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keys to Victory
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ARMOR OF GOD by John Fichtner- Series Overview
This series is 13 sermons long, and deals with our transformation by God through praying on the armor of God and calling on the names of God to provide, heal, change, protect, and bring peace. The first nine lessons deal with the components of the armor of God and how each piece assists you in conflicts of life. The last four lessons explain eight of the names of God and how each name reveals part of the Lord’s character to you and what He wants to do through your life.
Water Baptism by John Fichtner – Series overview
This series addresses the ways Baptism was intended within the scriptures and how water baptism is to be seen.
Blessing Verbally by John Fichtner – Series Overview
Introduction: In this mini-series with several sub-series, you will gain an understanding of the loving judgment of God and the difference between human judgment and godly discernment. Learn easy ways of greeting to bless everyone you come in contact with!
2 Sermons
The Blood of Jesus by Pastor John Fichtner- Series Overview
This series has 2 teachings.
The first teaching reviews significant Old Testament events that unravel the Scarlet Thread message of “an innocent life must die that you may live” and leads one to see how the daily participation of Blood is the key to confidence with God. The second teaching delivers more details about the power of the blood of Jesus, reveals nine legal inheritances we have, and provides examples of releasing the Blood of Jesus to have victory in these nine areas of our lives.
Stunning insight on your job! Helps you learn favor, humility, communication and understanding. Talks through how good understanding wins favor, that work is a mission field, and how to be a powerhouse for God by touching on these points:
God wants to use your career for Jesus while promoting you at your job.
The door to success is between you and your boss.
How to win heart of a difficult boss.
Forgiveness to Joy to Blessings
2 Sermons
3 Sermons
Our calling is to be servants in our local church. Be givers and not takers. Serving in your local church creates stability.
When you've been wronged, you have learned wisdom to serve more effectively.
What are you training your children to be? They're watching you!
When you serve, you get wisdom from other peoples' lives. Learn your lessons by serving other people, rather than the pain of making the mistakes yourself. ☺
Hormonal Release happens 2x where God commands the child to deeply assess and critique their parents. It isn’t them talking, it is God who is speaking to you!
7 Sermons
This series helps people who “Try TOO Hard” to help and please others. It is a VERY EMOTIONAL series that most people listen to MULTIPLE times to heal their soul. It has tons of amazing scriptures and piercing questions such as:
How much am I RESPONSIBLE for other people’s problems?
Why is it more LOVING to give people FREEDOM to FAIL?
WHY am I in such a HURRY to fix everything?
This series will help your answer the soul burning question "Am I going to Heaven?"
This series applies to decades-long church members and new converts alike.
Does confessing Jesus as Lord guarantee my spot in heaven?
Does a sexually immoral lifestyle affect my salvation?
What does the Bible say about those who fall away?
How do I keep from falling away?
Is the saying "Once saved, always saved" true?
7 Sermons
This series has 7 teachings.
2 teachings are from the Marriage series and 5 from the Armor of God (Belt of Truth) series.
The first sermon provides a wealth of circuit breakers for anger and the last one provides great tips on the listening test.  Leaders are good listeners.
The Belt of Truth teaches how to see different sides of a conflict.
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The Cross

12 Sermons
The Story: The Cross by John Fichtner – Series Overview
This series addresses the last 24 hrs of Jesus’ life and the cost of what He suffered through the Cross..
1 Sermon
3 Sermons
with tender hope
5 Sermons
This series has 2 teachings.
2 Tim. 2:8-20
An emotional subject where at one time people were hopeful, excited, had plans, had trust, had relationships and they blew apart and they become disappointed with Christians, Church and their lives. They have gone from energized to weary, weak, and deflated.
In sermon # 1 it talks about what a true Pastor / Shepherd looks like Biblically.
In sermon # 2 it talks about how to learn from your past pains and how to upgrade your friendships.
2 Sermons
This series has 2 teachings.
In the first sermon you receive biblical options of things that you can do that will be pleasing to the Lord if you are considering divorce.
In the second sermon you receive biblical information on the Lords heart for marriage, the husbands authority in marriage & some of the results of divorce.
2 Sermons
the four Bible disciplines that GUARANTEE smooth successful success in our Christian life.
2 Sermons
This series has 2 teachings.
The 1st teaching is from the Marriage series and the 2nd teaching is from Psalm 103.
In the first sermon you learn that you can CONTROL your emotions. You learn how the Word of God teaches you a whole new way of thinking and responding to emotions. You learn the Biblical definition of love.
In the second sermon you learn your mouth controls your emotions. You learn that you can command your emotions to praise God by remembering His benefits.
1 Sermon
This sermon give an overview of all of the reasons to know that Christ’s return is very near and how to prepare to live in an End Times World.
This series teaches you the basis for healthy and Unhealthy expectations.

