The 4 Core Values of Liberty Church

The 4 Core Values of Liberty Church

1. Salvation

Can you confirm for us that Jesus Christ is the Lord, the Savior, the Boss and the Center of your life and that you guide your life by His Word? May we talk thru with you our Offer of a Personal Processing Person to privately give you time to be confident in these areas?

1. Salvation
2. Emotional Safety
3. Stewardship
4. Community

2. Emotional Safety →ARP & Humility

At Liberty Church we go DEEP in our relationships. In an unhealthy world emotionally, we want to be upfront about two keys ways
that the Bible provides great emotional safety for you from others and for others from you. ☺

Emotional Safety for YOU from Others → ARP

ARP (Advice Requires Permission) is based on I Cor.13:5 Love is NOT RUDE & I Pt. 2:17 Show PROPER RESPECT to everyone!
With deep relationships it is VERY IMPORTANT to know the exact point when deep HEALTHY friendships have crossed a
line and become manipulative, controlling and dysfunctional relationships. That line is ARP. Once anyone feels free to tell
you what you should be doing without first asking your permission and winning your heart, they have reduced you to a child
and the relationship has become controlling and dangerous. The bottom line is that you are NOT a CHILD and we ask you to
NOT permit anyone in this church to treat you like a child. Once you commit to ARP, you have a sense of safety that others
may not violate your soul and give you negative feedback without your permission.

Emotional Safety for OTHERS from You → Humility

Please don’t be offended that we bring this up. ☺ Actually do you know
that the Bible commands Christians to never be offended? We have
two Bible studies on our App & Website that are in-depth studies of James
2 & I Peter 2 under the Topical sermons section titled – “OFFENDED
that we highly recommend that show how being offended is the
OPPOSITE of humility. We also have a 16 page study w/200 scriptures
that explains how humility is the greatest attitude in the kingdom of God
and the open door to faith and love. Humility Study Link

To be offended is to ASSUME the WORST of others and to assume that I
am an INNOCENT VICTIM. That never, ever, ever, ever happens in
God’s kingdom. Jesus always has something GOOD that HE wants to
teach ALL of us. None of us are innocent victims in a misunderstanding
and Jesus always wants us to assume the BEST of others. (I Cor. 13:6)
We ask that if any person at Liberty Church does something that bothers or confuses you that you ASSUME the BEST but
seek SINCERE DIALOGUE. The perfect words that open hearts and understanding in a dialogue are:
“Can you please help me to understand why you...?”
in a gracious email. Every person in Liberty including Pastor John welcomes you to approach us in this way and we commit to
always respond humbly and graciously.

3. Stewardship

We have an entire teaching on our Church App & Website under MEMBERSHIP that explains every detail of how we carefully,
with great frugality and integrity handle finances at Liberty Church including details on all of the Pastors’ salaries. We are
intentionally transparent in this area because this is the Lord’s money and we answer to Jesus.
We ask every new member specifically if you can commit that you will always be faithful to bring the whole tithe (10%) into your
local church?
The Lord created the tithe to help local churches to become spiritual FAMILIES! The tithe keeps the Rich from becoming Arrogant
and it keeps the Poor from feeling Shame. The tithe allows everyone to contribute EQUALLY to the needs of their church family.
If you have never done a Biblical study of tithing, we have a separate booklet available that explains the Biblical mandate for every Christian to bring their tithe into their local church. We also have a fascinating in-depth Bible study that covers tithing and every other major O.T. law to show which O.T. law such as Sabbath and Sacrifices are fulfilled in the first coming of Jesus and which O.T. laws such as Honoring your Parents & Tithing are fulfilled in the second
coming of Jesus.
If you understand the importance of tithing but are in a financial mess, we
can offer to have you meet with one of our financial counselors who will help
you plan to eventually be able to tithe. 

4. Community

Our small group weekends make it extremely EASY for every Liberty
member to have real community.

The single sweet, strong & safe
standard in our small groups that we ask of EVERYONE makes small
groups a DELIGHT for everyone.

What happens in Welcome to Liberty Class # 2 – Next Month?

Next month’s class is for those who are ready to become members.
In that class we do two main things.
  1. We go over the PERSONALITY GIFTS test and talk about your personality gifts and how we can best serve you.
  2. We PRAY PERSONALLY over each of you individually as we induct you into the Liberty Church family. During this time of prayer we have those join us who have the gift of prophesy to release God’s anointing’s, gifts and callings on your life. This is a very powerful and personal time when people get personal words from the Lord.