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Job & Career series by John Fichtner – overview

This series have 15 teachings.

Job & Career direction through scriptures

This series covers biblical business principles for both business owners and business start-ups.

Included are biblical foundational truths to help you find God’s favor, promotion, anointing, victory, and blessing in your career, and with that, save you years of frustration. This will likely influence every career decision & turning point you’ll ever face, and the matter of training up and raising your children that they would see God’s blessing in their jobs & careers as well.

The subjects of prosperity, financial strain, fulfillment, wisdom, excellence, and hard work are addressed as well.

I Cor 6:4-8
DANGERS of Christians in business with Christians - UD


Pastor John Fichtner

I Cor 6:4-8 DANGERS of Christians in business with Christians by John Fichtner

  1. If you want to have any success in business, you start with reading Proverbs, a chapter a day, for 5 years and that’s ONLY if you had healthy, frugal, good business parents.

  2. Second or third greatest law on Bible interpretation called Hermeneutics – every single verse has an eternal truth

  3. Verses in old testament about sacrifice: eternal truth is the blood must pay for your sins

  4. 1 Corinth 14: Women should not speak in church -- Guidelines so that unbelievers would not be offended

  5. Eternal truth: Don’t do things that are so counter to culture that it causes unbelievers to not hear the gospel

  6. A young and stupid person – someone who meets with two people in an argument

  7. Business principle – everything in writing

  8. By the time they’ve done these word studies, they’re softened, and they’re rinsed, and they’re clean

  9. Mature Christians don’t even go into business with other Christians because they’re mature

  10. If you have a partnership, it’s doomed to destruction, it’s doomed to destroy one day, nothing can stop it

  11. Biblical principles – Cash reserves

  12. You have a gift that’s primarily for family that you brought to business – you think the best of everybody, and you believe things are always going to get better. Great for parenting, dangerous in business. You’re misapplying your gifts.

  13. Pride ambition that causes you to be in a hurry, led by a, fed by a, deep root of insecurity

  14. Biblical principle – Low overhead, grow slowly, do not count on a paycheck for 12-24 months

  15. If you chart history, one-income, middle class homes, throughout history – they don’t exist.

  16. Prepare for the worst case scenario ALL THE TIME, in everything – it’s biblical and it’s Godly

  17. You don’t need a business partner – it’s insecurity or hurry

  18. You may have a 50.1 or 49.9, but it better be in writing – someone needs to be able to fire the other person

  19. Everything in writing

  20. New brilliant ideas are dangerous, crazy, distractions.

  21. You don’t have a brilliant idea, and nobody’s ever HAD a brilliant idea

  22. Have success in this business for a successful business before trying it on your own

  23. Failures do one thing and one thing only – they teach you humility

  24. You learn more from success

  25. The pride assumption is that you can learn a whole business in a year. You don’t learn a tenth of any business in a year, and that’s why for a millennium they would spend 5-10 years learning in an intern type situation

  26. You don’t have a mentor unless they’ve succeeded in YOUR field

  27. Prudent means looking for the negatives in EVERY new venture and new opportunity – it’s a Godly trait

  28. If you’re an optimist, you probably mess up more than most people in business

  29. The deepest root of pride is “I am the whole heart of God, and all of God’s heart is in my heart, and therefore you must not be Godly”

  30. Looking for negatives, the Bible says, specifically, is for business and a certain kind of friends – new friends

  31. It is EVIL to look for negatives in your family because in family – all flaws are obvious

  32. Of course you’re going to fail

Isaiah 61:5 - Career pt. 1 - UD


Pastor John Fichtner

Isaiah 61:5 - Career pt. 2 - UD


Pastor John Fichtner

Isaiah 61:5 - Career pt. 2 by John Fichtner


  1. Whole career is a witness for Jesus

  2. If you became a hard worker by the Bible definition, your promotion rate would accelerate times 10

  3. God created us to work. Working is living. Working is life. All that is life is work.

  4. Work is the only place you find the grace of God.

  5. Friends are a byproduct of work

  6. Play and pleasure and rest are temporary timeouts from life to recharge your body and soul as quickly as you can to get back to living

  7. Hedonism – the purpose of life is pleasure, the purpose of life is rest

  8. When a person thinks that the purpose of life is play and pleasure and fun– they work half-heartedly.

  9. 99.9% of America are not hard workers

  10. Your job description is to read the Boss’s mind everyday – the definition Biblically of a hard worker

  11. 100% of the responsibility for communication is on the worker.

  12. If you’ve ever waited for your boss to initiate communication with you, you are a sluggard by Bible definition

  13. Talking is lazy, talking is sloppy, you’re not here for you to talk, you’re here to find out how to please the boss.

  14. Why did Jesus speak in parables? He wanted to get rid of those people who did not think it was their responsibility to figure out what he wanted

  15. Parable is something that requires you to go “Jesus, help me”

  16. God has written a legal contract, and the legal contract is if you don’t seek Him with ALL your heart, ALL your soul, ALL your mind, and ALL your strength, He is under NO legal obligation to seek you cause He is the boss, and it is the worker’s job to find out what the boss wants

  17. Ephesians 4:11

  18. If you come for anything else than that you’ll never be faithful in a church family, but you come to say “I’m being prepared for works of service”

  19. “Every single marriage I’ve ever seen end – one of the two mates at least, was a Hedonist”

  20. John 10: 10 You can not work hard, and the Bible says you’re a brother to the devil

  21. Do you know why TV is so dangerous? The more TV you watch, you are not rested, you are restless.

  22. You know what Excellence is? It’s that last 20%

  23. Which are we supposed to do first? Are we supposed to establish our career first or establish our families? Finish your outdoor work and get your fields ready. After that, build your house.

