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Ruth by John Fichtner – Series Overview

The book of Ruth is a picture of being healed from grief. It is a story of Love, Loyalty, Grief, Restoration and Redemption.

Ruth - Being Healed from Grief


Pastor John Fichtner

Ruth by John Fichtner

  1. Naomi (Ruth’s mother in-law), had four catastrophes happen to her in a row. She lost her homeland, her husband and both of her sons around the same time.

  2. After her sons died Naomi blessed her two daughter in-laws (Ruth and Orpah) to go back to their home lands and re-marry.

  3. Orpah and Ruth told Naomi that they wanted to stay with Naomi because they loved her.

  4. Naomi insisted that Ruth and Orpah go back to their homelands and Orpah went back home.

  5. Ruth was determined to stay and go with Naomi, so Naomi stopped asking her to leave.

  6. Ruth went back to her mother in-laws home town, Bethlehem.

  7. Ruth was unwelcomed in Bethlehem and met with racial slurs because she was a Moabite woman.

  8. The book of Ruth is a picture of being healed from grief. A story of restoration and redemption.

  9. The Lord wants to give you permission to take time to grieve.

  10. One of the purposes of the book of Ruth is to track the heritage of David. (Ruth marries Boaz -> Obed-> Jessie-> David.)

  11. Grief is a great opportunity to build a spiritual heritage.

  12. Boaz protected Ruth in his field

  13. Boaz had compassion for Ruth because his mother was a harlot and he knew what it was like to be in her shoes as a foreigner and outcast.

  14. Part of the healing of grief is good hard work

  15. In grief is the power of being thankful

  16. If we focus on the times people have treated us wrong we will not notice the times when people have treated us better than we deserved

  17. If we focus on the times people have been kind to us we won’t even be able to remember the times people have done us dirty.