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Deuteronomy by John Fichtner – Series Overview

A panoramic view of the book of Deuteronomy that helps us look to the end of life.


Deuteronomy - Moses Says Goodbye


Pastor John Fichtner

Deuteronomy by John Fichtner

  1. We are meant to learn from the deposit of great leaders’ lives

  2. Deuteronomy is a call to us – when we breathe our last and step into eternity, what will our lives look like in retrospect?

  3. The goal is not to end our lives crawling, but to sprint to the end with purpose and destiny

  4. Many leaders have died too young

  5. Health fanatic because I live my life through the eyes of last days of my life

  6. Repeat of the law

  7. Purposes and presence of God = JOY

  8. Love God – mentioned 14 times

  9. Did I love God?

  10. Did I love people?

  11. The only thing you can take to heaven with you is people

  12. Be honest, humble and gentle and you will see change

  13. Moses is the ONLY man in the whole Bible whose followers surpassed him

  14. What would it take to develop you into a leader?

  15. Love God enough to be willing to extend your wings outside your own family