Preparation for “This Week’s” Home Group Meeting

1.  “Spiritual Warfare”Once you have been leading your Home Group for a while you will begin to notice a clear pattern. It will be obvious that you will go through much more spiritual warfare right before your Home Group meeting. Satan is a toothless foe as long as we have our guard up. In some ways it is an honor to be a threat to Satan. As Home Group Leaders you will quickly learn that you have to stay strong in the basics. Specifically keep your time in prayer and God’s word consistent and fresh. Stay HUMBLE with your mate, kids and co-workers. Get good nights sleep and some exercise. All dissention in the home should be dealt with well before the meeting begins. Spirits linger in the home and in you. People are very quick to pick up on these situations and can feel very uncomfortable. Pray for peace in and over your home before the meeting

2.  “Phone Calls and Emails”
It is very helpful to have brief reminder contacts with your people a day or two before your meeting. At first the primary responsibility for these contacts will fall on you. Some Home Group Leaders love this aspect of a personal touch. Other Home Group Leaders eventually train others in the group to make these "Reminder/Information Updates”.

3.  When People Arrive.
When people arrive, greet them at the door loudly and kindly. Make them feel very welcome and also include the children. A cheerful greeting and a hug can rinse the weariness out of the soul of your friends. It also gets the meeting started with a burst of joy. It is good to have 1-2 people assigned as the greeters. The greeting is also very essential for the welcoming of visitors to the group.

How to END a Home Group Meeting

The key to ending a home group meeting is very simple. Simply ask everyone to continue their conversations out on the driveway and begin turning out lights. If you really want to enjoy being a home group leader, then you have to walk in a certain amount of security. People will appreciate and enjoy your candor.