (warrior tribe/ruling tribe) = Praise (must go through to get into presence of God)

  11. Emotions are meant to be an expression of the goodness of God

  12. It is impossible to be critical, angry, fearful, etc., and still be praising

  13. Wield the weapon of praise every day in the little things

  14. The brazen altar is about forgiveness

  15. How easy /hard is it for you to say, “I was wrong”?

  16. Strength = the ones who repent on a dime

  17. Laver = reflection

  18. The goal is the presence of God

  19. Table = strength, Bread = Life, Incense = smell

  20. Holy Place = problems solved Most Holy Place = COMPLETE

Leviticus - The Values of the Kingdom of God


Pastor John Fichtner

Numbers Part 1 - Reasons Why Bad Things Happen


Pastor John Fichtner

Numbers Part 2


Pastor John Fichtner

Deuteronomy - Moses Says Goodbye


Pastor John Fichtner

Deuteronomy by John Fichtner

  1. We are meant to learn from the deposit of great leaders’ lives

  2. Deuteronomy is a call to us – when we breathe our last and step into eternity, what will our lives look like in retrospect?

  3. The goal is not to end our lives crawling, but to sprint to the end with purpose and destiny

  4. Many leaders have died too young

  5. Health fanatic because I live my life through the eyes of last days of my life

  6. Repeat of the law

  7. Purposes and presence of God = JOY

  8. Love God – mentioned 14 times

  9. Did I love God?

  10. Did I love people?

  11. The only thing you can take to heaven with you is people

  12. Be honest, humble and gentle and you will see change

  13. Moses is the ONLY man in the whole Bible whose followers surpassed him

  14. What would it take to develop you into a leader?

  15. Love God enough to be willing to extend your wings outside your own family

Joshua Part 1 - Kill Amelek


Pastor John Fichtner

Joshua part 1 by John Fichtner


  1. The battle against the Amalekites is very significant and Pastor John teaches the importance of blotting out the Amalek within us and placing our faith in Jesus.

  2. The name Joshua means “God is Salvation.” It is the same name as “Jesus” or “Yeshua” in Hebrew. We must see Jesus in the Old and New Testament in order to grasp the whole revelation of Jesus Christ.

  3. The book of Joshua is a type of savior and is the most victorious, most aggressive, most conquering, most confident, most strategic and most inheritance releasing book in the entire Old Testament.

  4. The Lord said to Moses; “Write this on a scroll as something to be remembered and make sure that Joshua hears it because “I will completely blot out the memory of Amalek from under heaven.”

  5. The Israelites’ first battle and victory was against the Amalekites with Joshua as their General and came without any military weapons or training.

  6. The message of this battle was so significant that they created an altar to God and called it; “THE LORD IS MY BANNER” and Moses said to the people “God has shown you a whole new picture of Himself today.”

  7. Whenever we are given a new name of God, He is revealing a whole new aspect of His character. At the same time that Joshua was being revealed, God was revealing Himself as a Warrior, the aspect of Christ.

  8. In every play, every poem, every story book or movie that you have ever seen, 100% of the core concept revolves around two basic human drives: love and conquer.

  9. Love covers the concept of: friendship, romance, safety, warmth, tenderness and affirming.

  10. Conquer covers the concept of: productivity, aggressiveness, confidence, discipline, unity and challenge.

  11. The aspects of Love and Conquer are the heart of God and have been placed in the heart of mankind.

  12. The world has perverted love into lust (taking and impatient) where a Christian’s Love is giving and kind.

  13. Conquering has been perverted into anger; a Christian turns Conquering into Godly confidence.

  14. Only in Christianity do we conquer through love. In Christianity there is a call to be confident, aggressive, unified, disciplined and challenged; these are the weapons of our warfare, but the greatest weapon is love.

  15. Amalek represents the flesh that tends toward sin and every person has specific flesh patterns and areas of weakness, causing sin habits.