You will learn:
To build and receive and trust.
To communicate more effectively
To become a more humble and secure servant.
The characteristics of a faith-filled person.
2 Sermons
2 Sermons
2 Sermons
based on 2 Tim. 1:7 "For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but a spirit of power and love and of sound mind."
Pastor John helps to mentally process the roots of fear and pain that feed fear in people's life. He offers several "antidotes" or ways of battling fear and eradicating fear from person's life.
Fear is an emotion, a thought that gives false "security" and leaves "paralyzed." It is focused on avoiding pain.
Not all fears are demonic, but fear can be demonic.
Powerful weapons against fear.
A powerful prayer that resolves most of the pain and roots of fear.
Power of love, 1 John 4:16 "There is not fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear."
Courage is an action. Deuteronomy 31:6 "Be strong. Take courage."
3 Sermons
Multiple Sermons with great graphics that give tons of scriptures on the three parts of man: Spirit, Soul and Body, giving clear explanation with specific scriptures on:
The difference between receiving the Holy Spirit at salvation in your spirit and being filled with the Holy Spirit in your soul and body.
Why Tongues is never weird or mindless but is a weapon of prayer.
How we can understand and recognize when our soul is empty and know how to be re-filled with the Spirit.
How the power of the Holy Spirit can change our “wants” to Godly wants.
9 Sermons
This single CD teaching by Pastor John is from our I Corinthians study and covers I Cor. 4:1-2. These verses have a powerful message that Forgiveness and Trust are two totally separate issues in the Bible.
2 Sermons
Deep and insightful reasons why we desire friendships It outlines healthy boundaries to put in place to start and friendship and to create a long lasting friendship. Discipleship is the greatest desire within our soul and through this we create deep friendships.

Friendship can never be the goal. It is a by-product of working well together.
Friendships are easily created through the use of short courses.
The Bible says the rich have many friends.
When you feel attacked seek to find the positive perspective from the other person.
1 Sermon
This series has 13 sermons and covers the gifts of the Spirit listed in Romans and 1 Corinthians.
In this series, listeners will hear and learn about the spiritual gift mix in their own heart, identify their strong areas, grow their weak areas, and see the importance of this gift when ministering to their church, family, and the lost. (Strongly recommend having the sermon handouts available)
18 Sermons
3 Sermons
This series teaching is all about Grace.

