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This series has 3 sermons.

Proverbs are meant to expand your life and make you rich! Through the use of similes, contrasts, and rebukes, Proverbs is here to give you wisdom in various situations in life, from pornography and adultery, to parenting and walking in truth. This brief overview of the book of Proverbs will make you hungrier for God – hungry for more of His wisdom and understanding, and to know the WHY behind God’s will for your life.

Proverbs part 1 - A Dog Returns to his Vomit - UD


Pastor John Fichtner

  1. First five years as a Christian, PJ read Proverbs more than the other 65 books of the Bible combined!

  2. When you come to important “fork in the road” decisions in life, we want to hear WHAT God’s will is

  3. There’s something higher than knowing WHAT God’s will is – it’s knowing WHY it’s God’s will

  4. Proverbs is full of similes and gets you out of the box into creative, mental stretching

  5. Proverbs opens your mind to understanding

  6. Fools do wickedness for the thrill/excitement of it; when you seek UNDERSTANDING, you can find that same feeling of thrill/excitement/fun

  7. Proverbs SIMILES examples:

    1. An honest answer IS LIKE a kiss on the lips (Prov. 24:26)

      1. Must approach it slowly & seek permission

      2. Gentleness (honesty isn’t rude!)

    2. LIKE ONE who takes away a garment on a cold day, OR LIKE vinegar poured on soda, is one who sings songs to a heavy heart (Prov. 25:20)

      1. The best thing to say when someone is grieving is nothing

    3. The mouth of an adulteress IS A deep pit (Prov. 22:14) – equates adultery to pornography

      1. Jesus can deliver from every sin, but some sins are tougher – getting in is a quick fall, getting out is harder

      2. You don’t realize until you hit bottom just how hard it is

      3. Pornography is treating a human being like a piece of meat

      4. Pornography will cause you to become isolated and effectively destroy your chances all other relationships – you need HELP to get out

    4. A ruler who oppresses the poor IS LIKE a driving rain that leaves no crops (Prov. 28:3)

      1. The thing that was supposed to bring life (water!) brought death

    5. LIKE a dog that returns to its vomit, so fools repeat their folly (Prov. 26:11)

      1. What’s more gross: a dog returning to eat the thing that just made him sick, OR, a woman returning to a husband that brutally beat her in the past?

    6. A word aptly spoken IS LIKE apples of gold in settings of silver (Prov. 25:11)

      1. A word aptly spoken costs you A LOT! (time, listening, caring)

    7. LIKE a gold ring in a pig’s snout, is a beautiful woman who shows no discretion (Prov. 11:22)

      1. God expects to receive the fruit from whatever gift He has given you

    8. LIKE a city who’s walls are broken down, is a man who lacks self-control (Prov. 25:28)

      1. Key verse in all the Bible based on spiritual warfare

      2. God wants to build weapons for you to use when you’re under attack – it’s all CHARACTER

    9. LIKE a lame man’s legs which hang limp is a proverb in the mouth of a fool (Prov. 26:7)

      1. Useless, ineffective, futile, no strength – the purpose of legs is to WALK and they can’t

      2. Legs are for BALANCE – people of wisdom want balance, they want to understand the WHOLE truth

      3. Legs are meant to carry WEIGHT and a fool’s words never carry any weight

      4. There’s nothing wrong with failing, but the most horrible thing in the world is to fail and not learn from it

Proverbs part 2 - God Loves for Us to Ask Why - UD


Pastor John Fichtner

  1. The message of Proverbs is that it’s better to know WHY something is God’s will

  2. God wants children He can talk to and open up secrets to

  3. You’ve got to understand the concept of similes to understand Proverbs

  4. The next major thought provoking concept in Proverbs is, “BUT”

  5. Proverbs 10-15 are dominated by the word “BUT”

  6. “BUT” is given to force us to wrestle with the subject of CONTRAST

    1. The clarity of your heart emotions depends on the contrast

  7. You do not understand a subject until you understand BOTH the positives of one subject and the negatives of going the other way

  8. “BUT” is also about looking into the FUTURE

    1. Wisdom is the ability to see 30 to 50 years down the road

  9. Proverbs 14:1

  10. Ecclesiastes 8:8

  11. Whenever we’re rattled and freaking out, it’s never the cause of EXTERNAL circumstances – it has to do with what you THINK about them