  24. A hard worker finishes the job

  25. By Jesus’ own definition, when is a task finished? The task is finished when you have gone back to the boss and asked him if he is pleased with what was done

  26. Your job, according to Hebrews, is to make your boss’s job a joy – that’s what the Bible says

  27. When you are a hard worker, you will have more friends than you know what to do with

  28. When you face tasks that are bigger than you with a co-worker/co-teammate, you two will leave, and this will be the best friend you’ve ever had

  29. 1 Corinthians 3:12-14

  30. A Fichtner man should never let anybody outwork him

  31. Working with all your heart --- will cause you to be a person of great grace

  32. Your job is to make your boss a success, and to read your boss’s mind, and to make his job a joy. If you understand that and you buy into that, you will always have to do things that you don’t enjoy

  33. Now listen, the more you obey God, the more He gives you things you enjoy, but you will never on this earth, get to the place where everything you do you enjoy and the reason is, cause then you wouldn’t need God

  34. Workers are givers, but lazy people are takers

  35. Praise kids, work with your kids

  36. Pay your kids to work 

Isaiah 61:5 - Career pt. 3 - UD


Pastor John Fichtner

Isaiah 61:5 - Career pt. 3 by John Fichtner

  1. Because when teaching becomes dangerous is when people build big doctrines on secondary and third applications

  2. Marketwise, you know how much you’re worth? You’re worth exactly what you’re making now – exactly

  3. The reason why people are not promoted is because their skill sets are not worthy of a higher level of income

  4. CUT --- To make the team, or succeed

  5. The higher levels of management , the number 1 issue of skills is --- people skills

  6. Romans 13 Every authority in your life has been set over you by God

  7. The door to your success is intimately related with your relationship with your boss

  8. God intends for a certain boss to test and refine you

  9. All instances of temper and irritation on the planet is all egocentric self

  10. You go through your career without complaining or griping, you will shine like a star in the universe

  11. Boss’s as a group, are much more un-self-centered than workers

  12. CUT – Communication, Understanding

  13. The “U” in the acronym of how to win in the career field is understanding

  14. Communication is task-oriented. Understanding is purpose-oriented. Communication is WHAT to do; understanding is WHY.

  15. Understanding your boss is the difference between having the spirit of Christ in your job, and the spirit of anti-Christ

  16. Psalm 32:9 Do not be like the horse or the mule, which have no understanding but must be controlled by bit and bridle or they will not come to you.

  17. Jesus said over 30 times in the Gospel, there’s a difference between listening and understanding

  18. 4 Ps – 4 rivers in every human soul.

  19. Each of these four rivers, the boss’s heart is exposed and magnified. Because he’s the boss, every stupid thing that he does, gets 10 times the attention that a worker’s mistake does.

  20. How much more pressure does the boss have than the worker? 1,000 times as much

  21. Spirit of anti-Christ: I don’t care, forget you and your problems

  22. The essence of Christianity and the thrill of serving is to want to understand and hear someone else’s heart

  23. Do you know what it is when people tear themselves down “I’m so stupid” “I’m such an idiot” “I’m such a fool” – it’s pride. It’s a manipulative kind of pride, so it’s double dangerous.

  24. Humility is not self-abasement; Humility is self-forgetting.

  25. Good understanding wins favor

  26. You cannot stop the favor of God when you’re a person of understanding

  27. All instinct is selfish

  28. River #1 – your boss has a 1,000 times the pressure you do, and you can be a mule, brute beast, anti-Christian and refuse, or you can give everything you’ve got, everyday to understanding where your boss is coming from

  29. Priorities: a great tester of the heart

  30. Long term goals remain fairly stable, but short term goals are determined by each specific pressure.

  31. Constant effort – to understand will be an everyday “Show me what’s going on, in this boss’s heart” You have to apply your heart to understand

  32. You are commanded to be a witness for Christ in your job

  33. The single greatest skill set you’ll ever have is to want to understand your boss.

  34. Workers are instinctually against the boss because they come into this self-centered thing. They don’t have any perspective but their own because they’ve not been forced to by responsibilities, and because instinctually, all people are selfish.

  35. Your boss is for you, so if you want to win your boss’s heart, how directly will that affect your paycheck and your promotion rate? It will accelerate it times 10

  36. Hear the boss’s heart – you succeed, you don’t hear the boss’s heart, you don’t succeed. And it is an easy thing because the boss is FOR you.  

Isaiah 61:5-6 - Career pt. 4 - UD


Pastor John Fichtner

Isaiah 61:5-6 - Career pt. 4 by John Fichtner

  1. When a boss fails, no one blames the worker. When a worker fails, part of the blame always includes the boss.

  2. Bosses – forced, by external sociological pressures to be more unselfcentered

  3. The abrasiveness or adversarial-ness in the boss-worker situation, way more than half the time, is initiated by the worker

  4. Worker does not need the boss and may resent authority

  5. God says “I want to bring the anointing of God into your work, where even those would normally be against you are for you and they’re calling you a priest of our God” – the promise of the “AND”

  6. CUT

  7. C – communication. Always, always take responsibility for all communication. If your boss didn’t tell you what to do, go and find out what your boss wants you to do

  8. U- Understanding. If you want to be anointed in your job, understand your boss’s pressures and priorities, understand their passions

  9. You know what our definition of weird is? People that don’t have the same passions that we do

  10. Rich man & Lazarus parable – In the work environment, we are the rich men and about half of our coworkers are Lazarus

  11. We are some of the richest people that anyone has ever met, and when I mean reach – relationships

  12. We are rich just for that; we are rich in that we know the living God and we KNOW we know the living God.

  13. We are rich because when you have a true deep walk with Jesus, marriage and kids are connected to a word that the world doesn’t have – […] Hope

  14. The world has gone from little hope to no hope.

  15. If they are married, they also have, almost no hope or no hope of getting closer

  16. The world has zero hope of raising moral kids, just none.

  17. The world doesn’t even have a concept of having friends outside of work. The world can’t imagine coming to a church and a church being a family.

  18. Work is the GREATEST mission field in our day because work is the only place where a Kingdom of God, spirit filled, loving, joyful, understanding, caring people get to have, repeated ongoing conversations with other non-Christians

  19. Marriage is a holy trap – you will never, ever bear less than half the blame for anything that goes wrong in marriage

  20. In every situation of tension in a marriage, it’s two immature people blaming the other saying “you’ve got more blame than me”

  21. P – Pains

  22. In any environment on the planet, you’re allowed to tell anyone your personal convictions – “This is why I serve Jesus Christ”

  23. Yes you can tell people about Jesus, but if you want people to want to listen, you can go deep, you know, you can just want to understand

  24. Refuse for meetings to be surfacy

  25. Regularly PJ asks co-pastors “What’s the most painful thing that happened to you in the past year?” --- “Tell me something that happened in the first 10 years of your life, teenage years, 20s…?” “What’s the thing you’re most excited about in the next year?”