The word for Grace in the original Greek New Testament is the Greek Word “Charis” – which means literally JOY INSIDE YOU!
In these three sermons you will learn how to live in Grace / Joy, how to be led by Grace/Joy and how very different Joy is from Pleasure.
2 Sermons
How to become a relaxed, attractive soul, and be able to recognize the two tracks in other healthy souls.
1. Compare the three marks of humility to the three marks of confidence to measure which leg is longer in your soul?
2. Recognize which way your soul is bent and learn the balance the two legs of humility and confidence.
3. All habits are based on avoiding painful consequences and receiving a reward for this action.
4. What is the balance between doing what is best for others vs. doing what is best for our self?
Heaven and Hell by John Fichtner- Series Overview
This series has 2 sermons .
It is a preview of eternal, exciting possibilities of heaven and exposing some false assumptions we have believed.
Answers the question: “Why would a loving God create an eternal Hell?” Brings points such as:
1. Three times God has or will have rebellion in a perfect world.
2. Love requires free will. Free will requires choice. Three times that choice was wrong. Thus, the two things of knowing the goodness of God and knowing the evil and emptiness of selfishness, does a person have to understand both to walk with God?
3. Isaiah say that God will always keep on expanding his kingdom and keep creating which means that there may be millions of more sentient species created.
4. Revelation promises no more pain and rebellion. How does Hell guarantee this?
Gain Inspiration and courage to walk out the Faith in Jesus, by seeing how past believers walked out their faith.
1 Sermon
Explains to the husband in great and fun detail how a wife relates to the physical environment of her home.
  1. To a man, their physical home is separate from his soul.
  2. To a woman, the state of her home is how she looks physically. If her home is a mess, then she feels that she is an ugly mess. If her home is pretty and well organized then she feels like a beautiful success.
  3. A man does not have to clean the entire house. There is usually one or two sensitive areas that can make a wife very upset or very happy.
  4. Fun easy tips on how to include the kids in cleaning once a day.
Insecurity – How to Develop Godly Confidence series by Pastor John Fichtner – Overview
This series has 2 teachings.
Part 1 – Love does not boast. Part 2 – Love is not proud. These teachings on insecurity are extremely important in developing Godly confidence.
Love does not boast presents an assignment to keep our ears open, listen to conversations every day for the rest of our lives, and never doubt Christianity.
Love is not proud stimulates a challenge to us: “Let me see my life now as I would see it when I stand before Him.” We are to know God and make Him known!
15 Sermons
Job & Career series by John Fichtner – overview
This series have 15 teachings.
Job & Career direction through scriptures
This series covers biblical business principles for both business owners and business start-ups.
Included are biblical foundational truths to help you find God’s favor, promotion, anointing, victory, and blessing in your career, and with that, save you years of frustration. This will likely influence every career decision & turning point you’ll ever face, and the matter of training up and raising your children that they would see God’s blessing in their jobs & careers as well.
The subjects of prosperity, financial strain, fulfillment, wisdom, excellence, and hard work are addressed as well.
Dealing with the complex subject of when to apply Judgement, and when Mercy is appropriate.
2 Sermons
Laughter – Pastor John Fichtner
How to understand Laughter from GOD
And know GOD’s laughter is different from man’s laughter
Develop your leadership skills and reduce the effects of accompanying stress
  1. Leadership is a gift that can be developed.
  2. Stress is the external pressure divided by internal strength. Are you a nail or straw?
  3. Strong leaders exercise perseverance and humility to develop their skills.
  4. To keep on track, build two core teams that will give wise, Godly counsel. Your children can be one of your best set of counselors.
This series has 4 sermons.
Throughout the four sermons, you will learn how to wrestle through and respond to the “gray areas”, the disputable matters among Christians. Is it Ok for a Christian to:
  1. Drink?
  2. Smoke?
  3. Wear pants? (as a Christian woman)
  4. Wear a bikini? (as a Christian woman)
  5. Break the speed limit?
  6. Cuss?
Legalism, License, and Love are all stances that a Christian can take in the area of disputable matters. Primarily based in 1 Corinthians 8, 9, and 10, you will find rich truths to help you in everyday decisions and disputes.
This series deals with the hard questions that I could NOT find answers to in other world religions. If God is GOOD then everyone goes to heaven. If God is the JUST JUDGE then everyone deserves to be condemned because everyone has billions of times of being selfish in motive, thought, word and actions. Every religion says that God is both GOOD and the JUST JUDGE but they don’t solve this impossible equation. This is a series that simply explains Christianity logically.
1 Sermon
In these three Sermons, we cover the soul of the woman, the soul of the man and the bottom line of marriage.
  1. Women yearn for Oneness and for their words to carry great weight.
  2. Men yearn to be the Hero and battle feeling like failures.
  3. In every tension, God is changing both of you equally.
  4. So many more great practical, Biblical point!
1 Sermon
8 Sermons
Bible Chapters - How to!
3 Sermons
4 Sermons
2 Sermons
  1. Fight for the soul of your child, but fight smart.
  2. Parents are to demand respect from their child aged Birth to 5 years.
  3. This sets the child up to receive respect as they get older and culminates in friendship between the parent and the [likable] adult child.
  4. Listen to the DISC series and read The Five Love Languages Of Children, by Gary Chapman.
  5. This series includes 3 highly encouraging points of direction for single parents.
  1. In 10 years parents go from the highest human authority to not having any human authority. It is the hardest adjustment in all relationships.
  2. A child has responsibility forced on them. An adult seeks responsibility.
  3. Parents best accountability partners are their own children.
  4. 61:9 – The Blessing of God upon your children!

