Short Term Discipleship Courses for 2-4 people

Our Short Term Discipleship courses are life changing. They are a powerful way to go deep in getting to know someone, while also feeling safe and strong in God’s word. We recommend that the course only last 5-6 weeks. Almost all of our teaching series have outlines and discussion questions that can be downloaded at If you have any questions about how to set up a short term discipleship course, any of our home group leaders, Elders or Pastors would be glad to assist you.

Setting Up A Short Term Discipleship Course

1.  Agree on a Time and Place
If you are meeting in a home, please exchange directions and phone numbers at this time.
2.  Agree on what Material is to be Studied.
You are welcome to borrow the CD’s series from our tape ministry and only need to pay for them if you cannot return them. We recommend that you decide how many CD’s to listen to each week so that the course study can be over in 5-6 weeks.
3.  POLICE Each Other for POLITENESS.
Everyone's goal is that ALL PEOPLE share EQUALLY over the duration of the course. In most cases, all persons are polite and more eager to listen to others than to share themselves. However, in some rare cases, one person talks overly long and tries to dominate the meeting in a self centered manner.
We ask every person in the group to help make sure that ALL persons do an equal amount of sharing.
Lastly, most people know to quit the meeting when one person becomes tired. In general we recommend that you limit the course meeting length to one and a half hours. If you stop the meeting within a reasonable time then every person involved will be eager for the next course meeting.
4.  Give FREEDOM to the Holy Spirit to take the Course Meeting in a Different Direction.
Many, Many times you will NOT FINISH the discussion of all of the CD’s or chapters. We plead with you to remember that the format of this course discussion is only the STARTING PLACE of the discussion. Often the Holy Spirit uses these studies as an opening for people to share intimate concerns, pains, fears, or questions that are on their heart.
The goal of these courses is to learn how to apply the Word of God to current situations in your lives. Often the BEST Courses are the ones where they never finish the assigned material in a meeting. If the Holy Spirit opens up tender areas and you spend the whole time ministering to each other and praying for each other, then rejoice that you found the deepest purpose of courses.