  26. You know what those words say? They say “I want to understand”

  27. You can go up to any coworker and say “Tell me something about your childhood, I’ll tell you something about mine” “Share with me the most painful thing in your life, I’ll share…” “I just want to get to know you, man, I just want to understand, I want to know your fears, your insecurities, your history, and in a world of distrust, you can be the only trustworthy person

  28. The highest expression of faith is thankfulness, there’s nothing greater.

  29. 1 Thes 5:18 – in everything, give thanks for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus…

  30. Think of someone you work with, on a 0-100 scale, you think they’re a 20. If you find 2 or 3 things to be thankful for and you tell them, in your mind, they’ll go up to a 70, just like that. The power of expressing thankfulness to someone – it changes instantly your perspective.

  31. “There’s something I so appreciate about you” – you say to them “you can trust me, in a world of distrust, you can trust me. You can trust me that when I look at you, I will not see the worst, but I will see the best. Still within truth, but I will see the best, and you can trust me that in my heart, my desire is to bless you” – and you will give a cup of water to the Lazarus that is begging, starving, and covered in sores that no one else has ever given.

  32. God wants to double and quadruple the sense of destiny in your life. 

Isaiah 61:6 - Financial Wealth - UD


Pastor John Fichtner

Isaiah 61:6 - Financial Wealth by John Fichtner

  1. Find the two extreme reactions to any teaching, and you can usually find God’s truth in between them

  2. In the New Testament, we have a whole new definition of riches

  3. If you have lack, there’s a reason why you have lack

  4. Prospering is about doing God’s things, God’s ways

  5. 80-90% of what the word of God says about money is first of all, this – “Above all, be content”

  6. Contentment – finding your worth in Christ, in honoring God

  7. Hebrews 13:5 keep your lives free from the love of money and be content with what you have

  8. We do not have a poverty mindset, what we have is a true riches mindset

  9. Greed comes from an empty soul

  10. Children of the king – what we say is – “You know, God wants to bless me, that’s great, I’m glad to be a funnel, but I don’t need any of that because I am so RICH”

  11. Because you start letting a little greed into your heart, it’ll take over your heart

  12. Contentment is not just a command, it’s a guarding of protection, it’s not poverty, it’s riches, but it’s also smart business

  13. Ripping off the elderly -- it’s impossible to rip off the elderly unless the elderly are greedy. No one gets ripped off by a quick-rich scheme unless they want to get rich quick.

  14. Hard work – new testament concept

  15. A college degree is proof that you know how to work hard.

  16. There are maybe 5% who don’t need to go to college.

  17. He who chases fantasies will have his fill of poverty is what the scripture says.

  18. Grow your children up reading proverbs. Let them read it every day. Take your sons and say, “read a chapter of proverbs according to the day of the month”

  19. Contentment is NOT laziness

  20. College is just hard work. It’s just proof that you know how to work hard.

  21. “I want to be a stay at home mom” – Raw arrogance

  22. If God blesses you to be a stay at home mom, you are a rich woman, but you cannot demand it, you cannot require it, and you cannot use it as an excuse for not going to college and getting a career – that’s called laziness

  23. If you don’t know this principle then you know nothing about business – there is no such thing as a brilliant idea, that is a fantasy

  24. Wisdom – the ability to meet people’s needs

  25. You want to be a smart businessman? Do a Bible search on servant, understanding, wisdom, and listening

  26. How many of would like to have great wisdom, I mean, fantastic levels of wisdom? Here’s how you get it, and there is no shortcuts, no exceptions – you become a servant, every day

  27. There is no such thing as A key to a person’s heart. The heart is complex; it’s like a multifaceted diamond. You want to win someone’s heart, you gotta try a thousand ways to win their heart and serve them.

  28. Business success is about being a servant

  29. You know what a minister is? In both the Hebrew and the greek, the root word means servant

  30. God gave him two ways to double his business and in both cases, it was after multiple tries of “How can I meet the needs of my customer’s better?”

Job & Career 1: Capitalism, Communism and Christianity - UD


Pastor John Fichtner

Job & Career 1: Capitalism, Communism and Christianity by John Fichtner

  1. The covenant of God affects our job, our handling of money, and how that interweaves into a sense of fulfillment in our life

  2. A large inheritance will destroy your kid

  3. Capitalism – opportunity for each man to gain as much wealth as he can

  4. Christian mindset – gaining personal wealth is a reward, a reward from the Lord.

  5. We have all kinds of mindsets when we get saved, and many times we just assume that our mindset is going to become a Christian mindset

  6. Christian attitude toward gaining personal wealth – reward but also a responsibility, a massive responsibility

  7. The more money you have, the more responsibility you will be answerable to God for

  8. When you don’t have great responsibility for the wealth you have, then you become a pleasure seeking drug addict that’s on the drug of money

  9. In a capitalistic mindset, the poor and the weak, they are a pain

  10. Communistic mindset – it is their right of the poor and the weak to have the wealthy provide them with income

  11. Scripture is very clear that the wealthy bear responsibility to the poor and the weak, no doubt, no exceptions

  12. The poor and weak person has a serious responsibility to seek God because the root of every financial problem is a spiritual problem

  13. If you give them spiritual answers but no material help, you’re a hypocrite

  14. However, if someone is poor and weak, and you give them material help and no spiritual challenge, you’re a fool

  15. The wealthy have a responsibility, the poor have a responsibility, ultimately, God has a responsibility

  16. Get right with God, and God will stabilize your finances, but you’ve got a spiritual problem

  17. Communistic society – the value of people is that people are God

  18. If you’re a Christian, the highest goal is to bring people to God, and suffering is one of the greatest things that bring people to God

  19. Capitalism – gaining personal wealth is fulfillment, it is assumed that every person will try to get all the money they can, the poor and the weak – they’re a pain, and people, they are tools

  20. Capitalism – Republican

  21. Communistic mindset – anyone who has a lot of money is selfish and morally weak, the poor and the weak have no responsibility to deal with issues in their own life, they have a right for the rich to give them money, and the ultimate good you can do on this earth is to help relieve people’s suffering

  22. Communism – democrat

  23. The goal of every penny we will ever spend in a Christian mindset, every single penny we’ll ever spend in a Christian mindset, the goal is to bring people to Jesus Christ

  24. Personal spending – We’re children of a God who cares and He provides stability and peace and a place of safety

  25. Goal of tithe – spent to bring the believers to maturity in Christ and to help the widows, the orphans, the poor, and the hurting – ALL for the goal of joining people to Jesus

  26. We’re not saying that the people who don’t know Jesus don’t have value. We’re saying they have so much value that He came down from heaven and died for them.

