Gifts of the Spirit

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This series has 13 sermons and covers the gifts of the Spirit listed in Romans and 1 Corinthians.


In this series, listeners will hear and learn about the spiritual gift mix in their own heart, identify their strong areas, grow their weak areas, and see the importance of this gift when ministering to their church, family, and the lost. (Strongly recommend having the sermon handouts available)

I Cor. 12:1
Gifts of the Spirit - UD


Pastor John Fichtner

Gifts of the Spirit part 1by John Fichtner : Overview of the Gifts series

  1. You can know, with confidence, the gifts in your life are a fingerprint of God on your soul that no one else in the world possesses in their life.

  2. Two types of people in the world: passionate (on fire, but possibly dissatisfied with life) or content (peaceful, but lacking life)

  3. Everyone has a gift mix; top gifts are a strong mark/indicator of your soul

  4. Understanding the balance of the gifts in the body of Christ will bring contentment, stability, and calm

  5. Grk. word “pneumatikos” relates to speaking to spirituality, not necessarily gifts

  6. Paul draws focus to the fierce, personal, permanent breath and wind of the Holy Spirit, which defines purpose and destiny in our lives

  7. Three definitions of spiritual gifts mix:

    1. Individual purpose/style

    2. Part of the Spirit that belongs to you

    3. Part of the Spirit that blows eager energy in your soul (passions)

  8. Our souls are like landscapes: places that lack wind die, places with constant wind flourish and produce

  9. In every soul, there are wind tunnels – places where energy builds and passions come alive

  10. Of the bricks you want to build confidence and security in your soul, one of the top five would be spiritual gifts

  11. Hearing the voice of God regarding this has two legs:

    1. Wisdom (practicality, makes sense, bears fruit, seek counsel)

    2. Revelation (peace, intuitive sense)

  12. 90% of confidence in Christ is found in spiritual gifts

  13. Any gift can be self-righteous and judge the others

  14. We can learn to grow in our gifts by learning from those that are stronger in the area

  15. God wants us to burn with zeal for the gifts in our lives

  16. You can be passionate and completely content with the gifts in your soul

I Cor. 12:3-27
Gifts of the Spirt Pt.2 - UD


Pastor John Fitchner

Gifts of the Spirit par 2 by John Fichtner : Understanding Role of the Gifts

  1. 5 Review points from previous sermon

    1. Not covering Eph. 4/1 Peter 1 gift lists

    2. Main way to determine gift mix: contrast them to each other - two tests to measure: how much passion and increased ability

    3. Can develop weak gifts from similar friends, not out of performance orientation

    4. You cannot be strong in every gift! (I maximize my measure of my faith in my gifts)

    5. When you understand how the gifts function, you can be both passionate and content

  2. It does not please God for you to focus completely on your weak areas

  3. If you take your weakest gifts and boost them to average, your strengths will quadruple

  4. Two aspects of American culture that deceive believers:

    1. 90% of Americans are convinced about their after death destination without reading New Testament all the way through one time

    2. Confessing “Jesus is Lord” is inaccurate – Jesus is my sole reason for living!

  5. The body of Christ is “complex souls moving in a single direction”

  6. There are multiple multiples of spiritual gifts, but all flowing from one spirit

  7. Unbiblical statement: I’m really excited to learn what my spiritual gift is! (this is singular; EVERYONE has a gift mix!)

  8. No one has the same 15 gift mix as anyone else

  9. Multiple multiples: personal gift mix + different area + different style + energy (results)

  10. 1 Cor. 12 explains why connection in the local church is important

  11. 8 questions that are answered in this chapter (listed in handout)

I Cor. 12:6-7
Gifts of the Spirit Pt. 3 - UD


Pastor John Fichtner

Gifts of the Spirit part by John Fichtner 3: The Gift of Serving

  1. Recognize each member belongs to everyone else (Rms.12:4)

  2. You only get credit in your gifts when they are handled with such joy, humility, and graciousness that people who are weak in that area want to grow (interdependency)

  3. Themes of helping gifts:

    1. Serving – what can I do for you?

    2. Encouraging – You are wonderful; you can do this!

    3. Mercy – I feel your pain

  4. Gifts that tend to clash, when in the flesh, can be better defined according to theme phrase

  5. Serving clashes with faith (what can I do vs. you don’t have to do anything)

  6. Gift that judges leaders the most & second most negative: servants

  7. Servants desire not to be seen or take the lead; however, if in a leadership position, they must be seen and accept responsibility

