1 Samuel

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1 Samuel by Pastor John Fichtner - Series Overview


What’s your life message? Learn how to recognize if you’re living a rich, powerful, faith-filled, blessed “Hear God” life like Samuel or if you’re unknowingly living a life of “Fear and Destruction” like Saul.

I Samuel Part 1 - Hear God


Pastor John Fichtner

1 Samuel part 1 by Pastor John Fichtner


  1. Samuel’s name is his life message

  2. Hear God

  3. Enough is Enough it is time to meet with God

  4. You’ll never ever give something to God that he won’t give you back ten times as much in return

  5. I was pouring out my soul to the Lord

  6. Smallest minute of faith and she took it to her heart

  7. Desperateness plus faith

  8. He feels your emotions, feels your body, and feels your mind

  9. Deep Daily Desperation for the presence of God

  10. Everything is taken care of because God Spoke

  11. When you hear the Voice of God it sounds just like a loving Father’s voice

  12. He call and He calls

  13. The Lord calls you by Name

  14. Ask

  15. The greatest legacy I can leave is to teach people how to hear God

  16. Right now God has 20-30 things He wants to say to you

  17. God’s voice always comes as a river

I Samuel Part 2 - Fear is Self Focus and Faith is God Focus


Pastor John Fichtner

1 Samuel part 2 by Pastor John Fichtner


  1. Saul’s whole life was summed up in one word-Fear

  2. Fear is an enemy that wants to destroy you

  3. When the Spirit of fear comes on you whenever there’s a job to do you go “I can’t do it, I’ll fail”

  4. So terrified of responsibility that he hid himself

  5. You were once small in your own eyes

  6. That paralyzing fear you deal with has nothing to do with circumstances

  7. It’s a choice and It’s a demon

  8. Worry is another word for fear

  9. Fear is Self-focus and Faith is God focus

  10. Focus on God, that’s the bottom line solution

  11. Self is the root of all fear

  12. When you live with fear every little thing becomes a big thing

  13. No longer is obeying the voice of God important

  14. Fear becomes the thing you worship

  15. Fear is irrational

  16. Fear is possessive (vicious anger)

  17. Fear is religious (plug in the right formula)