  27. Mindset: There is no displacement in our mind between our walk with God and our money – they’re one and the same

  28. Capitalistic mindset – the more wealth I have, the less value people have

  29. The day that you treat people like tools, one of them is going to come back and fight you real hard

  30. In the Christian concept, when you perform great acts of obedience, there is often great reward

  31. David says “We have a covenant, people of God; we have a mission on this earth. Our mission is that everything in our life proclaims to the heathen world, the truth and the glory of the living God.”

  32. He talks about in single seasons of HUGE increase of money, people gain equally.

  33. He only gave to his friends. He didn’t say that everyone had a right.

  34. Do you understand that the United States of America has gone through a depression every 50 years? And in those depressions, the poor and the rich were reversed or at least turned topsy turvy

  35. Year of Jubilee that God put up for the Israelites, so that every 50 years, everybody goes back to equal, and that’s why we have a depression every 50 years because we’re disobeying the word of God for the year of Jubilee

  36. You see, not everyone who’s poor and weak has a right to help, but those who are poor and weak and have shown humility and have sought God and worked

  37. “Let’s just start tithing or we’re not going to help you because you’re under a curse. We’re not going to fight God.”

Job & Career 2: Factors in a Successful Career - UD


Pastor John Fichtner

Job & Career 2: Factors in a Successful Career by John Fichtner

  1. DEFS – four issues, in your life, that God wants to develop for you to have a successful job and successful career

  2. D – Do you have discipline?

  3. Proverbs 13:18 – He who ignores discipline comes to poverty

  4. Discipline has four subpoints that each one in scripture is very important. The first one is training.

  5. Training changes you and the school that you submit to or the apprenticeship program will actually mold you into a certain image

  6. Training – resume

  7. Degrees – this a person who has discipline in their life

  8. John 17:4 Jesus said to His father “Father, I have brought you glory on earth by finishing the work”

  9. The most important time of training is basically 18-23

  10. There’s a big, big misconception that if you didn’t go to college, you missed your chance of training

  11. Men who get laid off or cut back from work […] Get in a course, learn a computer program, learn a new skill, learn keyboarding, and stretch yourself.”

  12. What it says at 40 is more than it says at 20

  13. An area of discipline is simply – are you a hard worker?

  14. Proverbs 10:4 Lazy hands make a man poor

  15. Proverbs 14:23 All hard works brings a profit, but mere talk leads only to poverty

  16. The whole subject of hard worker is a sensitive one, but it the starting place for job & career guidance

  17. The world and the counsel that you get in the world goes through mood swings.

  18. It’s very important to be an avid student of history.

  19. The Bible has all the truth, and so you listen to the wisdom of the world and you learn from it, but you always primarily learn from the Bible

  20. Stability – the ability to stay

  21. Your value actually begins to increase over your skill level when you add in the factor of stability.

  22. Get a new job and in the process they devalue themselves

  23. That’s stability by the way, it’s faithfulness

  24. James 1:8 If you see an unstable man, that man should not think he will receive anything from the Lord

  25. When should I quit my job and start my business?

  26. In a season of transition, desire to be a hardworker and stability, with husband and wife agreement, and the blessing of the wife.

  27. As soon as you have all of your equipment bought and paid for and 50,000 dollars in the bank that you’re not going to touch, then you quit your job.

  28. The ability to handle money is a discipline

  29. You see the ability to live within your means is a discipline. It’s a simple discipline and whether you can handle the addiction of things or not

  30. You can do other things that are so contrary to the way that God made you that it drains you, it just drains you

  31. In Heaven, you will still have great variety of personality

  32. If you learn how God made you, you’ll find the kind of work and the call of work that will make you have energy

  33. This is all the subject of grace, by the way – What gives me energy? What call? What fits me? We don’t do it every five minutes

  34. 2nd Caution: You will never be able to find what gives you energy until you develop discipline. The word of God says you will never get around this. Now this has incredible application for teenagers.

  35. If you want to get to that place where you say “I love my job, it fits me, it’s life to me!” you must, first, heed the way of discipline.

  36. Scripture says you must first have discipline to gain wisdom, what that means is… when you are trying to find what fits you, what gives you energy, what gives you joy, you better have first put in some long, hard, hours of work

  37. Now here’s an important question: At what age is probably the most important time of your life to assess career direction and what fits you?

  38. The reason this is important to me is I have never met a teenager or anyone who has a teenager work hard, all summer, that didn’t, by the time they hit 17, 18, 19 have a, it’s just a rock bed common sense of what kind of career they should go to

  39. And something happens in you, when you work, something is molded and formed in you, whether you enjoy it or not, and you’ll never understand energy, until you first understand discipline.

  40. Favor of God – that’s when God blesses you beyond cause and effect

  41. The word of God says, God deals with favor or lack of favor over a country

  42. And you can have great individual favor on your life, but if God is dealing with a country and removing it’s economic favor and you’ll make less money

  43. There’s favor and lack of favor over a city

  44. There’s also, favor or lack of favor over families

  45. You can change the destiny of your family, but you’re a fool if you don’t face it

  46. There is favor on certain career jobs

  47. You graduate with a nursing degree, almost automatically, you’ve got a good paying job, pretty much anywhere you want, pretty much any hours you want

  48. We have greatly changed the definition of middle class.

  49. Unless your daughter marries a man who’s off the charts in those four, makes 3 times what the average lay-earner makes, she’s going to work as a mom, and that is a bigger factor, than discipline or energy, in choosing the career direction for your daughter’s life

  50. Women have always worked. It’s just a matter of how and when they worked, and the situation, and how much money they bring in

  51. The subject of favor is a biblical assessment

  52. Proverbs 22:29 Do you see a man skilled in his work? He will serve before kings, that’s promotion, he will not serve before obscure men

  53. When you have a skill, it’s a direction marker

  54. A lot of times, when you’re going to go into your own business, the question is “how much skill do you have?”

  55. You want to run your own business there’s four big questions

  56. 1. How skilled are you in cash flow? Cash flow means when you run a business, you don’t ever touch your reserves.

  57. 2. Quality of work. Quality of work is not just planting the flowers, but estimating the job, making a profit on jobs. Estimation makes or breaks most companies. Estimating your cost, doing quality of work, pushing through and getting it done

  58. 3. Long term satisfied employees. The best thing is to not have any employees. It really is -- sole proprietorships are the way to go if you can do it at all. But if you’re going to have employees, do you have relational skills? When you don’t have relational skills, you lose long-term, quality people.

  59. 4. Can you market?