  8. Leaders call for a team, whereas servants see individual needs

  9. Servants can judge based on 5% of leaders’ ugly motives instead of 95% purity of heart (be careful – God will do the same in return)

  10. Understand the balance of gifts in different situations by their reactions:

    1. Death – encouragers speak encouragement, servants offer assistance, merciful people offer empathy

  11. Servants must understand truth (boundary) of “If I serve people, some may serve as well, but most will become selfish”

  12. A servants’ need for appreciation is the heart of God to keep them connected to others

  13. Servants feeling underappreciated need to be vocal and set boundaries (I will stop serving because I’m no longer a blessing, but a burden to you)

  14. Servants can require appreciation from others when servants are walking in the Spirit (shows maturity)

  15. Short term goals brings joy to heart of servants because they take commitment seriously (What can I do for you now?)

  16. Servants must allow others the joy of serving through delegation

  17. Healthy servants are able to say no and pace themselves

  18. There are some things we are called to that may not be difficult, but are completely possible when full of the Spirit

1Cor. 14
Gifts of the Spirit Pt. 4 - UD


Pastor John Fichtner

Gifts of the Spirit part 4 by John Fichtner : The Gift of Teaching

  1. Be extra cautious when listening to this sermon – most people will know quickly if they have this gift

  2. Famous teachers in Christian history: Augustine, Charles Spurgeon, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

  3. Definition of teacher: someone that takes complicated subjects and explain them thoroughly

  4. Teaching is a misunderstood gift – if you:

    1. Like to study? Gift of word of knowledge

    2. Like to understand? Gift of wisdom

    3. Teach at work? Gift of leadership with specialized expertise and speaking opp.

  5. To be a teacher, God’s command is to teach every subject that speaks to everyone the whole counsel of God with the same inflection, length, heart, and emphasis as Christ

  6. Teachers bring fresh manna every time

  7. Appeals:

    1. If you think you have this gift? Run!

      1. It’s a gift that carries MUCH responsibility

      2. It can be used to intentionally hurt others (deception/false teaching)

    2. Understand true teachers are not pastors (ex. TD Jakes, Andy Stanley)

  8. God is raising the standard of teaching in the body

  9. Request from PJ: PLEASE listen to multiple teachers/styles weekly

  10. To teach the very words of God:

    1. Solid, clear, accurate bible study

    2. Hear God’s heart on the subject

    3. Understand the law of 1st mention

  11. Guidelines:

    1. Deal with personal bias before opening the book – God usually shows areas of deception in the heart

    2. Deal with personal ignorance – avoid teaching according to personal preference

  12. Teachers teach about every point of interaction of man and the Word vs. a leader that has a few life messages to explain/expound

  13. Five questions will show the heart of those looking for/chasing after the gift of teaching or already given the gift (listed on handout)

  14. PLEASE show honor to the gift of teaching

I Cor. book study pt. 36
Romans 12:6-7 - UD


Pastor John Fichtner

Gifts of the Spirit part 5 by John Fichtner : The Gift of Encouragement

  1. Encouragers are incredibly happy and never tire of telling you how amazing you are, and they mean it every time!

  2. If you don’t have/are not strong in this gift, fight the impulse to judge their sincerity; just admit they’re more gifted

  3. Everyone has all the gifts – it’s just about measure

  4. Everyone can learn to be 70/100 in this gift!

  5. This is the ONLY gift that God takes on as a name – Paraclete (encourager) is the name of the Holy Spirit

  6. God’s personality? A billion times more cheerful than the most cheerful encourager

  7. Encouragers will, like God, walk beside a friend, planning to be there indefinitely, lifting them, encouraging, and speaking life

  8. Recognize 98/100 times God speaks to us, He’s saying, “I am for you, I am with you, and you’re going to make it!”

  9. The gift of encouragement doesn’t clash with any gift – it only doubles them

    1. Servants become cheerful

    2. Merciful people bring courage to the shameful

    3. Givers bring motivation/strength

    4. Leaders encourage toward success

    5. Faithful people stand with you, doubling your faith

  10. Encouragers tend to believe everyone is telling the truth and are all wonderful

  11. Encouragers have to learn discernment, create boundaries, and have parameters

  12. Encouragers learn to allow others to turn pain into positive

  13. Leaders make quick decisions because they’re confident in their gifts; encouragers make quick decisions because decisions distract from people!