Pastor Beth Fichtner - 3 Words From God That Changed

This rich, hilarious message will let you get to know Pastor Beth.
  1. Funny Grocery Store story – God said “Don’t despise your gifts”
  2. Loss of a son – God said “Never again fear for the lives of your children”
  3. Story of Ruth and a time of great anxiousness – God said “Don’t judge the process – judge the final product”

clear scriptures on the difference between Old Testament prophets and New Testament prophets including
  1. The right to rebuke has been removed from New Testament prophets
  2. Everyone can hear the voice of God.
  3. Prophecy for the church is discerned as a team for agreement and understanding.
  4. Prophecy to individuals needs to witness with your spirit and be confirmed thru fruit.
Congratulations! You have found the single, all-time most popular Liberty study.

  1. These 4 personalities are in the Bible in Ezekiel and Revelation. We will have these personality gifts eternally in heaven.
  2. Gain a greater understanding of self by learning the nuances & subtleties of your own personality.
  3. Your understanding and acceptance of others explodes when you realize that their gift is part of the heart of Jesus.
  4. Generational Curses: What are they? & How do I break them?
In these two CDs, Pastor John shares some very personal stories from his life including:
  1. How he came to Christ
  2. His Childhood
  3. His battles with Co-Dependency
Strategies for lots of time to pray with lots of joy and grace.
  1. Praying out loud is powerful.
  2. Ways to pray during your drive to work, while you’re exercising, bathroom time etc.
  3. Five different ways to pray.
  4. The mental battle of Media
2 Sermons
1 Sermons