Job & Career 3: Contentment Calculators - UD


Pastor John Fichtner

Job & Career 3: Contentment Calculators by John Fichtner

  1. For a Christian, the goal of a job is to make money

  2. In the world, the goal of a job is fulfillment, sense of importance, sense of value

  3. Ecclesiastes is Solomon looking at the mindset of people who do not serve God

  4. And as Christians, we have left one kingdom and entered into the Kingdom of God where we say, “For us, work is not where we find fulfillment”

  5. No, you want to enjoy your job, but it’s not where you find fulfillment

  6. If you have minimal income, it means just enough to pay your bills, your goal, scripturally with money is to not think about money

  7. If you have extra income, your goal is to use this abundance to glorify God.

  8. The Christian’s goal with money, the answer is –one of the biggest words, the biggest word when it comes to money that there will ever be— contentment.

  9. 80% of all the scriptures on money have one emphatic message, and that is – contentment. In fact you can never, even begin to understand the scriptures on prosperity, until you understand contentment.

  10. The danger of money is trying to find, you can write it down one of three ways: fulfillment, or value, or sense of importance through money or material things

  11. Violating forceful command from Jesus Christ Himself […] -- “Do not think a lot about money”

  12. There’s no sense doing job & career assessment to resolve financial strain if your job & career have nothing to do with your financial strain

  13. Their lives are so empty, so miserable, they don’t have worth unless they have a new car, and a fancier house, and more of this and more of that.

  14. And for a Christian who walks in contentment, they say “Whatever income I make, we always, always live at 20, 30% less than that

  15. If you set your standard of living 20 to 30 percent below your income level, you’ll always be at rest.

  16. All we have to have is food and clothing and we are totally content.

  17. The fruit is, when have willingness to live at the lowest level, cheerfully, what do we have towards the things that God has given us? Gratefulness

  18. This is, the earth shaking, realization as Christians, that if our income increases, our standard of living does not automatically increase

  19. What the scripture calls each of us to do, hear me on this, is to hear God, husband and wife together, on the standard of living we are called to. Obviously, it needs to be well within your earning potential

  20. But also, irrefutably, every Christian is called, when you have extra or abundance to give it away

  21. The tithe is undesignated, to the local church. It’s the sign before God that God is the controller of your money.

  22. You get to the place where you walk in contentment, God will take it and He’ll start giving you above your standard of living.

  23. Acts 2:42-47 It’s not communism, they’re not giving away everything they own

  24. That’s automatic as a Christian, everything we have belongs to the Lord

  25. If you have a decrease in income, you automatically decrease your living expenses until you are free from strain.

  26. Prosperity starts with contentment

  27. That tithe is, obviously, across the board, the best test of whether you have a craving for money or you glorify God with your money

  28. What’s the two, any economist will tell you the 2 types of debt destroy most people’s income – credit cards and cars

  29. Better a lower standard of living without stress, strife, and strain.

  30. It is so easy, if you walk in contentment, to never have financial strain

  31. Financial strain is worry-- it’s thinking about money

  32. When you try to find fulfillment through money, the horrible beast that it is, the more money you get, the emptier you get, and the harder you reach, the further away it is

  33. If you love and are devoted to God, what has to be your attitude to money? Two things – you hate it and you despise it

  34. You see, older people are consumed with the fear that their insurance is not going to cover them, and so they have to hoard. This is an insurance policy.

  35. Luke 16:19-31 He died and was condemned because he hoarded his wealth rather than giving it away.

  36. The seed that fell among thorns stand for those who hear, hear the word of God, but as they go on their way, they are choked, everybody say chocked, by life’s worries – that’s financial strain, riches and pleasures – that’s finding importance through material things

  37. It’s harder to win rich people to Jesus

  38. Can you handle an extra 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 hundred thousand dollars? Because IF you can’t, and if you have ONE ounce of “The more money I have, the more value I have” you will get arrogant

  39. Here’s what they are when they’re lovers of money – boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy

  40. If you have financial strain, the root is trying to find value and worth through things

Job & Career 4: Public Enemy #1 - UD


Pastor John Fichtner

Job & Career 4: Public Enemy #1 by John Fichtner

  1. Financial strain – horrible and demonic sin, essence of the world system, far and away, the number 1 cause of divorce in this country, far and away, the number 1 cause of mental stress and emotional stress

  2. The root of all financial strain is not understanding the subject of fulfillment

  3. By definition, a non-Christian does not understand fulfillment

  4. By definition, a non-Christian CANNOT understand fulfillment

  5. A non-Christian is confused

  6. Every human being craves a sense of fulfillment, and here’s why – God is worthy

  7. The very essence of this world is, if ever you get, the thing you’re seeking after for fulfillment, it will be like dry dust in the mouth of a thirsty man

  8. There is no fulfillment apart from Jesus Christ.

  9. You understand fulfillment, within 6 months, you can be totally and forever free from financial strain, and never fall back into it for the rest of your life

  10. You have to process; you have to process through some things thoroughly and carefully.

  11. First, you’re going to have to process through their upbringing – you will discover that the woman you marry, if she doesn’t process through her upbringing, she can only be content if she lives at the standard she was raised or above

  12. And so you have these systems in your upbringing that tell you what brings fulfillment, what gives a person worth

  13. If you never want to dig deep down and say “You know what is what I was raised vs. the word of God says?” you’ll never find fulfillment. You’ll never have a career head

  14. I was of the kingdom of self and of this world, and I have left that kingdom, and I have a new King, and this King is the source of life. Therefore, anything that involves expanding His kingdom will fulfill me.

  15. What that means is this – on a daily basis, you want God’s kingdom to expand inside your heart, inside you.

  16. Every day, if you get more and more filled with the spirit, you will eventually get filled to the place where you are full of the spirit. And when you get filled to the place where you are full, you’ll be fulfilled.

