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Typology Series by John Fichtner – Series Overview

This series has 1 teaching.

This teaching is from the verse-by-verse study of the book of 1 Corinthians.

In this sermon you learn the basis of how typology works and are given a few examples of it. PJ also expounds on end times, persecution, and his determination to see people find ALL of their satisfaction, fulfillment, and purpose only in Jesus. 

I Cor. 10
Types of Christ


Pastor John Fichtner

Typology 1 by John Fichtner

  1. 1 Corinthians 10

  2. Typology is seeing Jesus – figuratively – in the Old Testament

    1. Adam was a “type” of Who was to come; Sarah and Hagar were a “type” of two covenants

    2. The “law” – the whole Old Testament – is only a shadow of the good things that are coming, not a realities themselves

  3. Free typology books online: “Gleanings in Genesis” & “Gleanings in Exodus” by Arthur Pinks

  4. Typology is so rich and makes the Word come alive

  5. Cloud leading the Israelites

    1. Shows me that there’s a comfort & a protection in water baptism

    2. The cloud led them

    3. When you’re baptized, you hear the voice of God more clearly

  6. “Egypt” in typology always represents “the world”

  7. Everyone who sins is a slave to sin (John 8)

  8. “Exodus” is salvation

  9. Exodus 17 – God telling Moses to “strike the rock” when the people were thirsty

  10. “Manna” means, “what is it?”

  11. Every time they (the Israelites) moved, the rock followed them

  12. Strike the rock ONCE because Jesus would only suffer ONCE for all mankind

  13. Inner-healing is about breaking curses

  14. Selfishness is the doorway to demons – it’s always, only selfishness

  15. Demons have more power on your life IF you model their selfishness

  16. Jesus is the fulfillment of the ages, of every Old Testament story

    1. Jesus is also the fulfillment of EVERY desire of my heart

  17. Your marriage and kids will not fulfill the desires of your heart

  18. When you find your fulfillment in Jesus, you will overflow and be able to serve others

  19. Daniel 9 (end times timeline)

  20. Luke 21:20-34 (end times only mention in the New Testament)

  21. No small children today (this generation) will die a natural death

  22. For me (PJ) to be your pastor, you have to live every minute for eternity

  23. My (PJ) goal is to prepare you for persecution – it’s more than storing up food and guns

    1. When persecution comes, lay down your guns, go outside & start preaching!

    2. When you lose your life for HIS sake you find it

  24. 3 Things to do to prepare for persecution:

    1. Live having already brought people to Christ – it gets easier when the battle gets intense

    2. Memorize the Word – if they take your Bible away, you still have the Word inside you

    3. Love and serve the Lord – plus your natural family, spiritual family, & the lost

  25. LIE: if you follow and love Jesus, then everything in your life will go well…

  26. Why are you surprised that you’re going through a fiery trial? That’s your LIFE.

  27. The “good soil” holds onto nothing but the Word

  28. The Church shines the brightest when they’re persecuted

  29. 1 Corinthians 15:19

  30. God wants our lives to be calm so we can be more focused on the Kingdom

    1. But WHEN there’s not calm, that’s when we’re made more like Him

  31. 3 Questions I ask when facing a hard time:

    1. Have I missed wisdom?

    2. Anything in my heart that You want to cleanse and clean up?

    3. Am I LIVING to make Him known?

  32. God does NOT have to make our lives easier; it rains on the just and the un-just

  33. God allows “stuff” to happen so we can SHINE BRIGHTER – take everything away, and we will say that NONE of that fulfills me!

  34. Q: How do you know if you’re selfish?

    1. Give me 3 close people to you that I can interview

    2. Does this person LIVE TO GIVE? (in every area)

  35. Hebrews 12:6 – those whom God loves He disciplines!

  36. You go to a church to be healed, so you can get to work

  37. Nobody should seek his own good, but the good of others

  38. Be gracious and secure (1 Corinthians 10:25)

  39. If you give to a “taker” – someone with a perverted level of selfishness – you bring them further AWAY from Christ, not closer towards Christ