Proof of Christianity - 5 Absolute Proofs

2 Sermons
Proof of Christianity - 5 Absolute Proofs by Pastor John Fichtner- Series Overview
This series has two teachings.
The first teaching examines three proofs from a non-personal standpoint by covering tons of scientific and historical facts that validate Christianity. The second teaching takes a more personal stance to validate the last two proofs of Christianity by viewing other religious belief systems and providing a way to test one’s personal theology.
Racial Reconciliation Series by John Fichtner – Series Overview
This series has 6 teachings.
The first sermon gives a dramatic example of God overcoming powerful, racial tension in the life of Johnny Lee Clarey and lays out practical applications of overcoming racial tension in our own lives through deep friendships with people of other races.
In the second sermon, Pastor John uses some very painful and personal stories of oppression in his middle school years to help us understand what the Word of God says about oppression and how to respond to oppression by the Word of God.
In the third sermon, Pastor John wraps up the introduction to this series. Through many passages in scripture, he dispels some misconceptions about race. He also discusses the power that the cross of Jesus Christ has over racism.
In the fourth sermon, God said that it would go from 30-40% of the church who are nervously willing to 70-80% who are calmly ready. He titles this sermon “Honor in Friendship”.
In the fifth sermon, PJ talks about how deep friendships with people of other races and understanding the pain that racism has caused them will transform your view on racism.
In the sixth and final sermon, PJ encourages humble, white Christians to keep growing and learning about the issues of racism. He also gives a way to recognize hidden racism in your heart.
Repent, Renounce and Release is a study about Spiritual Warfare, Demons, Fasting and Authority. After building a foundation, this series teaches you how to repent quickly but also how to move beyond Repenting to also Renouncing the enemy. Then it teaches you to move beyond Renouncing the enemy to then Releasing the Blessings of God in your life. This pattern of Repenting, Renouncing and Releasing causes massive amounts of spiritual energy & strength to flow into your areas of weakness.
1 Sermons
A small group Bible study
7 Sermons
Righteousness of God by John Fichtner – Series Overview
This series is focused on discovering the truth behind what it means to walk in righteousness and how to see yourself the way Jesus does so you can be victorious in daily living
1 Sermons
This is Scientific and Empirical information on sex outside of marriage
  1. Definition of Love is “putting someone else's needs before our own”.
  2. Responsibility before reward is the foundation of that all society is built on.
  3. How sex WITHIN a marriage is so much more rich and rewarding for both the husband and wife if they have a Christian perspective.
  4. The booklet version of this study includes 14 medical research studies.
Sex Outside Marriage by John Fichtner –Series Overview
This series addresses the beauty of sex as God designed it, the dangers of abusing it and how to find restoration if seeking to come out of sexual immorality.
Sexual Molestation by John Fichtner - Series Overview
There are four teachings in this series. The first one is the heaviest as it directly addresses the ugly reality of sexual molestation and explains how people are coerced into abusive situations. The remaining three teachings list and explain steps toward healing and recovery for victims of abuse, focusing especially on shame and overall spiritual/soul health in the third and fourth teachings.
1 Sermons
3 Sermons
Sin by John Fichtner – Series Overview
This series addresses the reality of what sin is, how scripture defines sin as focus on self and how sin can be addressed through Lordship of Christ.
7 Sermons
1 Sermons
This series has 4 sermons from our Addictions series and 2 sermons from our Psalms series. In the first 4 sermons you receive specific examples and explanation about how most spiritual warfare is tied to LACK of GODLY CHARACTHER. In the last 2 sermons you receive some amazing tips on how to GUIDE your DESIRES.
Disciplines are a By-Product of Wisdom
Television by John Fichtner – Series Overview
This series addresses the ways media influences our values and how to guard our hears and increase our desire for the Kingdom of God as well as learning how to use media to our advantage as believers.
5 Sermons
Tithing by John Fichtner –Series Overview
This series addresses the ways the OT shows application for New Testament living – in addition to discussing why tithing is Biblical and valuable before the Lord.
10 Sermons
Tragedy by Pastor John Fichtner- Series Overview
This series has 10 sermons.
Series 1-2, sheds light on understanding questions arising from a tragedy and the importance of not avoiding your pain. Series 3-5, examines the lives of David and Peter and how they respond to a tragedy, understand the mercy of God, learn from mistakes, and trust that God is involved in everyday life. Series 6, tackles three factors involved in the healing process. Series 7-8, warns us through Job’s tragedy not to become angry with God or to be judgmental towards a hurting person. Series 9-10, helps us to obtain riches in our suffering and encourages us to move forward out of our mourning.
1 Sermons
Typology Series by John Fichtner – Series Overview
This series has 1 teaching.
This teaching is from the verse-by-verse study of the book of 1 Corinthians.
In this sermon you learn the basis of how typology works and are given a few examples of it. PJ also expounds on end times, persecution, and his determination to see people find ALL of their satisfaction, fulfillment, and purpose only in Jesus.
The Bible tells us that the Voice of God is often vague and unsure but that the Will of God can be very clear through God’s Word.
  1. It is important for every Christian to understand that the final Will of God is determined by the Word of God and to always test any sense of God’s Voice by God’s Word.
  2. Doing Gods will showers blessings upon the doer
  3. Anger is a demon of lies; knowing truth is key to conquering the demon
  4. Doing the right thing is about "choosing"  the right things to do
3 Sermons
2 Sermons
Strategies of dealing with worry/anxious thoughts/ what if questions.
  1. Follow thru/deal with/strategize all your "What if" thoughts/anxieties.
  2. Worrying is the opposite of leadership and using good strategizing principles.
  3. Worrying is selfish and makes the worrier feel better.
  4. Worriers are not enjoying life to its fullest
  5. Seek Godly counsel and wisdom in dealing with anxieties. Proverbs is an excellent aide to study and increase wisdom.
1 Sermons
6 Sermons