  17. Everything between you and your mate is something God is trying to teach you

  18. If you will let God expand His Kingdom in you, you won’t have that problem in your marriage, no matter what your mate does

  19. The only fulfillment, in any job, is to expand the Kingdom of God into the lives of the people

  20. You’ll be an incredible worker, not because popping rivets is fulfilling, or designing buildings, but because you’re expanding the Kingdom

Job & Career 5: Working Women - UD


Pastor John Fichtner

Job & Career 5: Working Women by John Fichtner

  1. The factors of decision

  2. Do I take a different job? Do I go back for training? Do we have two careers or one career? You must start, biblically, with a sense of peace, and calmness, and rest that says “I can live at any level, and be at peace”

  3. When you cleanse your heart of those attitudes, you stop at the cross roads, and with a calm, clear mind, you make decisions, not driven, not pushed, not some standard that you have to reach, but you never will

  4. The goal of a job is freedom from financial strain

  5. If you’re in financial strain, life is real simple, you do one of two things – you either increase your income or decrease your expenses

  6. If you are married, make the same two decisions but they must be joint decisions

  7. Sometimes it’s AS important know what the Bible doesn’t say as what it does say

  8. Genesis to Revelation, I couldn’t find any verses on self-worth and self-image. The Bible doesn’t speak about self-worth and self-image

  9. The Bible speaks a lot about how discipline produces confidence in your life.

  10. It talks a lot about, not being filled with self-worth, but with the power of the Holy Spirit

  11. Any young man, who’s looking at marriage, you’d be really wise to look at the work habits of the woman

  12. The word means is earnings. Out of their personal money, these career woman paid Jesus’ bills

  13. Rebecca, Rachel, Zappora, Ruth: Once they married, they gave up their career and put most of their energy into managing the home and raising kids

  14. Come to the word of God and say “teach me”

  15. They did whatever was necessary

  16. The Bible doesn’t say anything about working women

  17. Proverbs 31 is the picture of the ultimate woman

  18. There is no doubt that the word of God gives freedom for some women, moms, to be called to career

  19. I like reading the business section, I encourage it

  20. Working couples: two issues you gotta face – one is time management and the other is the nurturing of children

  21. Higher discipline level of time management – that also is a blessing

  22. Nurturing of children – If your mom can stay home all day, there’s no doubt, there’s a wealth of warmth

  23. When two couples work, from my experience, almost across the board, the father is a much better nurturer

  24. I’m a better dad because my wife works

  25. There are more verses in the Bible about fathers being nurturing than there are about mothers

  26. When you say that mothers are the primary caregiver, actually, that’s antithetical to scripture

  27. 1 Thes 2:11 Gentleness flows more quickly out of women than it does of men and there’s a sweetness

  28. However, if you come to believe that that’s all kids need, you’ll have warped kids.

  29. 1 Thes 2:17 This is how a father deals with his children –Encouraging, comforting, urging you to live life worthy of God

  30. We’re a team, and if my wife doesn’t work, there is extra warmth there, but when she does work, it’s a blessing, it raises my level of discipline

  31. If the woman feels like she wants to stay home, but wants a higher standard of living […] then she can either get content or get a job

  32. No wife has to work

  33. It’s easy to resolve whether your wife works or not, you find the lowest common denominator of contentment, and you work within those

Job & Career 6: Four Goals of a Job - UD


Pastor John Fichtner

Job & Career 6: Four Goals of a Job by John Fichtner

  1. Meditation in the Hebrew means literally to be irritated or to growl like a lion

  2. “I want answers, I want solid answers, and I’ve got to wrestle this thing through, and I’ve got to make it make sense and be clear” – that’s studying the word of God

  3. If you really believe that God is a good God and He’s life and He’s joy and He’s peace, and that everything He ever asks you to do is to bring you closer to His goodness and His blessing, then in the midst of the clash of these two world views, you have a preset attitude that says, “I’m willing to be changed”

  4. The number one goal of a job is to be free from financial strain.

  5. The word of God is very clear that money is the greatest temptation for our worship

  6. Do you dwell on money? Are you consumed with money? Do you have such a freedom, and a rest, and a freedom from strain that you don’t think about money?

  7. The second goal in a job for a Christian is the powerful word – stability

  8. Stability – a cognitive, focused goal

  9. Woe be unto us when the day comes, when we use scriptural words, and we don’t even know what they mean

  10. Faithfulness is stability

  11. The very nature of the Holy Spirit, lived out through you, is stability

  12. We don’t make rules, we have a living, Holy Spirit inside of us who is the essence of God, and in that, He guides us

  13. No rules does not mean just do whatever you want, no rules means that there’s this nature of God inside you that draws you to this thing called stability

  14. “When you get saved, and you’re in one social group, you should not strive to become part of a different social group”

  15. For the Christian, we have a value system that says social status is nothing, doesn’t mean a lick to us, and we will never put energy into achieving social status

  16. Each one should remain in the situation which he was in when God called him

  17. Whatever your job is, your goal is stability.

  18. Different value system.

  19. We believe, scummy job or not, you’re a prince in the kingdom of God.

  20. Luke 12:42-46 Long term stability produces big rewards

  21. Long term stability means that you sit on a battered, very stagnant plane for a long time and then all of a sudden you hit a point where you go BOOM! Big reward.

  22. Christian and non-Christian, when you’re 20, and 30, and 40 and 50 aggressiveness and new challenges, and all these other things seem to be the goal of a job …

  23. You see, faithfulness, long-term stability doesn’t go like this, at an angle, it goes flat, flat, flat BOOM, big rewards!

  24. Long time in coming – bored

  25. When you should hear and say, “I’m changed, I got new goals in work, and one of my goals, cognitive, intelligently planned goal is stability, seven things happen -- it changes your priorities

  26. Marriage, kids, ministering Christ to others, job impressiveness

  27. Where you put your energy IS your priorities, no ifs, ands, or buts. The things that you strain for and you grasp for, and you put your passion, and you put your emotions, and you put your extra hours in, and you put your extra – that’s where your priorities are. When you have extra time, where you put it, that’s your priorities.

  28. And when you have instability in jobs and you’re always changing jobs and grasping for more, every time you change jobs, it requires a tremendous amount of energy, and if you, being bored with your job… say “Well, I’m gonna put some energy into getting a better job” what you are saying is “My walk with Christ, I’m not going to put energy into that,” “My marriage, ah, average marriage, poor marriage – good enough or me ,” “Kids – medium to rotten, I’ll live with it” “Ministering to Christ, ain’t got time for it. My energy IS IN a better job”

  29. You’ve done the same thing for 15 years, and the bottom line is, you’re putting in that 40, 50 hours, but it’s not draining your energy, so you’ve got left over energy

  30. When you have a goal of stability, it changes your priorities, it produces great security in those around you

  31. When you never know when your whole world is going to be torn up, it produces a barrenness in your soul

  32. When you have a goal of stability it changes how you handle restlessness

  33. Restlessness – opposite of everything you’re promised in Christ

  34. The root of restlessness in your job is a desire to produce

  35. Genesis 2:15 is before sin came into the world. Genesis is 2:15 is the perfect Garden of Eden with a perfect man and a perfect woman, and in Genesis 2:15 God said “Adam, go work!” and Adam said “I like that”

  36. The desire to produce is an imprint on our souls from God

  37. The third goal is to make your job a mission field

  38. If you’re going to do an at-your-work bible study or in-your-neighborhood bible study, I recommend three things: first of all, I recommend, you only do two a year, for about 3 months each. You do one say, January to April, and one, say, September to November. That way, if you do it year-round, you get worn out and it actually excludes new people. Second I recommend that it just be top-notch material, and third, I recommend, personally, that you just low-key.

