Sex within Marriage

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MS pt. 31 - How God Made Men and Women Different (part 7) - UD


Pastor John Fichtner

Marriage in Depth part 12: How God Made Men and Women Different (Part 7) by John Fichtner


  1. Scripture references: Mt. 15:19, Rom. 13:13, I Cor. 5, I Cor. 6:13-19, Gal. 5:19, Eph. 5:3, Eph. 5:5, Col. 3:5, I Thess. 4:3-4, Heb. 12:16, Heb.13: 4, Jude 1:4, Jude 1:7, I Tim. 3:6

  2. The issue of sex is a battle over the worth and the value of the human soul.

  3. Every time you think about lusting after someone who is not your mate, you have agreed to his Satan’s foundational concept.

  4. Satan is saying that you are an animal, every time he says that sex is good outside of marriage.

  5. Satan will try to tell you that you have no other passions and that sex is the essence of who you are.

  6. Every time that you have agreed with the thought that sex outside of marriage is good you have agreed that you are an animal.

  7. To think that sex is good outside of marriage is to say that there is no God.

  8. Satan desires to prove that sex is good outside of marriage through repetitive stimulation of the physical body.

  9. Satan will use TV and movies to tell you 50 million times that sex outside of marriage is good.

  10. God says that you are worth His Son dying on the Cross for you. You have value!

  11. Sex is a gift that God gives as a reward of the Covenant.

  12. Sex is all about trust!

  13. Once you are married do you keep as one of the top two highest passions in your life that your mate is going to be the most sexually satisfied person on this planet? If you don’t then you are not a person who can be trusted. You have lost sight of God.

  14. Sex in a marriage is a like Worship in your walk with Christ. Sex is not an extra.

  15. The sweetest and most powerful time to worship is when things aren’t going good.

  16. If you do nothing else well, learn to worship.

  17. Worship is the first and most fierce thing.

  18. In almost all cases of men having an affair it is because in most cases they have wives that do not joyfully and freely gives sex; It’s a fierce point of judgment on the wife that does not understand that it is the reward of the Covenant.

  19. We need to understand the spiritual dynamics behind sex.

  20. Satisfying your mate should be on the top of your list, let the kids rot in their rooms if you have to.

  21. When you have sex outside of marriage the Bible says that it’s not just joining of bodies but you have also joined souls.

  22. Every person that you’ve ever had sex with unless you break it by the Blood of Jesus Christ, all of their demons, all of their curses, all of their deception has a legal hold on your soul.

  23. If you don’t break it by name (renounce it) you will go through life wondering why all the struggles, why you aren’t willing to enjoy sex, why you always feel ashamed. Its because you still have the people demons who have legal rights.

  24. The soul ties must be broken. When you have sex its not just union of bodies but union of souls.

  25. You cannot separate your body from your soul.

  26. The act of sex is more than just an orgasm it’s a union of two people. You literally own their soul from the time you have sex with them.

  27. It feels like you loose 50 -100lbs with every soul tie that you break.

  28. We must learn to control our own bodies in a way that’s honorable and holy.

  29. Sexually immoral is godless!

  30. When you give your body to someone, they now control your soul!

MS pt. 32 - How God Made Men and Women Different (part 8) - UD


Pastor John Fichtner

Marriage in Depth part 13: How God Made Men and Women Different (Part 8) by John Fichtner


  1. Scripture references: 1 Corinthians 7: 1-6

  2. Take a stance that when the Word of God is clear you do not debate with the Word of God!

  3. Confession: I belong to Jesus Christ and when the Word of God is clear, I don’t debate, I don’t argue and I will not rebel.

  4. Sex has become a perversion of the norm.

  5. Pastors see the consequences in marriages because of sexual perversion.

  6. God’s mercy is forward focused.

  7. If you have been screwed up sexually, your soul has become warped, welcome to the 90 percentile; you are of the vast majority.

  8. There are only about 10% in society that have had purity and a health sexually.

  9. The Bible tells us that taking care of our spouses sexually is not an option.

  10. Sex is the thermometer of how healthy you are.

  11. Sex is the ultimate act of giving.

  12. Sex is not for you but for your mate.

  13. You don’t have to feel to give!

  14. If you don’t enjoy sex with your married partner then there is something very wrong with you.

  15. In obeying Jesus, it starts with your married sex life because when you keep the marriage bed pure and honored by all, Hebrews 13: 5 says your marriage will always be intoxicating.

  16. A person who does not take care of their mate sexually is the same as someone who refuses to feed their children. It is a heinous rebellion.

  17. The question that obliterates all game and fog is how hard will I work to get healed if I have been wounded sexually?

  18. If you don’t get your sex life fantastic you will kill your children. The curses will be so real and dominant.

  19. Say that for your own health and marriage, you have to get healed!

  20. If you will deal with these issue now while the heart is soft it will be easier.

  21. Is refusing to take care of your mate sexually grounds for divorce? Yes, most theologians say it is. PJ thinks, that it doesn’t matter because you will be divorced.

  22. PJ tells married couples when they come to him about their mates not having sex with them to throw them out in the street and tell the whole world why.

  23. You no longer have ownership over your own body but you and your mate share ownership over your body.

  24. Your body was already bought and paid for and it belongs to Jesus.

  25. Confession: When the Word of God is clear I don’t debate, I don’t argue and when I am commanded something fiercely by God I say, “yes Sir, please give me grace and mercy and show me how to obey you!

  26. Confession: In the name of Jesus Christ I honor the word of God, I obey the Word of God, that everything in my life will glorify my King! In Jesus name, Amen!

  27. There is warfare over your sex life. Your sex life is a protection over your marriage.

  28. Of course you will be divorced in 10 years if you mess around with sex and you will get what you deserved.

  29. It’s a fierce and heinous thing to deny your mate sexually!

  30. No mate should ever go 48 much less 72 hrs if their mate wants sex without doing everything in their schedule to take care of their mate.

  31. The thermometer says if you enjoy it then you’re a healthy soul.

  32. When you begin to have sex with your mate, the essence of Gods plan is I will delight you, I will show you how sweet God is and how much God is in love with you.

  33. Paul is urging the church to wake up because it is a battle for your life. Sex is not an extra. It is a responsibility, a duty.

  34. You have no more rights apart from your mate!

  35. Your bodies are mutual ownership.

  36. The Lord Jesus Christ owns your body then he leases it out to you and your mate in a shared ownership.

  37. When your mate says that they want to have sex, you really don’t have a choice. If you can’t at that moment come to an agreement on when you can.

  38. I am horrified at the medical ignorance of the female species. Which is worse (chemically), a woman on PMS or a man that hasn’t had sex for more than 3 days. The answer is, they are equal.

  39. It doesn’t matter if no one taught you this!

  40. When a man’s sperm is backed up, it goes into his adrenal gland, when that happens every emotion is a thousand times louder, there is passion and anger.

  41. When you turn down a man sexually his whole system is out of whack and screwed up.

  42. When you judge a man because he is more attentive and affectionate when he is horny you are judging God. When you start judging God you’re in big trouble.

  43. God made man this way.

  44. When your man cannot be fascinating with you then some other woman will be fascinating.

  45. Make your man a success!