  16. You will never be fit to defeat Satan until you can defeat Amalek and learn your flesh patterns and get victory over them, so you can be ready for real spiritual warfare and receive your inheritance.

  17. You must destroy Amalek before you can enter into your Promised Land. The greatest temptation of your life is to justify Amalek; sarcasm, depression, hopelessness, defiance, anger and fear.

  18. There’s going to come a time when God says to you, “Quit being apathetic, quit being critical and feeling sorry for yourself, quit hanging on the fringes and get involved.” The time is coming when Jesus will say, “I don’t care about your excuses. The time is today to defeat Amalek.”

  19. Nobody defeats their flesh without a deep, passionate understanding that Jesus is Boss and when He says, “Do it” you say, “Yes Sir” and you move fast.

  20. We will never defeat our flesh without the supernatural power of God. Father says to get deep into My Spirit and I will completely blot out the memory of Amalek in you.

  21. Amalek lifts his hands against the throne of God and challenges His authority. Declare war against Amalek, conqueror him and come into the Promised Land and let Jesus be your commanding General.

Joshua Part 2 - Rotate Your Gifting


Pastor John Fichtner

Joshua Part 2 by John Fichtner


  1. The day you go beyond the love relationship of Jesus Christ and enter into the Warrior heart of God there is a fire, strength and zeal that comes into you.

  2. There is a fire loosed in you the day you say, “I am a lover of Jesus Christ and I am a Warrior in the camp of the Lord Jesus.”

  3. There is a part of you that will never come alive until you become a Warrior.

  4. Amalek represents your personal flesh patterns such as: self pity, defensiveness, drugs, impulsiveness, and quitting.

  5. When Amalek is defeated you have all the confidence of a lion, all the enthusiasm of a Child of God, all the warmth and steadiness of an ox, all the detailed excellence and love of understanding of an eagle. (D-Lion, I-Man, S-Oxen, C-Eagle: DISC is an awe-inspiring study taught by Pastor John.)

  6. Cravings are when you’re driven by an internal emptiness and the more you crave the bigger the emptiness. Cravings can be: work, more money, praise, pornography, touch, drugs, alcohol, respect, safety, affirmation, and wisdom.

  7. When Amalek rules your life you are driven by excessive cravings and fear that leave you exhausted at the end of the day and the emptiness inside you feels bigger than the universe.

  8. Fear is opposite of faith and used as a tool of Amalek on every human being.

  9. When you kill Amalek you move from being driven by cravings and fear into giving. You will loose rivers and give from the overflow of your heart.

  10. Jesus taught on faith more than any other subject: Be Bold In Faith!

  11. A Warrior must be confident or he will never win. The time is now for aggressiveness, zeal, boldness and joy to be your goal.

  12. True repentance brings us back into speaking victory, confidence, and loosing power while declaring the favor of God over your family, home and finances.

  13. There’s an inward fire in your soul declaring, “I’m here to kick some Amalek tail and I will speak out the goodness of God over my life. I am Warrior in the Kingdom of God with a purpose and destiny that I will fulfill!”

  14. Jesus said, “Speak to the mountain and command it to be cast into the sea.” The time is now to submit to the Word of God.

  15. There is a strength that comes in you the day you commit to serve in the Body of Christ. Serving a person is an act of worship to the Lord.

  16. You will never have the strength to defeat Amalek until you serve. Serving requires first getting filled up in the presence of God.

  17. To be a Warrior of God you must begin your day by stopping everything and speaking out; “I will loose the Rivers of the presence of God.”

  18. When you understand that confidence is the finish line, then you always have direction for your prayers.

  19. The difference between superficial faith and Jesus faith, is whether it comes from the Rivers of the presence of God, declaring those things of God, because you are a Warrior in the Kingdom of God.

  20. It is time to get honest to those who say, “I don’t understand the Bible.” What is really being said is, “I can’t understand all the Bible by glancing at it, therefore I won’t try.”