  14. When encouragers have an idea, you don’t have to support the idea, but the first words out of your mouth must be positive – this is the heart of God

    1. They see how the person is more important than the decision

    2. They will see/heart cautions better

    3. They will help you see truth more clearly

    4. You can guide through praise

Romans 12:6-7
Giving - UD


Pastor John Fichtner

Gifts of the Spirit part 6 by John Fichtner : The Gift of Giving

  1. Those with this gift are called to money, interested in money, and/or have abilities with money

  2. When people have this gift, it doesn’t automatically mean they’ll be wealthy or not encounter financial trials

  3. Proof of being taught good financial practices at home:

    1. Parents tithe?

    2. Contentment in living below means?

    3. Parents taught budgeting?

  4. God calls us to hate the hypnotic pull of money; money itself is impartial

  5. Givers don’t give financially without expecting a spiritual return on their investment (that’s not love!)

  6. Givers use money to propel people forward spiritually

  7. Don’t try to minister to a spiritual need when there’s an overwhelming financial need, and don’t try to meet a financial need without requiring spiritual movement

  8. Shrewdness combined with selfishness is manipulation; shrewdness combined with permanent soul change is wisdom

  9. Those trusted with money and proven true can be trusted with the souls of men.

  10. Money’s hypnotic lie: “If you have more of me, you’ll be safe, valued, important, and in control”

  11. #1 place to put money when investing in spiritual matters: children (natural rewards are a shadow of spiritual rewards)

  12. The sweetest, most fun time in life is when you give over the tithe to others

  13. Givers know to give anonymously:

    1. Keeps them from becoming a savior replacement

    2. Protects themselves as well as recipient

  14. Every giver wants to know what’s the return on their investment

  15. Areas to give: kids, orphanage, missions, and well established structures

I Cor. book study pt. 38
Gifts of the Spirit pt.7 - UD


Pastor John Fichtner

Gifts of the Spirit part 7 by John Fichtner : The Gift of Leadership

  1. Single greatest factor in success in life: leadership

  2. Everybody has gift of leadership (three factors determine level: how much, already, how much did you grow, and different positions in life)

  3. When you exert influence/mold others, that’s leadership

  4. Spoudé: on assignment from your master and bring results back to him, bring an account for life with diligence

  5. 2 groups in highest leadership positions for which spoudé is a strong motivator: pastors and parents

  6. Leaders must understand they will be judged and slandered because others correctly perceive the leaders’ lives are easier

  7. Leaders, in the Spirit, lives troubled by lesser demons

  8. The only tool turns mind, soul, and body back to God is leadership

  9. Leaders recognize they learn more when walking through a situation with someone than actually going through – they can remain objective and see clearly

  10. Training for leaders – find a leader, take what fits personal soul, and put it into practice

  11. Extremists, when someone under them fails, bash others or self – neither pleases God

  12. If you ever get into a situation where you think you’ll help change things, they will change you for the worse

  13. Leaders – I will learn and find ways to have what you got

I Cor. book study pt. 38
Gifts of the Spirit pt.8


Pastor John Fichtner

I Cor. book study pt. 40
Gifts of the Spirit pt.9 - UD


Pastor John Fichtner

Gifts of the Spirit part 9 by John Fichtner : The Gifts of Wisdom and Knowledge

  1. “Word” in 1 Co. 12 should actually be “message” – this is in reference to the message of wisdom and knowledge

