Song of Solomon

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Song of Solomon Overview by Pastor John Fichtner


Song of Solomon teaches us several important truths. This series helps us understand how Jesus passionately loves us, that romantic love and gushiness is from God. Romantic love is to be shared at the right time, and the importance of keeping children from awaking to love too early.


Song of Songs - Don't Awaken Love...


Pastor John Fichtner

Song of Solomon by Pastor John Fichtner


  1. Easy to be cold and closed

  2. You have to trust to throw open your heart

  3. This kind of romantic passion is from the heart of God

  4. Wedding poem

  5. This is a picture of how passionately God loves you

  6. Also a romantic story between two people

  7. Do not awaken love until the time is right

  8. When teenagers throw themselves into romantic passion to early it will consume them

  9. So hungry for someone to light up when they walk into a room

  10. Someone to be happy that they exist

  11. Thrown their hormones in their bodies into early puberty out of a hunger for someone to love me

  12. We keep our kids in a state of sleep by lighting up when they walk in the room

  13. Gushy and sappy are God things

  14. You want to praise a man or woman according to their deepest desire

  15. Love is awaken through friendship

  16. You will recognize your mate because they are the person who is your best friend

  17. If you can’t talk you best not get married

  18. Happiness is being married to your best friend

  19. Marriage is an exchange of ownership of your life