  21. Don’t battle fear; kill it. Make it dead in your life and feel the strength of God.

  22. Make a decision to develop discipline in the power and strength of serving, praying out loud and reading the Word of God each day. These three pillars of life light a fire in you and what every Warrior walks in.

Joshua Part 3 - Binding the Tongue


Pastor John Fichtner

Joshua part 3 by John Fichtner


  1. The subject of the destruction of the walls of Jericho is a type of entering into our inheritance of the goodness of God; this is the Promised Land.

  2. Jericho’s walls were 20 to 40 feet in height and width. Their chariots were able to drive all the way around the top of their walls, which were shut tight so that nobody came in or out, because Israel had come to claim their inheritance in the land of Canaan. If you conquered Jericho, you conquered the whole land; if you lost to Jericho, you lost everything.

  3. Joshua had his orders from God when he commanded the people to march once around the walls of Jericho for six days with armed guards, priests, and the Ark of the Covenant. Israel was commanded not to speak one word until Joshua told them to “Shout.” This vow of silence prevented the people from speaking out their fears and doubts. God told Israel to keep the worship music sounding with the trumpets of the priests in order to drown out the taunts of the enemy.

  4. On the 7th day Israel marched around the city seven times as commanded. When the seven priests sounded their trumpets with a specified long blast, then Joshua ordered Israel to “Shout” for “The Lord has given you the city.” The walls of Jericho collapsed and Israel ran in and took the city. Jericho for us represents the Promised Land that God wants you to have in your life.

  5. The Promised Land represents: love, relationships, joy, peace, power, boldness, confidence, job stability, health, calls to ministry, blessings over your family and every good thing you want.

  6. The key to the Promise Land is defeating Jericho and represents the power of the tongue. The whole story of Jericho is the vow of silence and then the power that was released when God’s people spoke with power.

  7. Jesus never prayed for the sick when ministering healing, but spoke with power.

  8. There are two main battles in the issue of the tongue: the battle to loose your tongue and the battle to bind your tongue.

  9. Scripture says the first and greatest battle of the tongue is to keep silent. As you bind your tongue from spewing negative things, your emotions begin to stir. Allow yourself to dig down past the pain and anguish, deep into the life of your soul until you touch the Spirit of God and when you have broken through you will begin to speak and release great power.

  10. When you complain, criticize, or judge, you have increased in the heavenly 10 and 100 fold the power of demonic forces against your life. They get a stronghold on your mind and emotions because you have given them legal rights and they tear you to shreds.

  11. James 3:6 The tongue is a fire, a world of evil among the parts of the body. It corrupts the whole person, sets the whole course of his life on fire and is itself set on fire by hell itself.

  12. Speaking negativity looses authority and releases the fires of hell to move throughout your body. You loose authority in the demonic realm and give them right to block you from speaking blessings.

  13. The horror of not binding the tongue is the demons know they have a legal right through the Word of God; i.e. “That out of the same mouth cannot come blessings and cursings,” “He who guards his mouth and tongue keeps himself from calamity.”

  14. The Word of God commands us to bind our tongue and though it hurts, you enter into the travail of your soul and in that travail God will dig a well of power in you.

  15. Bind your tongue when you are feeling doubtful until you’ve dug down and struck a well of faith.

  16. Doubt is not logical it is simply a sin pattern; everybody’s faith gets tried and tested.

  17. Mary learned to ponder in her heart (to be quiet and listen) from watching Zacharias.

  18. King David knew to bind his tongue when he was feeling down and out. David knew if he spoke out the things he was feeling inside, he would be loosing curses on the children of God. So he entered into the Sanctuary of God.

  19. Binding your mouth must be done with an under-current of humility. Binding your mouth as a form of arrogance or punishment is demonic. Dig down until you get the Word of Truth then kick the devil into next week.

  20. Bind your tongue in humility when you are angry. Anger is a fire that quickly dies out unless you feed it.

  21. James 1:26 If any one considers himself spiritual and doesn’t keep a tight reign on his tongue, his religion is worthless and he deceives himself.

