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Genesis by John Fichtner- Series Overview


This series has 5 teachings.

In this first sermon Pastor John shares about the significance of our weaknesses.

The second sermon Pastor John discusses the events that occurred in Genesis 1 thru 11.

The third sermon Pastor John discusses in chapters 12 thru 23, the life of Abraham.

The fourth sermon Pastor John discusses the significance of Jacob’s limp.

The fifth sermon Pastor John discusses the sin of passive compliance.

Genesis 3 - Recognizing the Significance of Your Weakness


Pastor John Fichtner

Genesis part 1- Recognizing the Significance of Your Weakness by John Fichtner



  1. I am going to begin this series by giving you 10 connections between the first 3 chapters and the last 3 chapters of the Bible to help build a panorama view of the purposes of God with man.

    1. In Genesis paradise is closed; in Revelation paradise is reopened

    2. In Genesis a curse is imposed; in Revelation a curse removed

    3. In Genesis there is the beginning of sorrow and death; in Revelation there is the end of all sorrow and death

    4. In Genesis there is the first deception of the serpent; in Revelation is the final defeat of Satan

    5. In Genesis is the creation of a Garden; in Revelation is the creation of a new heaven, a new earth, a new Jerusalem

    6. In Genesis you have the first promise of the Messiah; In Revelation you have the final triumph of the Messiah

    7. In Genesis there is a river in the center of the Garden; in Revelation there is a river in the center of Jerusalem

    8. In Genesis God walked with man; in Revelation God will once again walk with man

    9. In Genesis is rebellion in a perfect world; in Revelation is rebellion in a perfect world

    10. In Genesis there were two trees (Tree of Life/Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil); in Revelation there were two trees

  2. You don’t want to dominate your wife you want to be a servant leader!

  3. The human soul was not meant to bear the sorrow you bear.

  4. You have to know and understand the river to understand the Spirit of God!

  5. You were meant to have a river that flows through you.

  6. We are meant to know God with all of our senses; to see Him and touch Him, hear Him, hold Him and know Him.

  7. I am meant to be a child of the King who walks with my God!!

  8. The Garden happened not once but twice.

  9. You do not have to experience evil to see it and understand it.

  10. The Bible is the foundation of revelation of who God is to man.

  11. Knowing the goodness of God is not enough!

  12. Eve knew all the goodness of God and it wasn’t enough.

  13. You will not walk in all the God has for you unless you fully know the goodness of God and unless you fully understand the horror of sin and evil.

  14. Here are three applications:

    1. Salvation- it is not enough to know that Jesus paying the price opened up a way for you to go to heaven. 98% of this country believes that. You must understand the other half that you deserve to go to hell.

    2. Sin habits- some of you are saved and battle sin habits. The reason that you are sinning is because you don’t see that there is not benefit in the sin that it’s all death.

    3. The Bible- If you have children, you have been given a little glimpse into the heart of God. We must show our kids not only the knowledge of good but to see and understand the horrors of evil. The horror of their sin.

  15. If you are not saved it is because you don’t believe that you deserve hell!

  16. You want to get saved? Ask God to show you who you are apart from Him.

  17. If you have sin habits, ask the Lord to show you the full horror of your sin.

  18. We have to teach our children that there are painful consequences for wrong actions.

  19. We need to soak in the presence of God. We cannot make it a good day by ourselves.

Genesis 1-11 - The Flood and The Tower of Babel


Pastor John Fichtner

Genesis part 2 - The Flood and the Tower of Babel by John Fichtner


  1. I am going to give you truths that will hopefully last you a lifetime from Genesis 1 & 2

  1. There is power in the spoken word – the further away you get from God the emptier and lifeless your words are. The closer you walk with God the more your words have creative power.