  2. Does your life carry the message of wisdom and knowledge

  3. Knowledge is not just studying, but acquiring an intimate understanding and relationship with the subject

  4. When you open the Bible, always ask, “What is your heart about this, Lord?”

  5. Wisdom is understanding “why” and “how” & using every ounce of knowledge, grace, and anointing to make Him known

  6. No person can ever say, “Look at my life and see wisdom” – can only be known by looking at influence on others

  7. Can I help others connect to Jesus’ heart?

  8. It’s not about the gift – it’s the message of wisdom

I Cor. book study pt. 41
Gifts of the Spirit pt.10 - UD


Pastor John Fichtner

Healing 1-by Pastor John Fichtner


  1. Everything in our life is to be by faith

  2. I want to see the proof

  3. I want it to be clear

  4. Half to two thirds of faith is this one word-trails

  5. Dominate Word, Dominate Church History

  6. Romans 10:17

  7. Did I earnestly seek him

  8. Happening while my worst nightmare has come upon me

  9. Where is the reward in this

  10. Who exactly gets to pick the reward

  11. Stay fresh in the Lord

  12. The issue is why pray

  13. Drink of His Spirit and eat of His Word

  14. How do I keep God’s priorities and be faithful

  15. Being distracted

  16. When you hear God’s voice you speak with God’s authority

  17. The root of ongoing fear is control

  18. Cannot say I will serve you but

  19. I will trust

  20. Can’t just quote scriptures

I Cor. book study pt. 42
Gifts of the Spirit pt.11 - UD


Pastor John Fichtner

Healing 2-by Pastor John Fichtner

  1. Iama

  2. Supernatural healing

  3. Natural

  4. Soul healing of counseling

  5. All three gifts are from God

  6. Sometimes bitterness in your soul causes problems in your body

  7. People having faith get healed quicker

  8. 800 studies in 20 years

  9. We gonna get new bodies with hair

  10. Yes there are times God intervenes supernaturally

  11. You claim because the Spirit says this is for me at this time

  12. Two extremes

  13. Romans 12:3, Hebrews 12:5

  14. Don’t be flippant and don’t freak out

  15. Are you clear on the heart of God

  16. God do I love you more than I did two years ago

  17. You just examine your heart

  18. I will praise you no matter what

  19. Gods perfect best for him was medicine healing

I Cor. book study pt. 43
Gifts of the Spirit pt.12 - UD


Pastor John Fichtner

Healing 3-by Pastor John Fichtner


  1. People who operate in miracles they don’t just declare or claim things they listen to the Spirit first

  2. Miracles is God showing off

  3. Miracles are primary for evangelism

  4. Power meant to break through things

  5. Miracles are a gift

  6. Every gift needs training

  7. Lord show us how to pray for them

  8. Lost people are appreciate whether they get healed or not

  9. Faith flows through relaxed people

  10. Person touched more deeply by you than anyone

  11. There are advantages to living in the end times

  12. Ten minutes of effort

  13. A whopper seed of the power and presence of God

I Cor. book study pt. 44
Gifts of the Spirit pt.13 - UD


Pastor John Fichtner

Gifts of the Spirit part 13: The Gift of Discerning of Spirits

  1. This gift has the ability to sense/perceive angels & demons to remind us there is reality behind the veil

  2. This is not the real world, but the veil protects us

  3. Evidence/symptoms of this gift: walking into normal, regular situations and getting a strange feeling, either positive or negative

  4. Never draw conclusions from an impression

  5. The spirits we discern could be an actual person’s spirit, angels, or demons – no one knows

  6. It is biblical, though, that Christians see and interact with angels (ex. 4 times in Acts)

  7. Allow members of the team around you to include this gift

  8. This is the only gift that does NOT have a test for validity; thus, biblical parameters are set extra high

  9. Be sure to understand God’s word and heart on the subject

  10. Flaky, dysfunctional people that claim this gift never stay put for longer than 5 years and find a way to move on while pointing fingers at others

  11. Examine: take time to carefully see as a group, wanting to approve this gift

  12. God’s hope: move from shutting down to flowing with team wanting to approve this gift in safety

I Cor. 14
The Gifts of Prophecy, Tongues & Interpretation - UD


Pastor John Fichtner

Gifts of the Spirit part 14: The Gifts of Prophecy, Tongues, and Interpretation


  1. When I give a prophecy, it’s not about ME!

  2. Paul wrote a whole chapter about this gift to show the importance of selflessness

  3. The two gifts that give more supernatural confidence (sense of God’s power moving through you) are miracles and prophecy, which can breed arrogance

  4. You’re not allowed to bring self into prophecy

  5. You will never a pure prophetic word on earth – we only know in part

  6. Training brings safety/confidence in gift

  7. Theme of 1 Co. 14: never flaunt freedom to a point that causes weak or unsaved to stumble in corporate worship

  8. Biblical truth: if there is no interpretation of tongues spoken aloud, it is then for personal use only

  9. Don’t use the gifts of the spirit to hijack the service and draw attention

  10. Everyone can give a prophetic word, but not everyone has a strong gift of prophecy

  11. When Paul addresses women in the church, he implores the church to be culturally sensitive to keep from unkind distractions (women speaking may offend someone enough to distract from God)

  12. There’s nothing more serious than distracting away from God’s purpose and plan