2 Samuel

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2 Samuel by Pastor John Fichtner – Series Overview


Does it matter if we bring our wounding(s) to God, ignore certain patterns in our life, or even if we easily repent? These three sermons will answer these questions by surveying certain events in King David’s life.  

II Samuel Part 1 - David's Sin


Pastor John Fichtner

2 Samuel part 1 by Pastor John Fichtner


  1. When Kings go off to war

  2. David was not doing what he should have been doing

  3. There are some things in your life which cannot be delegated

  4. God has answers to the why’s in your life

  5. Two reasons people ask why

  6. Let me teach you why things happen

  7. Proverbs 1:23

  8. Asking why is always complex

  9. His Idea of marriage had been shattered

  10. Unhealed woundings Rom 11:22

  11. Your woundings are never an excuse for sin

  12. The Goodness of God says I will heal the woundings

  13. Wounding that you let sit and fester are mold for the spores of sin to grow

  14. David had a horrible wound

  15. Other pressures

  16. Lost sight of God’s plan and purposes

  17. Crossing little lines

II Samuel Part 2 - Use Crisis to Build Strength


Pastor John Fichtner

2 Samuel part 2 by Pastor John Fichtner


  1. There are those who go from crisis to crisis to crisis

  2. True love never wants to do something to someone, it wants to do something for someone

  3. Romans 15:4

  4. If I don’t learn from his pain then I have allowed what he suffered to be wasted

  5. When you have issues to resolve, resolve them all the way

  6. Where is your head

  7. The fruit of long patterns

  8. All unresolved conflicts with parents fall into one of two categories

  9. This is the way I was raise, I turned out okay, so it’s good enough for you

  10. Faced some things he had been ignoring in his sons for years

  11. Guilt paralyzes

  12. Someone beside you is depending on you to get your heart right with God

  13. Suffer enough that you won’t ever do that again

  14. God wants you to rejoice in the opportunity to grow character

  15. He could not see

  16. The favor of God produces wisdom

  17. From suffering to character to perseverance to hope

II Samuel Part 3 - Are You Quick to Repent? Why?


Pastor John Fichtner

2 Samuel part 3 by Pastor John Fichtner


  1. Had no pity

  2. You are the man

  3. If we could ever just get outside of our own box

  4. I have sinned against the Lord

  5. Great warfare over speaking out repentance

  6. Keep short accounts with God

  7. If you understand mercy, grace and forgiveness then you’re quick to ask for forgiveness

  8. Saying sorry because we don’t want them mad

  9. The truth is repentance has nothing to do with any other person

  10. Give me a desire to go forward

  11. Tired and weary at your own failure

  12. We try to do for God but David says ,“God do through me”

  13. I have to have your joy and your Spirit

  14. To repent is like stepping under the Niagara Falls of Joy

  15. Ministry

  16. Humility

  17. Prosperity