  22. Use your weapon of binding your tongue when you are depressed or feeling lousy and God will turn all of your pain into something deep and powerful inside you.

  23. Be silent when your words are not carrying life- changing things- being heard- or -impacting people’s hearts. Heaven and earth should move when you speak.

  24. Isaiah 53:6-7 We all like sheep have gone astray; we have turned every one to his own way; and the LORD hath laid on Him (Jesus) the iniquity of us all. 7 He was oppressed, and He was afflicted, yet He opened not His mouth: He is brought as a Lamb to the slaughter, and as a sheep before her shearers is silent, so He opened not His mouth.

  25. Take your time making commitments, but never take your time repenting. When God shows you something to repent of, do it in an instant. Before you deal with demons, always deal with God first. The moment you repent you have received your cleansing so speak out and bring those demons under the Blood for they no longer have anything to hold onto and release your blessings.

Joshua Part 4 - 'Loosing' the Power of the Tongue


Pastor John Fichtner

Joshua part 4 by John Fichtner


  1. Biblically speaking, there are two things that happen when you speak with doubt, anger, self pity, complaining or anything negative: demonic power is released with the freedom to destroy your life and your power to bless becomes a mute spirit.

  2. Good healthy addictions are: addiction to your mate, addiction to God, addiction to joy and an addiction of power released in you to bless people.

  3. The goal of every relationship should be to build up a debt of love. When you make a difference in someone’s life they feel a debt of love to you because you have spoken to their needs.

  4. Every relationship that has failed is due to a zero balance of “built up blessings”. That is a lack of speaking blessings into each other’s lives and needs.

  5. Ephesians 4:29 Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouth, but only what is helpful for building others up.

  6. To speak powerful blessings in one’s life you must listen to their passions, seek out their history, strengths, weaknesses, health and personality as well as being able to look with discernment into the house of their soul. Be able to encourage and give a drink of water in their last mile of a marathon, build them up and see their house complete.

  7. Powerful blessings build up, make one strong and help to complete passions as you speak to their needs.

  8. When you speak to someone’s needs and see them light up, then you know that you have blessed them.

  9. Proverbs 10:11 “The mouth of the righteous is a Fountain of Life

  10. One of the highest skills on the face of the earth is to know how to speak to someone according to their needs so that it may benefit those who listen.

  11. If you remain neutral with your tongue and don’t loose daily “Fountains of Blessings”, you will step into the world and get swept along into the world where tongues are not neutral, where there are rivers of cursing, flash floods of anger, bitterness, vile cursing, whining and self pity.

  12. Bless everything that moves so when you get knocked the other way, the “River of your Life” will right you and set you back up.

  13. Repent if you thought you could be neutral with your tongue and begin to speak “Fountains of Life”.

  14. Everybody in every relationship has times when they say, “I need you to give to me...”

  15. The most powerful blessing you could say when you are in a conflict with your mate is to turn to him/her and say, “let me see if I can express what you are feeling.” Remember, one ugly conflict can cost all the stored up blessings.

  16. It can be two entirely different things in what your mate is feeling versus what they are thinking.

  17. When someone is wrong you NEVER have the freedom to correct unless they will learn from it and you have blessed them. Speak the truth in love.

  18. When your life is filled with verbal blessings heaven opens up and you are able to speak favor with great power. 

Joshua Part 5 - Turn Pain Into Power


Pastor John Fichtner

Joshua part 5 by John Fichtner


  1. Pastor John continues to take us out of the natural into a whole new concept of the Spirit of God, as a victorious Christian in the Kingdom of God.

  2. A victorious Christian understands that life and death are in the power of the tongue and they use their tongue for speaking life.

  3. A victorious Christian responds when having done wrong by letting God turn your wrongs into positives. Ultimately, when you understand the power of Redemption then your life can be better having done the wrong than if you hadn’t done the wrong at all.