  2. God is good!

  3. Man is made in the image of God

  1. We must know our enemy!

  2. As Christians we are commanded to be aware of Satan’s schemes.

  3. Scripture reference: Isaiah 14 tells us that Satan is a created being.

  4. When you rebuke Satan you are probably rebuking one of his demons.

  5. Satan is a limited created being.

  6. Satan’s passion is to stop the seed!

  7. It is only fear of pain that causes man not to do evil.

  8. Christianity says that if man thinks that he can get away with it he will do it.

  9. Christianity says that the heart of every child is selfish and we are not to only teach them the goodness of God but also the pain of wrong so they can see that they need a Savior to give them a new heart.

Genesis 12-23 - Embracing God's Call


Pastor John Fichtner

Genesis part 3 – Embracing God's Call by John Fichtner


  1. The book of Genesis has two halves subject wise:

    1. 4 worldwide events: the Creation, the fall, the flood, tower of Babel

    2. 4 men: Abraham, Isaac, Jacob & Joseph.

  2. God desires to deal with you individually!

  3. In Genesis there are more lessons than any other book in the Bible about God’s involvement in your family.

  4. In the Book of Genesis you can find a story about every kind of function that you can find.

  5. There is nowhere else where you can find 39 chapters about the interaction with family.

  6. Most of your breakthroughs in your life will occur because of something that happened in your family.

  7. God uses family to stir us!

  8. The message of Genesis is so powerful!

  9. Abraham turned away/stumbled. The Bible shows us in 6 different verses where Abraham turned away from God and stumbled in his faith.

  10. The call of God on Abraham’s life was delayed for decades because of disobedience.

  11. The stumbling doesn’t come until after we’ve turned away.

  12. First we turn away, then we fall hurt and bruise while we’ve told the Lord that we can do a better job.

  13. The climax to Abraham’s life is this- The reason there are 21 stories in Genesis is because we are supposed to fall in love with this man.

  14. It is all a set up for us to know what it feels like in Genesis 22 where the Lord asked him to sacrifice his son Isaac.

  15. This is the only time in the Bible where the Lord called for a human sacrifice.

  16. If the Lord ever asks you to do a hard thing, you better do it right away!

Genesis 25-35 - Jacob's Limp


Pastor John Fichtner

Genesis part 4 - Jacob's Limp by John Fichtner


  1. Jacob has 27 stories in the book of Genesis, which is one clear message to us.

  2. The plumb line (root of his life) on Jacob’s life has been said wrong many times. It is NOT that he is a deceiver. This is not said anywhere in the Bible.

  3. Jacob is the purest picture of the S- gifting.

  4. Jesus is the bridge between God and man! John 1:51

  5. God is active!

  6. The opposite of passivity is not abrasiveness; it is humility and openness when dealing with something.

  7. Do you walk with a limp?

  8. Are you still a Jacob or have you become and Israel?

Genesis 37-50 - The Sin of Passive Compliance


Pastor John Fichtner

Genesis part 5 – The Sin of Passive Compliance by John Fichtner


  1. First application that Joseph’s life teaches us:

    1. God is NOT concerned about immediately balancing the scales between you and other individuals.

    2. God is very concerned about fulfilling His purposes in our life.

  2. God does eventually balance all scales and justice is paid for every wrong.

  3. If he did immediately balance the scales that would mean that WE would be punished immediately for our wrongs.

  4. Thank God that he doesn’t bring immediate justice!

  5. God raised up Joseph at 30yrs old.

  6. The strife and conflict is the urgency that God uses to cause spiritual growth in our lives.

  7. Joseph was a tattle-tale. He was spoiled.

  8. There is NEVER an innocent party in a conflict.

  9. The last person that was innocent in a conflict died on the Cross 2000 years ago.

  10. There is ALWAYS something that God wants to do in you.

  11. When someone wrongs you. God punishes them by asking you to forgive them to release them bless them and go on with your life and you then set your heart free. He makes them watch you walk in peace and prosperity. That is how He punishes them.

  12. Forgiveness is automatic. Trust has to be re-earned!