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Job by Pastor John Fichtner – Series Overview

Job’s story is one of trials and humility. Job had every facet of his life tested by Satan and every test was allowed by God. His life is a reminder that every interaction of our lives is Father filtered. 

Job part 1 - UD


Pastor John Fichtner

Job by Pastor John Fichtner- part 1

  1. Job was blameless, upright, he feared God and shunned evil

  2. Job had 7 sons and 3 daughters

  3. He lost all of his children and wealth in the same day.

  4. The book of Job is meant to stretch us beyond our parameters

  5. Serving God brings blessings and disobeying God brings curses

  6. In the Old Testament Satan is mentioned by name 18 times. Of these 18 times 14 are in the first 2 chapters of the book of Job

  7. One of the purposes of the book of Job is to make us aware of Satan

  8. Satan’s name literally means “The Attacker”

  9. Satan never rests because he has no ability to stop.

  10. Beware of God trying to get your attention regarding restlessness.

  11. Satan already had Job in mind when he was speaking with God

  12. God bragged on Job to Satan

  13. God gave Satan permission to Attack Job

  14. The longest Jobs trials might have lasted was 30 days

  15. The last 140 years of Job’s life was twice as blessed as the first 40. Even though he had already been the most blessed man in the land those first 40 years.

Job part 2 - Arguments - UD


Pastor John Fichtner

Job by Pastor John Fichtner – part 2

  1. When you give yourself freedom to say that you are “mad at God” you are saying that you are the judge and God is on trial. That you are innocent and God is guilty.

  2. We are never at a place where we can judge God.

  3. Job is hurting so bad that he curses the day he was born

  4. Job was the most tender hearted and generous man in all the land.

  5. Job is 35 chapters if an argument.

  6. There is an awareness that arguments are never from God.

  7. When arguments get to a certain point all that is left is viciousness

  8. Discussions turn into arguments when there is inflexibility.

  9. The Bible commands that we speak the truth in love.

  10. Humility is the door way to truth

  11. Job believed God is a just God

  12. God has even forgotten some of our sins.