  12. As a parent – YOU are the only person in the world who is going to build up your kids

    1. See past today/next week, and see into 50 years from now


  1. You have to cross-reference Proverbs in order to get the WHOLE picture

    1. Proverbs 10:19 + Proverbs 18:13 + Proverbs 20:5

      1. The opposite of talking is listening

  2. Proverbs 11:1 SAVED Pastor John & Beth’s marriage

    1. If both husband & wife aren’t in the Word & hearing from God, then it’s easy to figure out why you’re having problems

    2. Beth was using different scales to measure herself than others – the Lord HATES that

  3. Proverbs 12:11 + Proverbs 14:23

    1. The opposite of hard work is chasing fantasies & talking

    2. Our energy is meant to be used to ACCOMPLISH things, not just TALK about it

  4. Proverbs 13:24 + Proverbs 29:17

    1. Proverbs birthed the Parenting series

    2. If you love your child, you’re careful to discipline them

    3. Disciplining your child isn’t about “how bad” they’ve been, it’s about whether or not they’re bringing peace and delight to a situation

  5. Proverbs 15:15, Living Bible

    1. When a man is gloomy everything seems to go wrong. When a man is cheerful, everything seems to go right.

  6. Proverbs apart from the grace of God is condemnation – never read it without Grace!

Proverbs part 3 - Wisdom Starts With Rebuke - UD


Pastor John Fichtner

  1. Proverbs 2:1-11

  2. The first nine chapters of Proverbs are about God desiring for us to have wisdom

  3. It pleases the Spirit of God for you to pause, underline, and mark things

  4. Proverbs 3:13-18

    1. GOD’S wisdom is pleasant and peaceful

  5. Proverbs 4:1-7, 20-23

    1. Take your children when they’re young and tell them to go after God

    2. “THOUGH IT COSTS ALL YOU HAVE, get understanding”

    3. The Word is HEALTH to your body (Prov. 4:22)

  6. Proverbs says that the opposite of wisdom is pornography and sexual immorality

  7. The Bible says that the ultimate, perfect shape a woman can be, is the shape of your WIFE

    1. The world will tell you that you’re an animal & try to convince you that you’re led by heat

    2. YOU have the ability to decide - in advance - what will sexually stimulate you

  8. Proverbs 5:15-19

    1. Your sex drive is like a river and CAN be a source of life

    2. When a river overflows its banks, it becomes polluted; the banks are what purifies and cleans the water

    3. You (as a husband/wife) can DECIDE what is the ultimate thing that “turns you on”

    4. You will be captivated/intoxicated/exhilarated/obsessed with loving your wife, OR, you will be obsessed/captivated with the animal aspects of sex, with no concept of the person

    5. The more you affirm/praise your wife, the more sexually stimulated you are

    6. God created the sex drive so that no fight will last longer than three days 

    7. Become obsessed with loving and serving your wife

  9. Proverbs 8:1-4, 18-21, 30-31

    1. It’s NOT HARD to find wisdom

  10. Proverbs 1:20-21

    1. Wisdom is LOUDER than the noise you’re already in the middle of!

    2. If Wisdom is shouting where the paths meet, then why do 99% of the people 99% of the time NOT walk in wisdom?

  11. Proverbs 1:23 – MOST IMPORTANT VERSE in the chapter of Proverbs

    1. “IF you had turned at my reproof…”

    2. Wisdom ALWAYS begins with a rebuke – Christianity is the only religion that says that man has a bent towards sin and he cannot fix himself

    3. Throughout history – the more prosperous a man is, the more perverse he is

    4. For God to prosper us, we have to admit where we’re WRONG

    5. When you embrace rebuke, Wisdom will be poured out to you

  12. In order to prosper, you have to wake up every morning and BEFORE strife starts, look for where you’re wrong and where you have a mindset that’s locked in

  13. Proverbs 6:23

  14. Proverbs 12:1

    1. When someone corrects you, they need to already have truth in their life

  15. Proverbs 15:32

    1. Children feel secure when they’re given correction

  16. Proverbs 18:2