  39. The job of the church is to empower you to minister

  40. Your fourth goal is to enjoy your work. That’s a scriptural admonition

  41. If you let the word of God change you, you’ll be different

  42. Always after stability comes restlessness

  43. Not letting restlessness run your life

  44. I tell you what, stable people are always, always doing good financially

Job & Career 7: The Rewards of Stability - UD


Pastor John Fichtner

Job & Career 7: The Rewards of Stability by John Fichtner

  1. John 15:16 The end measure of your fruit will be the day you die

  2. When you say, “The magnitude of this goal is one of the top things in my life,” it changes you.

  3. Number 1, we covered last week – it changes your priorities. You really do put more energy into your marriage, and your kids and into ministry

  4. Number 2 – it does change how you handle restlessness, the stable person, they know it’s going to come, but you make it work for you, you make it serve you

  5. Number 3 – When you have a passionate goal for stability, it changes how you handle strife at work

  6. Proverbs 20:3 Honor literally just means “made heavy”

  7. In the Hebrew, that has two connotations – Heavy as in great wealth, or heavy as in their word has great weight

  8. How many know they don’t just try once to pull you into office politics?

  9. I have to quit and/or I can’t work here

  10. Maybe God will move you on, although God usually wants to resolve things before He moves you on

  11. Would you say “I have to quit” if you were going to starve to death?

  12. If you can’t get along with them, the second attitude is “I will outlast you” – that’s a simple, perseverance attitude

  13. Having a goal of stability is the opposite of wanting to get rich

  14. The word of God says clearly that God likes to bless you. God likes to pour abundance out on your life, but is commanded against, in the word of God, to want to or to have a passion to get rich.

  15. As a stable man, you die to your lottery dreams. You die to looking all the time for the huge opportunity. It’s the opposite. It destroys stability.

  16. You look at your increases of income for the future, and you quit dreaming of the 10, 15 thousand dollar raise.

  17. Because the ultimate for a Christian with money is to not think about money.

  18. We want them to forget about money and get busy about the Lord’s business.

  19. Big chunks of money will screw your head up

  20. You give somebody a large chunk of money, and often it’ll be the worst thing that’s ever happened to them

  21. Big chunks of money is a curse for most people unless you’re really being prepared by the Lord

  22. One piece of advice, above every other, that you could give to someone who owns their own business – watch your cash flow

  23. Be cautious about expansion – that comes from the word of God

  24. Before you can be cautious about expansion, you must first have a goal of stability

  25. But if your goal is stability, you don’t have to expand.

  26. Proverbs 27:23-27 Advice to business owners Nutshell –– sit close to what makes you money, and be very cautious about get-rich-quick speculative ideas.

  27. They come and go, but you stay close to what you know makes you money, and you’ll do fine in the end.

  28. What’s the feast or famine business of today? It’s starting your own remodeling company, construction company

  29. Goal of stability greatly affects the decision making process of looking for a job

  30. When you have the word of God established in you, you don’t have to get rich.

  31. Instead of, you’re focusing 6 months to 5 years from now, you’re focus is constantly “When I’m 75, when I’m 85, when I’m 95, what do I want my life to look like?”

  32. Your focus becomes such a daily thing.

  33. Focus […] gets more outward, and you say “I’ve got enough, now what can I do for someone else?”

Job & Career 8: Hard Work Pays - UD


Pastor John Fichtner

Job & Career 8: Hard Work Pays by John Fichtner

    1. There’s never been a better time to be a hardworker

    2. The darker it gets, the lighter and the brighter Christians shine, and there’s never been an easier time to proclaim the gospel or to stand out

    3. In the business field, there’s never been an easier time to excel because there are so few hardworkers out there

    4. If you are truly a hardworker, you cannot help but be promoted, you cannot help but be a financial success

    5. Proverbs 14:23 All hard work brings a profit –That’s a command, a principle, and a promise in the word of God

    6. Four secrets –

    7. You can’t hear, as an adult, pretty much, and ever grasp, unless God works a miracle

    8. When you delay starting work, do it poorly, or don’t finish, it makes you feel lousy for a long time.

    9. People who are not hard workers think “If I delay it, I’ll feel good.”

    10. The word of God says, notice these things, it says that poor workers always wind up poor. It also says that one of the major causes of depression is NOT being a hardworker.

    11. You find people who are depressed and I would say, half the time, not much more than that, but half the time, if they just raked leaves in a good October breeze for 8 hours, most of their depression would be gone

    12. You ever been depressed? Depressed people get really, really deep sleep

    13. You see, when you delay things, or when you do things poorly, when you’re sloppy or don’t finish things, you always deal with fear.

    14. You always deal with fear as you put off studying for your math test till the last minute that you’re not going to be able to cram everything together.

    15. You see, poor workers, their life is so hard, it’s always hard. There is fewer burdens heavier than unfinished work.

    16. They spend their whole life looking for an escape. They spend their whole life looking for an outlet, looking to avoid responsibility or get rid of it as quick as possible.

    17. 2nd secret that only hard workers know – work done well – Done well means finished and with excellence— work done well makes you feel great for a long time.

    18. No discipline seems pleasant at the time – that means it’s a false appearance, that means discipline actually is – pleasant

    19. A lazy man did 90% of the work, but he didn’t finish. Now what’s going to be the fruit of not finishing? He gets no reward. […] They don’t see. He thinks that unfinished is a break.

    20. How much percentage of effort is different between lousy job, or unfinished job, and good job? How much more effort do you have to put to kick it up to a good job or to finish it? My perception is 10%.