  4. Parenting is the single greatest guilt trip on the face of the earth. Relax; Jesus removes guilt through the power of redemption.

  5. Due to the sin of one man taking the first fruits that belong to the Lord, God allowed the Amorites a small victory over the Israelites. One man’s sin can affect more than just himself.

  6. When the Spirit of God is upon you, you are bold as a lion and when the Spirit of God is removed your heart can melt like water.

  7. Not all moaning and wailing is prayer and can lead to the least of repentance. Stand up in Redemption for whatever you need of God; He is all and all and whatever you need the most He is.

  8. True repentance is calm, deep and forward focused. People that are truly repentive take all the pain and horror of what they have done wrong and use that pain as power to change and birth something new within. God will do such a work in your heart that you will never make the same mistake.

  9. A fierce intensity repentance says; “I will be different when I come through this” and is often a deep quiet time.

  10. Isaiah 30:15 “This is what the Sovereign Lord The Holy One of Israel says: In repentance and rest is your Salvation and quietness and trust is your strength.”

  11. Your wrong can be turned into a positive by first embracing the full power of the pain of what you did without turning away or trying to cover it up. Ask God to turn your pain into something new in your life and burn something fresh within you.

  12. The Word of God says; Godly sorrow brings repentance that leads you to prosperity in every area of your life and leaves no regret.

  13. God is a God of the heart. Let your pain do something deep in your heart where it meets the fragrance and presence of a merciful God and the realization of who God is.

  14. Worldly sorrow brings death. Godly sorrow brings repentance and produces: forward focused; what earnestness, what eagerness to clear yourself, what indignation, what alarm, what longing, what concern, what readiness to see justice done, at every point you have proven yourself to be innocent in this matter. When you repent, God looks at you and says; I declare you innocent by your repentance and understand that you simply did not have enough truth at the time.

  15. God allowed Ai a small victory over Israel due to their sin. The next day the whole city of Ai came against Israel to wipe them out. Israel had now repented of their sin, were forward focused and God was on their side. When the whole city of Ai came against them Joshua held up his rod toward the 30,000 behind and Israel made an Ai sandwich! God turned Israel’s failure into a point of victory where their life was better having done the failure than if they hadn’t.

  16. The whole nation of Israel was angry at Joshua and the elders for not inquiring of the Lord before making a Covenant with the Gibeonites. This could have cost Israel everything, but Joshua and the leaders repented. Joshua then leads Israel into an all day and all night march across the land to trap all five Kings and their five armies who had come to take the land. Israel bold in faith and forward focused conquered the entire southern half of the land in one day. Again, we see God making lives better having made the mistake and then repented, than if the mistake had never been made.

  17. Joshua the leader of a nation of three million people made a huge mistake and four days later told the sun to stand still and the moon to hold it right there! When a child of God does wrong he moves quickly from repentance to bold faith.

  18. Don’t allow deception in your heart to say; since I have done wrong I am no longer permitted to be bold in the presence of God. The time has come to stop hanging your head. Believe that God will restore bold faith to you and that He will do a great thing in you and your home.

  19. Jesus came to Redeem His Children and brings us back to our full value.

Judges Part 1 - A True Leader is One Who Sees a Need and Meets It


Pastor John Fichtner

Judges Part 2 - Women in Minisrty


Pastor John Fichtner

Ruth - Being Healed from Grief


Pastor John Fichtner

Ruth by John Fichtner

  1. Naomi (Ruth’s mother in-law), had four catastrophes happen to her in a row. She lost her homeland, her husband and both of her sons around the same time.

  2. After her sons died Naomi blessed her two daughter in-laws (Ruth and Orpah) to go back to their home lands and re-marry.

