Financial Wealth

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Isaiah 61:6 - Financial Wealth - UD


Pastor John Fichtner

Isaiah 61:6 - Financial Wealth by John Fichtner

  1. Find the two extreme reactions to any teaching, and you can usually find God’s truth in between them

  2. In the New Testament, we have a whole new definition of riches

  3. If you have lack, there’s a reason why you have lack

  4. Prospering is about doing God’s things, God’s ways

  5. 80-90% of what the word of God says about money is first of all, this – “Above all, be content”

  6. Contentment – finding your worth in Christ, in honoring God

  7. Hebrews 13:5 keep your lives free from the love of money and be content with what you have

  8. We do not have a poverty mindset, what we have is a true riches mindset

  9. Greed comes from an empty soul

  10. Children of the king – what we say is – “You know, God wants to bless me, that’s great, I’m glad to be a funnel, but I don’t need any of that because I am so RICH”

  11. Because you start letting a little greed into your heart, it’ll take over your heart

  12. Contentment is not just a command, it’s a guarding of protection, it’s not poverty, it’s riches, but it’s also smart business

  13. Ripping off the elderly -- it’s impossible to rip off the elderly unless the elderly are greedy. No one gets ripped off by a quick-rich scheme unless they want to get rich quick.

  14. Hard work – new testament concept

  15. A college degree is proof that you know how to work hard.

  16. There are maybe 5% who don’t need to go to college.

  17. He who chases fantasies will have his fill of poverty is what the scripture says.

  18. Grow your children up reading proverbs. Let them read it every day. Take your sons and say, “read a chapter of proverbs according to the day of the month”

  19. Contentment is NOT laziness

  20. College is just hard work. It’s just proof that you know how to work hard.

  21. “I want to be a stay at home mom” – Raw arrogance

  22. If God blesses you to be a stay at home mom, you are a rich woman, but you cannot demand it, you cannot require it, and you cannot use it as an excuse for not going to college and getting a career – that’s called laziness

  23. If you don’t know this principle then you know nothing about business – there is no such thing as a brilliant idea, that is a fantasy

  24. Wisdom – the ability to meet people’s needs

  25. You want to be a smart businessman? Do a Bible search on servant, understanding, wisdom, and listening

  26. How many of would like to have great wisdom, I mean, fantastic levels of wisdom? Here’s how you get it, and there is no shortcuts, no exceptions – you become a servant, every day

  27. There is no such thing as A key to a person’s heart. The heart is complex; it’s like a multifaceted diamond. You want to win someone’s heart, you gotta try a thousand ways to win their heart and serve them.

  28. Business success is about being a servant

  29. You know what a minister is? In both the Hebrew and the greek, the root word means servant

  30. God gave him two ways to double his business and in both cases, it was after multiple tries of “How can I meet the needs of my customer’s better?”