    21. The diligent man prizes his possessions

    22. Work done well feels better than rest or play

    23. We are made to work 6/7th of the time

    24. If you do it God’s way, and you start work on time and you plug on through till it’s done, and then you’re finished and you finish with excellence, the times that you do play are so much sweeter, the times that you do rest are so much sweeter if they’re kept in proportion

    25. Nothing can make you more miserable than expanding the rest and play time

    26. Most people should finish college

    27. One of the defining moments in your parenting life will be when your kids decide whether to go to college or not.

    28. Again, I repeat, 10, maybe 15 percent of kids are not called to go to college.

    29. Second only to teaching your kids about Jesus and I mean, basically, prayer time & church, second only to that – the two most important times in your kids life are cleaning up around the house and homework. This is the point on which your child’s life swings.

    30. Raving over them –You have got to impart to them, work done well feels great. Sometimes, unfortunately, the best ravers don’t require excellence, and so the kid just does a sloppy job and “Oh, good job” on them. Good job? It sucked!

    31. And what you do as parents, other than rave them, you do house cleaning, and you do homework – you do those two things

    32. Saturday morning, when you got up in the Fichtner house, the whole family worked. The project was set up in advance, and you worked anywhere from four to six to seven hours. And the whole family worked.

    33. At 12, or 2, or 3 o’ clock in the afternoon, we would finish the project, and my parents always gave us something we could finish.

    34. And the only way they’ll learn these secrets is if you teach it to them, and that’s a billion times more important than vacations or American adventures or movies. Let those be the 1/7th.

    35. Third secret that people that are hard worker’s don’t know is that complaining is the opposite of being a hard worker

    36. Complaining drains your energy

    37. Proverbs 18:21 If you say positive things, you will eat the fruit and have that

    38. The only way Jesus could have the power to walk to the cross was the keep his mouth shut

    39. You don’t promote complainers because complaining is also the opposite of loyalty

    40. All complaining is of the devil

    41. Four applications for this thing about hard working – your children, exercise, looking for a job, counseling

    42. You put in 50 hours of hard work looking for a job, you’ll feel good whether you found a job or not.

    43. God wants to guide and to bless your work

    44. Do you know that every time you work, no matter how mundane it is, God says “I’m right there with you”?

    45. Two reasons –God loves you and God loves work

    46. Do it as a representative of Jesus Christ and do it in the character of Jesus Christ

    47. There’s nothing wrong with working hard to win people’s favor.

    48. If you’re not a hard worker […] and you didn’t have parents that required excellence of you on a consistent basis and then raved over it […] there’s only one hope for you, you can only change by getting to know God so intimately, dwelling so much in His presence

Job & Career 9: Job & Career Wisdom - UD


Pastor John Fichtner

Job & Career 9: Job & Career Wisdom by John Fichtner

  1. Proverbs 4:7 says Wisdom is supreme

  2. Supreme – above all, the highest trait you could have

  3. You can’t have wisdom without peace

  4. Wisdom is the key to business, it’s the key to administration

  5. Three definitions for wisdom

  6. Wisdom is avoiding foolish mistakes

  7. 2nd definition of wisdom – finding the shortest, easiest route to lasting victory

  8. Wise – making the most of every opportunity

  9. Wisdom is two things – one: avoiding foolish mistakes that ruin years of effort and the other is finding the shortest, easiest route to lasting victory

  10. Direction without wisdom

  11. When you have wisdom, you not only know what you’re supposed to do, but you know why it’s what you’re supposed to do

  12. Once you’re 10 years out of college, they don’t care what you studied. They just want to know that you finished your degree.

  13. Instead of just diving in and saying “I’m going to tackle this thing” you stop and say “What’s the shortest, what’s the easiest route?”

  14. Does it give joy in every area of your life?

  15. You see even joy or energy has to be covered by wisdom

  16. Favor –STUDYZ

  17. When you are assessing a job and career direction and you want to know where the favor of God is, you got to read the newspaper. You gotta read business journals

  18. Economic favor is on every warmer climate city. Loss of favor is on every colder climate city.

  19. Wisdom is often the key to favor

  20. Stability always works

  21. Much of favor is just keeping your eyes open and alert to where the favor of God is shifting and moving in different economic situations

  22. Skill—Cash flow, quality of work, long-term satisfied employees, and marketing

  23. Utter stupidity of people who start a business and rent office space

  24. In the top 10% of quality of business, you don’t have to fight for business

  25. Long-term satisfied employees – this is the key to whether you expand or not

  26. This man has the wisdom to know that he doesn’t like people a whole lot, and so he kept his business as a sole proprietorship.

  27. You don’t sit around and wait for a feeling or a revelation, you move forward by wisdom because the Holy Spirit is the spirit of wisdom

  28. Wisdom calls out to you at the decision times in your life

  29. Wisdom is not something that is a daily goal

  30. Do we move? Do we buy this car? Do we invest in this situation?

  31. Proverbs 13:20 He who walks with the wise grows wise, but a companion of fools suffers harm

  32. The best insurance program you’ve got is to build and cultivate relationships with wise people

  33. That’s why every lone ranger in the body of Christ has to crash eventually

  34. When the crisis times come in your life, if you know your elders and know your deacons and have 3 or 4 best friends and close friends that you’ve built relationships with, then it’s going to be easy to find wisdom at the decision point

  35. Wisdom always starts with finding out where you were wrong

  36. The first part of advice is finding out where you were wrong

  37. When you seek advice from someone […] “I’d really like you to take a look at my situation and tell me what you would do in this situation." That gives them freedom to be honest without feeling like they’re attacking you

  38. Wisdom is gathered, piece by piece.

  39. Now how do you look for silver when you’re mining? You learn to recognize silver.

  40. And you follow the traces, and that’s just how wisdom is. When you understand that nobody has a great answer that fixes your situation, and you quit looking for it, you get patience for the hunt.

  41. You recognize men of wisdom by how many questions they will ask you before they will give you advice

  42. Listen to advice and accept instruction and in the end you’ll be wise

  43. Why is scripture always saying many advisors bring wisdom? Because nobody is going to have all the wisdom you need

  44. Wisdom is always clear, peaceful, and pleasant – that’s the word of God

  45. If you get this point, you may start to see the whole picture of wisdom

  46. How much wisdom does it take, when someone’s in a crisis, to not only see what they’ve done wrong, but to see what they need to do to fix it? A good bit more sometimes

  47. How much wisdom does it take, when someone’s in a crisis, not only to see what they’ve done wrong, not only to see what they do to fix it, but to help them see so many of the aspects that what they need to do to fix it is pleasant and sweet to them? A lot

  48. You do not have wisdom until it’s pleasant and sweet