  3. Orpah and Ruth told Naomi that they wanted to stay with Naomi because they loved her.

  4. Naomi insisted that Ruth and Orpah go back to their homelands and Orpah went back home.

  5. Ruth was determined to stay and go with Naomi, so Naomi stopped asking her to leave.

  6. Ruth went back to her mother in-laws home town, Bethlehem.

  7. Ruth was unwelcomed in Bethlehem and met with racial slurs because she was a Moabite woman.

  8. The book of Ruth is a picture of being healed from grief. A story of restoration and redemption.

  9. The Lord wants to give you permission to take time to grieve.

  10. One of the purposes of the book of Ruth is to track the heritage of David. (Ruth marries Boaz -> Obed-> Jessie-> David.)

  11. Grief is a great opportunity to build a spiritual heritage.

  12. Boaz protected Ruth in his field

  13. Boaz had compassion for Ruth because his mother was a harlot and he knew what it was like to be in her shoes as a foreigner and outcast.

  14. Part of the healing of grief is good hard work

  15. In grief is the power of being thankful

  16. If we focus on the times people have treated us wrong we will not notice the times when people have treated us better than we deserved

  17. If we focus on the times people have been kind to us we won’t even be able to remember the times people have done us dirty.

I Samuel Part 1 - Hear God


Pastor John Fichtner

1 Samuel part 1 by Pastor John Fichtner


  1. Samuel’s name is his life message

  2. Hear God

  3. Enough is Enough it is time to meet with God

  4. You’ll never ever give something to God that he won’t give you back ten times as much in return

  5. I was pouring out my soul to the Lord

  6. Smallest minute of faith and she took it to her heart

  7. Desperateness plus faith

  8. He feels your emotions, feels your body, and feels your mind

  9. Deep Daily Desperation for the presence of God

  10. Everything is taken care of because God Spoke

  11. When you hear the Voice of God it sounds just like a loving Father’s voice

  12. He call and He calls

  13. The Lord calls you by Name

  14. Ask

  15. The greatest legacy I can leave is to teach people how to hear God

  16. Right now God has 20-30 things He wants to say to you

  17. God’s voice always comes as a river

I Samuel Part 2 - Fear is Self Focus and Faith is God Focus


Pastor John Fichtner

1 Samuel part 2 by Pastor John Fichtner


  1. Saul’s whole life was summed up in one word-Fear

  2. Fear is an enemy that wants to destroy you

  3. When the Spirit of fear comes on you whenever there’s a job to do you go “I can’t do it, I’ll fail”

  4. So terrified of responsibility that he hid himself

  5. You were once small in your own eyes

  6. That paralyzing fear you deal with has nothing to do with circumstances

  7. It’s a choice and It’s a demon

  8. Worry is another word for fear

  9. Fear is Self-focus and Faith is God focus

  10. Focus on God, that’s the bottom line solution

  11. Self is the root of all fear

  12. When you live with fear every little thing becomes a big thing

  13. No longer is obeying the voice of God important

  14. Fear becomes the thing you worship

  15. Fear is irrational

  16. Fear is possessive (vicious anger)

  17. Fear is religious (plug in the right formula)

II Samuel Part 1 - David's Sin


Pastor John Fichtner

2 Samuel part 1 by Pastor John Fichtner


  1. When Kings go off to war

  2. David was not doing what he should have been doing

  3. There are some things in your life which cannot be delegated

  4. God has answers to the why’s in your life

  5. Two reasons people ask why

  6. Let me teach you why things happen

  7. Proverbs 1:23

  8. Asking why is always complex

  9. His Idea of marriage had been shattered

  10. Unhealed woundings Rom 11:22

  11. Your woundings are never an excuse for sin

  12. The Goodness of God says I will heal the woundings

  13. Wounding that you let sit and fester are mold for the spores of sin to grow

  14. David had a horrible wound

  15. Other pressures

  16. Lost sight of God’s plan and purposes

  17. Crossing little lines

II Samuel Part 2 - Use Crisis to Build Strength


Pastor John Fichtner

2 Samuel part 2 by Pastor John Fichtner


  1. There are those who go from crisis to crisis to crisis

  2. True love never wants to do something to someone, it wants to do something for someone

