Why we do not have people give a teaching in home groups

There are multiple reasons why we ask that the home group leaders NEVER have a single person give a “Teaching” during the home group. They are:

1. The teaching is NOT that good.
Please do not get your feelings hurt. In a light-hearted way, I ask you to remember the words that I have jokingly said many times from the pulpit when making this point. That point is when someone is sitting in a home group listening to a teaching:

These people could be:

watching T. D Jakes on TV,
while eating a bowl of popcorn,
laying in bed,
in their underwear,
going to the bathroom any time they want,
with their kids sleeping comfortably in their own beds.
Why should they sit in a hard chair and listen to someone who is not one tenth as interesting as T. D. Jakes?

They did NOT COME to this group to listen to another teaching. They came to this group to learn how to process the things in their own heart. They came to this group to DISCUSS a teaching and to share prayer requests.

If someone considers themselves to have the gift of being a teacher, then they should be all the more enthusiastic about this method. A true teacher hungers to see people learn. People learn ten times more when they study a subject in advance and then discuss it in a group in a steady pace over weeks. A True teacher can also help people learn more by guiding a discussion with key questions and encouragements than by giving a teaching themselves.

2. We are called to “Make Disciples” Mt. 28.
One of the most important aspects of small groups is to encourage each person to study God’s word for themselves. The accountability and peer pressure of the group helps strengthen people to form the discipline of study that makes them a disciple. The overwhelming majority of Christians are discouraged at their own lack of Bible study. When a group does a study together, you are helping your friends develop good Bible Study habits.

3. IMP. NOTE: What to do when someone has NOT DONE their homework.
Always be gracious and merciful. They will usually be embarrassed and want to pass.

Always encourage them that they still have a lot to share and give them a chance on their turn to make a general comment on the subject, even though they did not read the chapter or listen to the tape.

4. EXCEPTION: Video or DVD Popular Teaching Series.

There are often some TERRIFIC Video teaching series that everyone wants to see and that provide for great discussions. Please feel free to use these but use them rarely. They do take away from time for prayer requests.