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Develop your leadership skills and reduce the effects of accompanying stress


  1. Leadership is a gift that can be developed.
  2. Stress is the external pressure divided by internal strength. Are you a nail or straw?
  3. Strong leaders exercise perseverance and humility to develop their skills.
  4. To keep on track, build two core teams that will give wise, Godly counsel. Your children can be one of your best set of counselors. 

1 Samuel Ch 23 - How David learned leadership


Pastor John Fichtner

I Cor. book study pt. 38
Gifts of the Spirit pt.7 - UD


Pastor John Fichtner

Gifts of the Spirit part 7 by John Fichtner : The Gift of Leadership

  1. Single greatest factor in success in life: leadership

  2. Everybody has gift of leadership (three factors determine level: how much, already, how much did you grow, and different positions in life)

  3. When you exert influence/mold others, that’s leadership

  4. Spoudé: on assignment from your master and bring results back to him, bring an account for life with diligence

  5. 2 groups in highest leadership positions for which spoudé is a strong motivator: pastors and parents

  6. Leaders must understand they will be judged and slandered because others correctly perceive the leaders’ lives are easier

  7. Leaders, in the Spirit, lives troubled by lesser demons

  8. The only tool turns mind, soul, and body back to God is leadership

  9. Leaders recognize they learn more when walking through a situation with someone than actually going through – they can remain objective and see clearly

  10. Training for leaders – find a leader, take what fits personal soul, and put it into practice

  11. Extremists, when someone under them fails, bash others or self – neither pleases God

  12. If you ever get into a situation where you think you’ll help change things, they will change you for the worse

  13. Leaders – I will learn and find ways to have what you got

Stress-Disciplines are a by product of Wisdom- Sermon 1 UD - UD


Pastor John Fichtner

Stress-Disciplines are a by product of Wisdom- Sermon 2 UD - UD


Pastor John Fichtner

Stress-Disciplines are a by product of Wisdom- Sermon 3 UD - UD


Pastor John Fichtner