  3. Romans 15:4

  4. If I don’t learn from his pain then I have allowed what he suffered to be wasted

  5. When you have issues to resolve, resolve them all the way

  6. Where is your head

  7. The fruit of long patterns

  8. All unresolved conflicts with parents fall into one of two categories

  9. This is the way I was raise, I turned out okay, so it’s good enough for you

  10. Faced some things he had been ignoring in his sons for years

  11. Guilt paralyzes

  12. Someone beside you is depending on you to get your heart right with God

  13. Suffer enough that you won’t ever do that again

  14. God wants you to rejoice in the opportunity to grow character

  15. He could not see

  16. The favor of God produces wisdom

  17. From suffering to character to perseverance to hope

II Samuel Part 3 - Are You Quick to Repent? Why?


Pastor John Fichtner

2 Samuel part 3 by Pastor John Fichtner


  1. Had no pity

  2. You are the man

  3. If we could ever just get outside of our own box

  4. I have sinned against the Lord

  5. Great warfare over speaking out repentance

  6. Keep short accounts with God

  7. If you understand mercy, grace and forgiveness then you’re quick to ask for forgiveness

  8. Saying sorry because we don’t want them mad

  9. The truth is repentance has nothing to do with any other person

  10. Give me a desire to go forward

  11. Tired and weary at your own failure

  12. We try to do for God but David says ,“God do through me”

  13. I have to have your joy and your Spirit

  14. To repent is like stepping under the Niagara Falls of Joy

  15. Ministry

  16. Humility

  17. Prosperity

Prosperity is Generational


Pastor John Fichtner

1 & 2 Kings part 1 by Pastor John Fichtner


  1. Prosperity is generational

  2. Inheritance quickly gained will not be blessed in the end

  3. Good planning and hard work leads to prosperity

  4. Demonically driven

  5. Stewardship

  6. Spiritual prosperity

  7. Soul prosperity

  8. Good work ethic

  9. Gracious of tongue

  10. Financial prosperity

  11. Lifestyle of financial stability

  12. Never think about money

  13. Never let stress over money dominate your life

  14. Proverbs 28:20

  15. Difference between the ability to make money and the ability to keep it

  16. Family Strife

  17. It’s a healthy thing to have to work

Looking for a Place Called Home


Pastor John Fichtner

1 & 2 Kings part 2 by Pastor John Fichtner


  1. Loneliness for some people is the greatest fear on the earth

  2. Jesus calls us from loneliness to a place of solitude

  3. God sent His most powerful prophet

  4. This time they paid a little more attention to Elijah

  5. How long will you waver between two opinions

  6. The God who answers by fire--He is God

  7. People love a competition

  8. How dare you puny devil try to steal the affection of God’s people

  9. You are the people of God--Return to your inheritance

  10. They got the water from the people’s supply

  11. Water represents life

  12. Elijah’s making them get involved in this

  13. Making an investment of their life in this subject and this issue

  14. The power of God always connected to the leading of the Spirit and Word of God

  15. Elijah is an example of the mercy of God

  16. Solitude brings Power

  17. God is the God who loves to resolve issues

  18. Never will be able to outrun the internal scream of loneliness

Loneliness vs. Solitude


Pastor John Fichtner

1 & 2 Kings part 3 by Pastor John Fichtner


  1. Everybody deals with discouragement

  2. Loneliness is just a small portion of all the areas of discouragement

  3. There are multiple things God uses to bring you out of discouragement

  4. The regular going on cycles of life that you have to deal with

  5. Part of breaking discouragement is to get the big picture

  6. Isolating

  7. Failure

  8. Wanted to see something accomplished

  9. Have to acknowledge feeling like a failure

  10. Separate physical weariness from soul weariness

  11. God loves for us to understand

  12. God deals with the now

  13. Every failure opens the door for a new vision to be birth

  14. Being alone is never God’s permanent plan

  15. The way out of discouragement is just one step

  16. By the way you probably should stop feeling sorry for yourself