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This series has 1 sermon. This sermon is part of an overview of the Old Testament series.

Psalms was written to validate the soul’s need to express things emotionally – sometimes beyond logic and intelligence. This single sermon overview will express the purpose of Psalms and encourage you to call forth a bigger river of God’s joy, peace, calmness, clarity, wisdom, and truth in your own life. 

Psalms - Call Forth a Bigger River - UD


Pastor John Fichtner

  1. Psalms was never meant to be read – it was meant to EXPRESSED

  2. Every word in Psalms was never read, studied or analyzed, it was sung, wept, or shouted to the heavenlies

  3. Psalms can turn ugly emotions into rivers of joy, clarity, calmness, peace, wisdom, and truth

  4. Psalms can guide you step by step out of emotions that would overwhelm you

  5. Psalms calls us to be FREE emotionally

  6. There’s a lot of anguish in the book of Psalms

  7. Emotions are like rivers in your soul, and it’s hard to stop a river

  8. 43% of the word “trust” in the Bible is in Psalms

  9. You can call forth a river by PRAISING the Lord in the area that you’re struggling/wrestling with (Lord, I trust You AND I praise you for…)

  10. Move PRAISE out of your heart

  11. You don’t “teach” the Psalms, you “experience” the Psalms

  12. Psalm 19

  13. Psalm 32