Having Two Sets of Leaders

There are multiple reasons why we ask for two sets of leaders as the optimum situation in every home group. These two sets of leaders could be a single person and a couple, two couples or two singles. We do ask that any group that has two singles be an all ladies or an all men’s group.

1.  If the group gets so large that there is a need to birth a new group, then that is often easier if one of the leaders will lead the new group. (IMP. Note: We will never force you to SPLIT your group. If you feel that the group is overly large, we will work with you to birth a new group as an offshoot of your group.)
2.  If a leaders needs to be gone out of town, this assures that the group will continue on schedule.
3.  The chance to learn different styles of leadership.
If there are two sets of leaders, our recommendation is that one set of leaders lead THE ENTIRE MEETING for one time and then have the other set of leaders lead the ENTIRE MEETING the next time. This allows for rest and freedom for different styles of leadership to operate without tension.
4.  Opportunities for mentoring.
Often one set of leaders is more experiences or mature. This structure allows for relational mentoring to take place in an active setting.
5.  This is NOT a strong preference.
Please notice that this request is under the lowest level of requests. We recognize that there are many situations where it is best to have only one set of leaders in a group.